Sudden Strike 4

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    Kite Games

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    3D Historical, Strategy

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Sudden Strike 4 is a 3D real-time strategy game developed by Kite Games for PC, Mac, Linux, and Playstation 4 and is the fourth exciting installment of the series. Sudden Strike is back in this exciting sequel, but this time with bigger battlefields, more units, better graphics, new scenarios, and commanders that have individual abilities to give them a strategic edge. With so many improved features, numerous types of units to command, and an ultra competitive multiplayer mode you'll need to prepare yourself for the most tactical game in the Sudden Strike series yet!


Commanders: Use commanders like Bernard Montgomery or George Patton to lead your armies and give you a different way of approaching battles.

Singleplayer Campaign: Play through a 20 demanding singleplayer scenarios and lead Allied, Soviet, or German troops.

Tactical Gameplay: Use the terrain to your advantage, occupy buildings, set up ambushes, and straight up outmaneuver your opponents.

Competitive Multiplayer: Fight against other players online to hone your tactical skills and become an expert in strategic warfare.

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