Starship Assassin

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    Blackcloud BSG

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    Free To Play, MOBA, Shooter, Sci-Fi

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Starship Assassin is a 3D MOBA shooter developed by Blackcloud BSG for PC set in a dystopian future where all resources have been extracted and corporations are seeking new ways to make money. Many companies are now investing in their own A.I. and trying to develop the smartest one possible that will make new business plans for them. Hopes are that the A.I. might become strong enough to devise a plan to travel to other universes that could be mined for their resources. Take to space in Starship Assassin and help your corporation create the most powerful AI in the universe. Resources are limited and time is of the essence!


Resource Collection: Collect resources during battle that will help fuel the development of your team's A.I.

Laser Battles: Use your trusty laser to blast down your enemies while maneuvering around on your jetpack.

Special Abilities: Every character has their own special ability that will help their team either offensively or defensively.

Randomly Generated Arenas: Maps are randomly generated at the beginning of the match, meaning exploration will pay off with knowledge of resource locations and other secrets.

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