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  • Developer:
    Ominux Games

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi, Sim

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You are a Starmancer, a sentient computer tasked with protecting the minds of the last vestiges of humanity. Protect your charges from pirates and starvation alike as you work to build a space station in which to save the last remnants of a destroyed Earth.

Business Model: Retail Purchase, price as yet unknown.

Microtransactions: Probably not, but unknown.

Key Features:

They Live!: Manage the colonists in your station and grow bodies for the minds in your data storage to inhabit, then give them tasks to help rebuild humankind.

Design: You'll be able to design stations however you like, provided you have the resources. Scavenge, harvest, and buy what you need to grow your structure.

Consequences: Choices you make one day may come back to haunt you, or help you, later on. Choose wisely!

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