Stars in Shadow

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    Ashdar Games Inc.

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    2D Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Stars in Shadow is a buy to play sci-fi 4X strategy game being developed by Ashdar Games Inc. for PC. It is expected to release sometime in the first half of 2016. The Great War ended nearly 3000 years ago and much of the universe is now up for grabs. New alien species are starting to explore the stars among other races that survived The Great War and still have an intergalactic presence. Will these new species be able to thrive and form their own intergalactic empires, or will the new conflicts that arise devastate the universe as much The Great War did in the past?


Turn-Based Combat: Conflicts, if unable to be resolved through diplomacy, will be resolved through turn-based combat with your spaceships.

Fleet Management: Manage your own fleet of spaceships, upgrading them and researching new technologies to outfit them with.

Play Politics: Whether you want to work with other races and take advantage of each of your unique abilities or eliminate them and take over their assets is up to you.

Alien Planets: You will come across different planets with different alien species and environments in your exploration. These can be taken over, mined for resources, colonized, and even terraformed to suit your needs.

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