Stone Wardens

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    Burst Online Entertainment

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Stone Wardens is a fun blend of action role-playing and tower defense. You play as one of several types of Stone Wardens who use their magical abilities, familiars (magical pets), and summoned ancestral guardians to defend towns from waves of invaders. Gain experience, gold, and enchanted gear to improve your Warden as you play. Play solo or join our online community for multiplayer cooperative play.


Warden Classes: Choose Wardens with individualized skills to allow you to specialize in damage, tower augmentation, minion control, or a combination of various elements. Each will change the tactics needed to attain victory and offer amazing synergy when teamed with other players.

Combination Abilities: Utilize a mix of skills to unlock new bonuses such as melting a foe with fire that’s encased in ice.

Invader Abilities: Your foes aren’t mindless creatures stumbling towards a goal. Be prepared as they utilize unexpected powers to fight back including the gruesome act of eating their own to gain power.

Boost System: Think the game is too easy? Up the difficulty and be rewarded if you can hang. Each challenge offers three tiers of challenge.

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  • Stone Wardens Kickstarter Intro

    Stone Wardens combines action combat with tower defense tactical elements to make for frantic tactical fun.

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