Starpoint Gemini

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    Little Green Men Games

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    Sci-Fi, Sim

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Starpoint Gemini is a buy-to-play singleplayer sci-fi sim developed by Little Green Men Games for PC and is available for purchase on Steam. After spending almost twenty years trapped in the Stasis rift anomaly you will reemerge into normal space to find The Gateways that leads to the Gemini star system. The Gemini system has been greatly altered from what you remember it as, having been filled with a lust over power and wealth. Will you be able to survive in the Gemini star system that is so different from how you last left it, or will you fall to the power of those who have already been consumed by the air of greed? Customize you ship, start exploring, and find out!


Living World: Explore a world with a fully satisfying campaign, random anomalies and events throughout the world, trade convoys, nebulas, and much more!

Ship Customization: Customize your ships with different kinds of perks, abilities, and technological advancements to customize your combat experience.

Freelance Missions: When you're feeling adventurous and want to explore the universe a little more pick up some freelance missions at different space stations that will help guide you.

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