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Strikers is a fantasy soccer MOBA developed by Petroglyph for PC and is going to be available on Steam Early Access in Spring 2017. Sure in normal soccer you can sprint, kick, dribble, and shoot, but what happens when that's just not enough? In Strikers players can experience soccer battles like none other, featuring wacky characters that aren't afraid to break the rules of conventional soccer. You already know the game of soccer, so why not throw a few special abilities into the mix and become the best Strikers team in the world?


Special Abilities: Use special abilities like blinking across the field and poisoning your opponents to gain the upper hand.

Streaming: Bring the fun to everybody via streaming services in Observer Mode and show them just how great your team can be!

Game Modes: Fight against other players in Quickmatch, watch other teams play in Replay Mode, and hone your skills in Practice Mode.

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  • Strikers: Work-in-Progress

    Strikers is a Soccer MOBA that's a work-in progress as of yet coming from Petroglyph!

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