Starside Arena

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  • Developer:
    Epic Owl Ltd

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Strategy

Starside Arena is a free to play 2D mobile strategy game developed by Epic Owl Ltd for iOS. In Starside Arena you can become a rookie spaceship designer looking to prove yourself to the world, and an entertainment arena called Starside Arena where spaceships battle for glory provides you with just the setting to achieve your goals! Enter Starside Arena and start building your very own ships from different blueprints and modules, tricking out your spaceship in any way possible to get an edge up on the competition. Show that you have the drive to become the best spaceship designer of all time!


Numerous Ships: There are dozens of blueprints for you to use in constructing your ships and many modules to diversify them.

Leaderboards: See how you stack up against your competition in Starside Arena's leaderboards!

Spaceship Battles: Nothing feels better than seeing your design become validated when it blows away your enemies.

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Game Videos

  • Starside Arena Launch Trailer

    Starside Arena, a sci-fi arena battler with customizable space ships, launches on November 10 on iOS.

  • Starside Arena Teaser Trailer

    The official teaser trailer for Starside Arena, a multiplayer space battler for mobile releasing later in November.

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