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Developed by GameHi, Sudden Attack 2 is the sequel to the original Sudden Attack FPS title hosted by Nexon. With a new visual engine, new weapon customization and updated gameplay, Sudden Attack 2 is setting itself up to become the new #1 FPS title in South Korea.

NOTE: This game is currently only available in Asia.


Stunning Graphic Quality: Using Unreal 3 Engine technology, Sudden Attack 2 brings breathtaking new visuals to new and classic SA maps.

Sensational Hit Impact: Sudden Attack 2 features a modern physics engine that allows every gun shot to feel more visceral and death animations to be more realistic.

Stylish Weapon Customization: Every firearm in Sudden Attack 2 can be tweaked and customized to fit the player's preferences.

Various Game Modes New and classic game modes will be available, including team deathmatch, bombing run, capture the flag and more.

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