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Star Wars Battlefront is a sci-fi shooter taking place on large-scale battlefields where both ground troops and high-impact vehicles battle for control. Join your preferred faction's ranks and fight for the fate of the galaxy.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Yes, additional downloadable content is available for sale either by the piece, or as a whole with a season pass.

Key Features:

Classes: Restore order as an Empire Stormtrooper or pledge yourself to the Rebel Alliance as a freedom-seeking soldier.

Planetary Conflict: Firefights aren't ever too far away with the 20v20 teams.

You and Me Buddy: Brush up on your gun-slinging skills in the pseudo-campaign by yourself, or with a friend.

Charge!: Spearhead the assault with powerful and unique characters such as Han Solo or Chewbacca.

Air-Support: Pilot ships like the Millenium Falcon or a TIE Fighter and rain lasers from above.

FPS/TPS: First-person mode not quite your style? Switch it to third-person mode even from within a match on the fly!

Different Sides, Same Coin: Try out both factions and discover your true calling.

Other Ways to Play: Sink your teeth into a variety of other rule-changing multiplayer game modes.

Eye Candy: Get the fans running and marvel at the beautiful visuals on display.


Jakku: Enjoy some new locations and a game mode for free.
Outer Rim: Take the engagement to the home planet of Jabba the Hut.
Bespin: Drop by the city in the sky with a few more maps and a game mode.
Death Star: Go back to original trilogy's most iconic set piece.
Rogue One: Celebrate the release of the high-flying adventure with characters and maps from the movie.

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