Stellar Overload

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    Cubical Drift

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    Other, Fantasy

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Stellar Overload (previously known as Planets³) is a buy-to-play 3D adventure game developed by Cubical Drift for PC and Mac. It will be available for purchase on Steam Early Access on October 12. The Stellar Overload was a cosmic cataclysm that caused a massive extinction of life in general within the solar system. Nobody really seems to know when or why it happened. Even your elders have no more knowledge of the events than you, but frankly you're all too busy with the day-to-day struggles of survival to worry about anything else.


A Changing World: The world consists of blocks of differents shapes and sizes. Use tools to pick up the blocks and use them to craft and create!

A Massive Universe: The universe is comprised of several solar systems, each with planets and moons that have unique gravity mechanics based on their square trajectories!

Secrets To Unlock: Rescue aliens that crash-landed on earth, exploring main quests and side quests as you discover new worlds and objects.

Space Travel: Build or unlock a spaceship so you can travel throughout space to other planets!

Private Servers: Join or host private servers so you can play with other players.

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