Super Plexis

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  • Developer:
    Medley Studio

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Strategy

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Super Plexis is a retro themed puzzle fighter featuring a brilliant combination between fast 16-bit action and fresh features like a single player campaign, extensive customization, and online multiplayer. Achieve victory by mixing and matching colored blocks while hampering your opponent with strong combos and devious abilities! Available for IOS.


Spellcaster: Use abilities like removing all of one color block from your board or freezing your opponent's.

Make Perfect: Practice in the robust single player campaign before you dazzle the world in the ranked multiplayer.

Win With Style: Change which character you play and what kind of block skin you want to show off.

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  • Super Plexis Introduction Trailer

    Clear your board utilizing quick and skillful play while hindering your opponent with a variety of unique abilities!

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