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Supreme Destiny is an MMORPG that is split into two servers: Aden and Seraf. Players on Aden can enjoy an epic storyline, and hundreds of quests, while players on Seraf get the benefit of massive PvP battles. The game offers four playable classes, with Seraf characters being able to advance to master classes as well. Aden offers players a relaxed environment to enjoy the game world as well, and for players who don't enjoy open PvP as much. Seraf gives its own incentive by giving players a channel where they can earn triple experience to compete against others even faster.


Two different worlds: Supreme Destiny is split in two: Aden and Seraf. Aden offers a relaxing PvE environment while Seraf is for those that enjoy a hardcore PvP experience.

Aden: Aden is a relatively new server with a growing community. In addition, it offers a rich storyline told through hundreds of quests.

Seraf: Seraf gives players a larger community, and some additional perks. Players on Seraf have access to master classes of each of the initial four. They also have access to a triple experience channel, to help them increase in power quickly.

Constant staffing: Each server is manned 24/7 by helpful GMs ho provide great customer service. In addition, they host daily events, and set the servers up for weekly battles!

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