Supermarket Shriek

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  • Developer:
    Billy Goat Entertainment, Ltd

  • Genres:
    Racing, Strategy

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Supermarket shriek is a game about driving a scream propelled shopping cart through various shopping centers filled with challenging obstacles and traps. Buckle up!

Business Model: Retail Purchase PC/XBox One, $17.99, Free on XBox Game Pass.

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Full Story Campaign: 32 levels to be played through either singly or with two-player co-op.

Scream Your Head Off: Unique control mode where you scream into the mic to steer the cart, co-op mode only.

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Game Videos

  • Supermarket Shriek (KFG Showcase Trailer)

    Race a scream propelled shopping cart through various challenging obstacle courses in single player or co-op multiplayer in Supermarket Shriek.

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