Sword Art Online

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Aeria Games

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    PC, Nervegear, PsP


Happy April Fools! Or is it...?

Capitalizing on the recent marketing success of Wizardry Online's permadeath feature, Gamepot is at it again attempting to capture the same visceral action feel in Sword Art Online. Meet up with your favorite characters from the popular anime as you attempt to level, advance, and survive to reach the game's final floor in constantly updated content driven by player's choices.


Evolving Story: Live the fantasy as the game world evolves with regular updates introducing new levels of the tower and new GM run events to keep players forever logged in.

Unique Character Builds: Adjust your character's build as it evolves in unpredictable ways depending on a 300 question personality quiz given during character creation.

One Character, One Server: Live one unified tale with Aeria's advanced server technology negating the need for channels or multiple servers. You'll never be alone in Sword Art Online.

Sandbox Crafting: The world is yours for the players to create! Construct towns and even fortresses, control them through weekly PvP battles, and set the rules of the land! But be careful, the pride of your guild might cost you your character's life!

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  • Rienne Blackrose

    April fools joke much? Or is it really gonna be released one day? -.-“”

  • considering the official site is a rick roll link & one of the platforms was “nervegear” pretty safe bet this is a royal hoax.

  • This really was released. In March actually. BUT as a PSP game and as an Android app…in JAPAN. No word yet on whether it will go overseas…

  • totalmentalcase

    The anime was awesome and my kid and I were so excited when we saw this in the mmo list. Then i clicked the site link ~_~ what a let down. It would be wicked kewl if they ever did make an mmo of SAO with the same kind of head gear and everything. Oh 😛 but without the real life deaths though of course. lol

    • RJ

      This is a real game………It is Called
      Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

  • anonymousyou

    /moves to japan so i can play

  • Jeff Savage

    This shit looks tight, if it was legit.

    • claryss

      how can i play sword art online

  • claryss

    how can i join this game?

  • claryss

    please tell me how to join sword art online

    • layla

      get a japanese version psp or get a japanese smartphone with android…it’s only available in those formats

  • claryss

    if you tell me i will give 20 dollars

  • Gerinomo

    If Aeria ever decided to pick up this game lol. It would be terrible….. All Aeria games are P2W games…..

  • Beezlehub

    I was so happy when I saw this game and sadly is was not true >(

  • i0am0zero

    i was so happy then i got rick rolled i feel like killing myself now ;__;

    • Sureshot2095

      When it popped up i wanted to throw my computer across the room ;-; i genuinely thought it could be true. but maybe Aeria really is attempting to make it? lets hold hope.

  • Hopeless

    i hope we can play it soon

  • Guest1

    are there any other games like SAO

    • mm9

      eden eternal

    • sadly


  • J

    i am going to go die now goodbye

  • emo king

    aye there a game about this

  • Kirito Halo

    if someone doesn’t make this game before my company is formed, I will. and no, I won’t be like that idiot Kayaba, you shouldn’t die irl if you die in a game. That’s just dumb 😛 Anyway, FEAR NOT MY FELLOW SOA FANS! YOUR DREAMS OF LIVING IN THIS VIRTUAL WORLD WILL COME TRUE!

    • DizzyPW

      They’re counting on you.

    • Wolf_Fang97

      Sao* so much for fan….

      • kirito101

        do u no if i can play the game

        • Asuna the great

          we need to play the game!!!!

          • Sol Santos

            ya. we can meet other people too. just like in the movie. TSK!

          • Jane Duliguez


          • kiritoislife


          • akahito

            click play game or official site, youve been reick rolled -_-

          • Saito Akaya

            It troll syou if you click those. I tried before I read this… -_-u

          • mewmewwinx

            Ya, I guessed that when I hovered over the button and in the bottom left it had a YouTube link…

          • Andriy


          • da

            never gonna give you up lol

          • bob

            hell ya

          • kirito1343

            i Need to play teach me pls

          • annoyingCreativity

            Joke’s on you, I love that song

          • Colton White

            Me too.

          • joshie josh

            it hapend to me to 4 times

          • SAOMEGAFAN

            7… i really wanted to play… I’m so disappointed…

          • Guest Commenter

            Yea.. It P!sses Me Off That i Get Rick Rolled

          • yolobro10023

            ya I know!

          • Levi1874

            I get the same thing. What is up with this BS. Damn you Ricky. Damn you.

          • bob


          • nick


          • Lelina Hieistin

            I was so annoyed tbh ~

          • kiritohero

            how i need to play it

          • lilly

            i have tryd that it did not work

          • Benji

            I’ve been rick rolled. It’s in the background for me now.

          • godjosh

            has anybody make the game yet?

        • kirito69

          TELL US HOW TO PLAY THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • ACRLover

            You can play it!! XD

            It’s called Sword Art Online: Infinity Moments to the PSP.

            and an upcoming SAO game is confirmed to PS Vita later with the name Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

          • ACRLover

            If you want an SAO game badly….. XD

          • Andrew Mutz

            ya.. it’s not like an.. well it’s like a need.. an itch you can’t quite reach.. other things didn’t quite get there the same way.. I mean I watched accel and it was good but with SOA it was like death note + every game addiction…

          • Dustin Loftus

            i feel the same man SOA is my favorite show , but its more than that some how it took over me when i wacthed the preview , now i want to live in aincraid and be a sao player and not come out . some day

          • Andrew Mutz

            non hand held ie ps4 or it isn’t real lol jk damn I thought I had avoided getting a psp… and ps vita

          • skeeter

            How in the hell do i play it

          • pajunarkevin

            where can i download the game in psp plss teach me

          • Asuna+Kirito

            Wait is the game in english subed?

          • Zoe

            Omg thanks so much! I wouldnt been so mindblown in my life like an idiot. I can finally play the game 😀 yay!
            ( Is there any other? )

          • heathcliph

            wear is asuna

          • Dude

            Typing this as a reply just to be at the top so everyone can see


          • [ ]

            they’ve already started with oculus rift 😛

          • Zoe


          • agil

            yea plus there are people who are trying to bring body movements with it

          • Enderboy

            not only that they also are building Project SAO itll be full dive in 2015,2016 or 2018

          • Nick

            You better not be fucking lying to me.

          • DuhRoh

            lol douch why don’t you read people were mad cause it ant a mmrpg head gears or not

          • SubarashiSaRiolu

            Oculus Rift + Oculus Person + 4320p Graphics + Hibernation + A lot of years of super hard game programming from the seed… yeah

          • AnazRiz

            much comments w0w

          • MR.CHITAE

            hey . tell us how to play sword art online PLEASE. coz i dont know what to do , i have a account tnx . responce PLEASE

          • sasuke2003

            Sakai gile lo nie

          • sasuke2003


      • PeetyEmieBear

        I’m pretty sure typos do not determine the level of your fanliness. If anything, they show you are MORE of a fan, because it gets you so excited you type so fast you mess things up.

        • hi


          • hi


      • asdf

        its a typo dumbass

      • Kirito

        why to join game ???

      • Cheong Jasmin

        do you know how to get in the gasme?

        • Gaz

          You rub it really hard

      • heathcliff

        i cant wait

      • Sother

        so what? he had a typo jeez dude

      • Rosash

        Lol hardly anyone that has posted on this site has bothered to spellcheck. Stupidity at it’s finest.

        • lucian541

          its, not it’s.
          it’s refers to, it is….
          its as in you trying to materialize stupidity.

          • skyler


        • Toshirima

          wolfyies just cool like tht SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Levi

          DOes that game already dowloaded in the PSVITA?

        • tyrone

          *brings out spongebob meme*
          This isn’t your average everyday stupid…
          This is… ADVANCED STUPID.

      • Jiran

        Ever hear of a typo?* So much for common sense…

      • Alpha

        dont be an ass hat

      • charlie

        how does a typo make some one less of a fan? pathetic..

      • Syverya

        hey buddy, it’s a typo. i’m sure that you have had some in your days.

      • Dirty-Reaps


      • Fanman55

        It’s called mis type it happens to every 1 so I wouldn’t b talkin if I were u.k?

      • TheRealKirito

        lol ikr thinking the same thing

    • Asuna

      It’s one of my biggest drams *_*
      I will marry you if you would make this true *O*

      • Kirito

        Hello Asuna i wish 4 the exact same thing

      • Kirito


    • tatsyuga

      im in the process of creating schematics for the helm to were the neurotics to actually connect to the brain to actually make it like the anime i wanna base mine on a completly all new level of gaming but dont have the funding

      • Kurisu-Mikael

        You should start a Website and get official Funding if you really can Get that to work. Heck I’d probably donate some money if you really would do it, as long as I’d get a free version lol.
        You show off those Engineer/Scientist Skills and get this to work, your name will go down in History.

        • hisashi

          those are to name a few funding options from other users

        • Megalomaniac

          Engineering Skill [Mastered]
          Scientist Skill [959/1000]
          Funding Skill [000/1000]

          • krisgin

            how to join game

          • skeeter

            How do i play!!!!!!!!

        • Enderboy

          ya just make sure it dosn’t kill you like it does in the anime

          • Cameron Arnold

            why not??? that would make for one of the most thrilling games ever!!!

          • Sao/fan123

            even better, u have to restart from the beginning and ur skills reset too

          • ワンダラー

            my honest opinion id rather live and die in Sao…in aincrad then in Rl any day…

          • Egil

            I prefer to clear it like in SAO, but TBH even after watching the anime (watching it the third time right now) I would not wait a single second or doubt the developers. I would play SAO so hard. (I would actually prefer to be held inside the game because it gives you a way better experience that way, but hey there are people who value their real lives after all)

          • peachgirl1245

            i would rather live in the game then the real world, they better make the technology we need to play the game ASAP. i realy bad want to play the game like it is in the anime were u could move around using ur mind. i would love that very much….

        • Anime-Fangirl

          well theres this thing called kick starter (if you’ve heard it before ), and its like you can say you want to do something, and people will be sending you money for the project or whatever you want to do so you will be able to do the thing you want to do to make the world a better place (or whatever :P)

          • asuna&kirito

            please let me play too!!

      • kirto

        make a website and and get donation from people

      • Usagi

        will we really die though if my mom or sister ever attempted to remove the game from my head or something?? ;-;

        • AniRave

          It’s not as connected as you think. I haven’t actually come across any current tech that can actually put your mind into a game. So I am pretty confident when I say your mom can pull on your helmet anytime she needs you to take out the trash or come down to the dinner table.

          • Kirito

            Have a button on the helmet that sends a message to the person wearing it, that says something like, “Someone IRL Is Trying To Contact You.”

      • John4897

        but at what price your going to market the helmet?
        and make it fast and market it in Purto Rico

      • Arkaue

        to be able to create a device such as the nerve gear you would have to
        have knowledge on neural science, bio engineering, and a mass amount of
        funds to start the creation of a thing that could stop all signals from
        the brain to the rest off the body without harming the person then being
        able to successfully transmit those same signals to a virtual body on a
        massive server created and hosted on a advanced computer. And how
        exactly almost all the body would be shut down and the mind still fully
        active and nothing harmed in this entire process.

        • GioAstrex

          but if he pulls it of , it’s all the more impressive

        • Arnaud Geantet

          it would actually be possible not to harm a person if you don’t stop the impulses that come from the brainstem, that way all the automated things our body does would still work (our heart beatings, our breathing and such). Ha its good to dream :p

          • Ixozuxiz

            Why has no one ever thought of using DMT?
            The Chemical that the brain produces while sleeping. Why not use that chemical to object the brain into believing its dreaming, while its actully connected to the server.

            Using some kind of sleeping power while u put on the mask, and keep the individual sleeping as long as he is using the DMTGear, and once he pushes “log off” ingame, the sleeping powder stops producing.
            That would be in all possible ways unharmful to the brain.

            Not using sleep-mode/dreaming state/REM for a thing like this would most likely cause harm to your nerves.

          • someone

            you guys have no knowledge whatsoever about physiology !
            you have to partially stop the autonomic system and block signals from motor nerves to muscles , for that it can only be done by inserting metal rods in your body or blocking/monitoring the signals flowing downwards from the spine , ( cranial nerves feed your abdomen and thorax ) that’s why when people get 100% paralysis they still can live

            to play sao you would need to do a surgery + take drugs

          • Sydeburns

            not necessarily, when you are dreaming (most people) don’t move around. (sleep walkers) so as me and ixozuxiz mentioned, it would solve that problem. although you are right about the surgery that could change in the next few years

          • Adriana Juárez Albarrán

            No, there is already a system that blocks motor impulses from your brain to your body, it is calle Sistema Reticular Ascendente, (don’t know name in english) ant that neuronal system is the reason why you don´t stand up and walk while dreaming, also you don’t need to do any surgery, you only have to realize how to interfer with that system via an external electrodo, and somehow I feel that is actually the easy part, the hard one is going to be to simulate a whole new world in your brain.

          • Sydeburns

            oops i should have checked lower on the posts. im glad i wasn’t the only one who thought of this.

          • Shaman

            Only problem, DMT is a heavily scheduled hallucinogenic tryptamine all across the world (excluding Brazil in the form of ayahuasca) if you can get those laws changed you could do this. Effects are very short lived unless constantly injected. Tolerance builds up rapidly. Those are a few problems with that method… :/

          • Arkaue

            you cant really control any thing will you sleep it would be impossible to put us in a dream stasis

          • Deathnote2025

            Not impossible just inprobable

          • AniRave

            Majority of the public is uncomfortable with medical use in gaming. But it may be possible to push the body into a chosen state through proper stimulation.

        • mackens

          yeah i agree above me, i heard/see from youtube videos of and invented mind drawing i supposed. he can draw from the computer using his mind. i believed that will be the first step until we reach the technology from SAO. if someone wants to create it i would be happy to join/work, i believe in my knowledge and peoples knowledge. this will be the first step of it. just contact me in this no. 09263090594 phil. area.

          • Cody Mattingly

            Hey mackens What state do you live in I might be able to hire you because I have discovered a way to do almost everything except the game part and my friend works for Microsoft so all I need is an extra hand. The best part of my studies is that I dont need to mess with the brain. I send a syndro-cell (my new nucleus I invented) signals to send to the nucleus which causes a chain reaction and changes the five senses to see, feel, and smell the projection linked to the syndro-cells. I haven’t discovered the taste part though sadly. What’s your email too?

          • Arkaue

            what your saying makes no sense a simple nucleus would have no relation to anything that is needed to accomplish what we want unless your simply trying to state that your trying to say that you would take that and replicate something for a analog in game but still what your saying makes no sense you don’t need to recreate anything at all ( if that’s what your implying ) of course you would ( like in the anime ) need to emulate all the feelings tastes and sound but that’s really easy compared to the rest of the project you can’t have two off the same impulses over lay each other and how would you control this replicated analog all you need to do is take the electrical out put signals from the cerebellum and overlay them in game on top of a analog while not messing with core motor functions and allowing them to stay passively active irl

          • Arkaue

            one more thing you don’t invent a cell you discover or find ( inventing a cell sure that seems right ha )

          • Vantero

            If someone actually makes a Nerve Gear, I will like love them forever

          • Da Master

            One thing to say. You make nerve gear i pay you 3,000 dollers to use it for ANY games you make SAO or not 😀

          • Kirito

            Worshiped as God

          • Deathnote2025

            Brilliant that would work perfectly the taste wouldnt matter i dont see any problem with it not being able to taste it would be nice but hey

          • AniRave

            Every game can come with a flavor cartridge that can plug into the helmet. It runs the flavor of the virtual object down to a strip that lays over your tongue (Strip hooks to two or more selected teeth and lays over tongue) Now you can play with your bread and taste it too.

          • Fire-HeartTheInferno

            ‘Just don’t bite your tongue! Hahaha!

          • Kirito

            Personally I’d want him to find out how to input tastes, for true VR I’d want all five senses.

          • Asunas

            Can I help, I can do the design and the engineering (creating),
            it would help with my studies too…

          • llirbwerdnadivad

            I’m curious about this new Syndro-Cell…any chance you could explain it further? I didn’t find anything of it on Google…

          • mackens

            it may be sound weird but i have analyze that the brain can do everything.i managed to interview one of the solvent boys ( big boys and clever ) a.k.a rugby (solvent) boys i told them what do u feel if you do inhaled the solvent, they said. for a starter you cant see anything but a numbness of your body like drinking a beer. afterwards that the brain was used to it, he tells me after a month he can now managed to see what the other solvent boys saw., thats what they call it a TRIP, a trip means something what u like. they are a fan of an anime, they said that they can even fire something power like kamehame wave in dragonball z or a reigun from yuyu hakusho. sounds funny right? hehehe but…. now this is my first question. this is the serious thing that youve never imagine, how come that what the others saw he can also see and fell? not only that there is another group from another area using solvent to be inhaled, he said the were thrown a big black ace spade to the sky, how come the can even saw from another area? its like telepathy like aliens exchange brain signals to each other in order to communicate. @ cody Mattingly here is my email. crackersphp94@gmail.com

          • krisli

            hope they create it before i die

          • Asunas

            This is completely irrelevant but just for a laugh, wouldn’t you put 0118 999 881 999 119 725 3 as you phone number instead…

          • llirbwerdnadivad


        • Elucidator

          Actually you wouldn’t need to stop the signals from the brain to the body, just dull them enough so that the body won’t react to the point where it seems that it doesn’t react at all. If you dull and redirect the signals, and the system is sensitive enough to react to the electrical impulses, it could work. Though it would probably need some type of life support or log out alarm as a safety measure.

          • Arkaue

            but one thing that really is need is to redirect the signal on to a computer platform that is advanced enough to take those signals and then put them into a game on a human body analog and the player able to get signals back as well as transmit them to the gear and then have yes saftey measures wold be need entirly

          • Kirito

            Idea, on the safety measures thing, have a thing in the helmet the contacts the paramedics if you’re brainwaves come to a complete halt.

          • luke


          • Arkaue

            only thing is that you would already be dead and they would show up to a dead body but good concept

          • Sydeburns

            doing that might accidentally stop the more important functions such as breathing. i think if you induced a dreaming state and then just controlled the dreams to be the game that would solve the need for a safety measure but i’d still put one there just in case. also the technology for “mind controlled gaming” already exists. i did a paper on future user interfaces for computers and found some really cool stuff.

          • Dawson

            Actually an induced sleep paralysis would work and they have already done a lot of research into what causes that, not that there aren’t enough other issues to overcome.

          • Arkaue

            it is almost impossible to control dreams and you cant really do anything inside a dream think about it

          • llirbwerdnadivad

            Not really :/

          • Enderboy

            actully if you have the right amount of focus and will when entering sleepmode you will not control your physical body but your dreamself this being the virtual body allowing you to focus all physical nerves to your dream you can control the setting your intresets and even taste or hear your dream will asleep you can feel around your dream or taste food in your dream without moving your body this resulting to movement and control of your dream so if you think about it you could turn your dream into a server and connect with other people while they are asleep this resulting the MMO sleepserver or SAO

          • Arkaue

            when you dream all of the movement impulses are in you brain they don’t travel down the brain stem or such and you would not be able to intercept them so trying to pick up the electrical signals created while dreaming is impossible so out of the question and once again would be unreliable even if some how it could happen

          • SAOfan13

            Actually if u use this dream thing u just need to use cerebral cortex and use the messages that are sent by electromagnetic waves the brain sends, and if this works it will have abit of problems. One of them is that it would interfere with the feelings of the mind and u might change greatly by messing with their self concise and their personality so I’d rather more steer away from that it may mess up badly.

          • Ayko Gazreth

            We just need the technology they had in Inception.

          • Deathnote2025

            why dont you some what combine them and keep the human body “awake” enough for the breathing to be at a minimal while also dulling the human impulses as breathing takes no thought and breathes automatically unless told by the brain to stop and how you cant choke yourself to death your body and brain wont let you but here its your heart that does the work so if you just keep the brain dulling out of it it may work but if you do people wont walk around while playing the game so lets get to it guys!!

          • sojinn123

            in essence a full body coma without harming the brain in any way shape or form, thats the conclusion i’ve come to. to the part of brain waves and patterns it would be easy enough to create a head gear similar to nerve gear with a scanner that hovers above your spine reading all the nerve patterns and signals and sending them into the game, I do agree with you that dulling the signals down say with an inhibitor for the muscles only would indeed work.

          • Arkaue

            “when you dream all of the movement impulses are in you brain they don’t travel down the brain stem or such and you would not be able to intercept them so trying to pick up the electrical signals created while dreaming is impossible so out of the question and once again would be unreliable even if some how it could happen”

            this is a comment i made regarding trying to use a dream its the same concept as this coma idea

            but for example a scanner hovering over your spine you’d be on your back that would be a bit bothersome would it not and quite expensive

          • Kirito

            You don’t need to breath in a virtual world, so that signal doesn’t need to be redirected

          • Cody Mattingly

            You won’t need to mess with the brain just the nucleus

          • llirbwerdnadivad

            …Look up what a Nucleus is, please.

          • Kirito


          • Arkaue

            the only problem is is that you cant really dull impulses or anything else without doing something to interrupt the entire transmission which at this point it would be easier to just redirect completely and if you dull them how then would you move the human analog in the game?

          • Leo

            Or you can do sleep paralysis. You do it every night so you don’t do things irl that you do in you dream.

        • someone

          u seem like u know a lot.lol XD

        • Cody Mattingly

          Thats why you use nucleus cells from yourself in your skin its not harmful unless you consider 1 skin cell gone harmful. Not trying to be rude just trying to inform ^-^

          • Enderboy

            ok i not sure if you read textbooks but a nucleus is the heart of a plant cell

          • wwk44

            all cells look it up da

        • Trys

          Soooo sounds like you’ve got this down

          • Arkaue

            if only 🙁

          • Trys

            Lol, i mean, the occulus rift (however you spell thatXD) has a good idea, but like with the galaxy s4’s eye tracking, so you don’t have to scroll, if that was in by the screen for some screen turning action, then we’ve got ourselves another step!

          • Arkaue

            the only thing is its not a true step towards VR as we think of it. it makes more people think of VR to be just that not something like sao. but it dose start to get Vr across the field of gaming which is helpful but again not same idea as sao

          • llirbwerdnadivad

            I think that has already been done with something, though I don’t remember what…

        • fauxtrot

          When we sleep/dream, our brains disconnect from the motor systems in the body. If one could emulate that process, you could have people dream in a shared simulation. A little like inception.

          • Arkaue

            that’s very true but keeping that severed connection stable and un harmful would be the only problem because while we sleep we are mind is still connected to the motor functions but doesn’t send many impulses it would be hard to keep a constant level of disconnection without harming either one and it becomes very easy to awake so to speak.

          • FallenCrow12

            Frankly, I’m amazed that people have got some legitimate theories…also, while the actual hardware would take immense funding and the device would have to be tested a hell of a lot. The coding aspect is also important – how would you connect a brain ( conscience included) to a server. There would be problems if a powercut cut the server- or someone hacked it. People ( possibly, I’m snatching a straws) could have their brains put into a coma…?

          • llirbwerdnadivad

            I think that if they went with the signal being sent to and from the server/brain via whatever transmitting device, then a sudden cut in power would result in it simply shutting down and the person waking up.

            Perhaps said transmission device could include a safety feature that automatically gets the person out if it loses the connection? And its circuitry could be designed to break if it is made to go beyond a certain limit, to protect from comas (that’s how fuses work.)

            …Truth be told, I’m coming up with this from scratch, though. XD

          • chazthespaz78

            also a battery that can keep it on during emergency log-out

        • Bob Isaac

          Leaving all technicalities aside for the moment, this could really
          work. By inducing a lucid dream state through some advanced brainwave
          entrainment technology, the system then transfers your consciousness into the
          virtual world. I often experienced lucid dreaming and astral projection, it’s
          extremely fascinating and what you can be or do in these states are almost
          limitless. This for me is similar to what theoretically happens in “SAO”

          • Kazuto Kirigaya

            That actually sounds like a good idea.

          • Stormz

            Dude, I’ve been thinking about the same theory for about a week. I generally think it could work, and I’m curious, would you maybe wanna talk about it? I would LOVE to see the Nervegear and the world of SAO in real life.

          • ?

            With the death?

        • Kazuto Kirigaya

          Well, there’s a lot of smart people on Earth. I’m sure somebody knows xD

        • wwk44

          actually no because during rim sleep your body secretes a hormone that paralysis the body and he could just use the helmet to manipulate the brain to secrete this while only intercepting the pain and movement signals from the brain but yes you would to have a very in depth knowledge of neurology and bio-engineering and be able to program with the best

        • TheEndIsNear

          The day that someone figures out how to transfer ones consciousness to a game will be the day that the world ends (transferring terrorist’s consciousness to robot with explosives on board)

        • JegoLego

          Someone has actually successfully made a working “Cortana” like from Halo. It only lasted for a few minutes, though, until it killed him… looks like we still have a lot to learn

        • Klien-kun

          actually it’s no difference between skyrim and here, just the modding would be optional. They sayed it’s like microwave signal’s. Correct right? It’s easier to cooperate with company’s that you have ally’s in. Funding would be a lot easier.Who wouldn’t want to have something to claim rewards to? especially something of this magnitude. But not everyone needs the mirror part of the game

        • PasswordDenied8

          It would be just like sleeping if you think about it. All you’d need is a way for the headset to put the body to sleep while keeping the mind awake. Not as hard as it sounds considering we do that on a daily basis as part of a natural process. If one were to work very hard, SAO is completely possible.

          • PasswordDenied8

            Oh and the whole “finding a way to keep breathing” thing. Why would you need something to keep your body breathing? The only way your body will stop breathing completely is if something is crammed down your throat, or you have a disorder/disease preventing you from breathing. No developer in there right mind would make something that would interrupt the breathing cycle. If you try to stop breathing, you pass out, and start breathing automatically.

        • Ronald KoKo

          If that was invented the price are 1m or 2m or higher

        • Kirito

          It would be badass though and if done people would worship him as god.

        • Gatreh

          Honestly it might be easier than we’d expect, go look up REM sleep and the waves that the brain sends out to put you in a full paralysis every night!

          We’ve also already managed to not only connect a camrea to the visual cortex so that the person can regain sight (even a blind man got to see for the first time), we’ve also already controlled robot arms with just our thoughts so it should definitely be possible to control a virtual avatar using the same method.

      • GioAstrex

        my friend the world will be in your debt if it works!

      • Theocules3

        hey i would be happy to fund you also but im creating a software just like this im am so close i just cant figure out a few algorithms but the full dive process is so close to being produced we just need about 1 million more US dollars to complete the project i have a huge donor already lined up for it and am hoping the process will be completed i already have a patent on my work but i would be happy to have someone else who can help with it. if you want email me back on this email and ill have one of my assistants talk to you about this.

        • Brett Henley

          Hey man im a huge fan of sao so if u don’t mind when you do finally create it this I would love to test the game as a beta tester. I also would like to help on finishing the project. I have been researching this for a while also. Email me at Henley_brett@yahoo.com

        • Cody Mattingly

          I could help alot I hope you are serious. cmattingly28(at)gmail.com

        • Anarchy

          If you’d let me beta test I could give you some of my game ideas just contact me at: Jason.Meredith27@edu.manorisd.net

        • Elucidator

          I’m always willing to help with this sort of thing
          If you need an engineering standpoint you can email me at Scythe2279@gmail.com

        • llirbwerdnadivad

          Which patent? I’d like to look into it.

        • chazthespaz78

          most all they said at spencerbrooking@hotmail.com

        • Sojinn123

          i do hope this is coming along please email me at Sojinn123@Hotmail.com

        • Kirito

          I would love to beta test this, when you get far enough E-Mail me at Shadowz.Assassin1@yahoo.com

        • Shawn O’Brien

          hey i’d like to beta test this, i am a huge fan of SAO. my email is shawnguy150@yahoo.com

          please email me if you come up with something feasible to test! 🙂

        • shadowjim32

          ill beta test it as well if you can actually come up with something like that my e
          mail is shadowjim32@yahoo.com email me if you come up with something ok?

      • kirito

        so you expect us to give you 500000000$ and say yes to it? let me just sum that up for u hell no!

      • Brett Henley

        Hey man I wanna be a beta tester…lol. seriously though man

        • Chevy Strickland

          I want to be like kirito a beta cheater

          • why

            do you mean a beater

        • Deathnote2025

          Same here man

          • chazthespaz78

            who doesn’t

      • Cody Mattingly

        Focus on connecting the advanced nucleus cells located in of your brain to a new type of piece of a cell. The trick is to develop something that the advanced nucleus absorbs so it can pass to the five senses and tricks them into seeing the projections into the new type of piece of a cell. that’s all my studies have gotten me to so far see if you can get any further ^-^. If you find out anything more please tell me I am friends with a game developer who works for Microsoft. Email me at cmattingly28(at)gmail.com

        • Shakti Lord Kaiokage

          1.Hello. If you guys don’t mind I would like to partake in researching information to support this project. It reminds me of another project I used to work on with a large group of people on a forum. We discussed making pressure activated, motorized roller blades called air treks which are from the anime Air Gear. I suggest that someone start a forum website that is able to accept donations. This is what the people on the air treck project did. It would be much better than posting on a website for MMOs.
          2. Mr. Cody Mattingly from all the posts I have read so far I believe you are focusing on the wrong problem and trying to create an overly complex solution for it. What your talking about is connecting a cell that is foreign to the user’s body and using some sort of technology to transfer information of human senses to that cell. If you are thinking practically then you will realise that all this will accomplish is one of two things… the cells of the user’s brain accept the new cell as one of their own and basically you just have one extra brain cell…-_- … the other thing that could happen is that this new cell that obtains an ” advanced nucleus” (as if a human nucleus can be any more advanced) will obtain the information from the other cell using “something” and the foreign cell might become parasitic and keep absorbing information. When this happens, congratulations because the user now has a single celled organism that contains human intelligence sitting on their brain. Who knows what will happen then.
          3. The problem that you believe to have solved is not as complex as you’re making it out to be. All you need is a computer mainframe that can read brain signals and transfer it into code, this is actually very easy to do. In fact its been done before. There is a toy that you can find on ebay called Mind Flex, it is programmed to pick up brain waves and translate the signals into information so that it can measure your level of focus. This same technology can be used if it is just programmed further to the point where your thoughts become code that is able to control an avatar.

          So besides that the other things that need to be figured out is:
          .how to project signals back to the brain for the user to see an image and hear sounds
          .how to stimulate nerves in order ti simulate the sense of touch
          .how to simulate smell
          .how to simulate taste (No, “advanced nucleus cells” are not the solution)
          and finally…
          .how to do all this without causing a physical reaction in the body

          • Shakti Lord Kaiokage
          • Theraven

            Guys here is how to control your character and you can use an occulos rift for sight now you just need something that can trick your mind into thinking that it’s feeling something or tasting or even smelling and you might be able to do that by sending impulses to your brain just an idea and I know it’s not complete VR but it’s pretty stinking close ^_^

      • Kirito_San

        I would donate. As long as i get a free version with admin 😀

        • Vantero

          I would too as long as I get to be a beta tester (;

        • Kirito

          It’d be kinda boring to be an Admin, you can have anything in the game just by using the main menu.

      • ProfessorBelacic

        I’d be glad to fund it. Anything to make my dreams into reality…

      • timeh

        do a kick starter at kickstarter.com?
        -plenty will donate

      • AniRave

        It’s possible to use sensors to pick up the electrical signals transmitted from the spine. Take as an example: The sensors placed on an actual moving person so you can register what signals move what muscles. Then you’ve more or less turned the helmet into a controller. Added bonus, also look into the senses of the body. Smell, touch ect. Did you know devices that can produce hundreds of different scents exist? You can give a player the sensation of being in a field of flowers or even on the battle field with special pads with controlled air pouches. When the person is shot in the midst of battle motors push and pull air out of the pads giving the feeling of being shot (without the pain obviously). In a previous comment I made, I mention REM state (Rapid Eye Movement) it’s a state of deep sleep in which the voluntary muscles are paralyzed so that the person dreaming doesn’t act out their dreams physically. It’s natures way of keeping you from falling out of the tree at night if you will. Avoiding the big words, there are two things that have to be activated to cause the voluntary muscle paralysis. =^-^=

      • Elavinrac
      • Kirito

        Hell I’d Donate IF I Saw You Can Actually DO IT

      • ratsy ratsu


      • Agent021

        good luck my friend…..you’ll need it

      • Gatreh

        I know a whole lot about how the brain works and how something like that could work in general, maybe we can toss ideas between eachother?

      • Tristan Dyas

        I will donate my body for testing, it may go horribly wrong and kill me but I may also be the first person to test real truly immersive virtual reality… I will take that risk!!

    • Kayaba

      Instead of dying in the game, why not delete the character? Once you died in the game, you need to do it all over again with a new character.

      • Jacob Martin

        What if you just lose about 10% of your money and respawn in your home. If you die before you have enoughe to buy a house back to begining spawn.

        • JViper

          drop items that aren’t marked as your favorites and when you die spawn in closest city or village we should have some type of spawn stone or cyrstel respawn there. do wea get telport cyrstel like in the sao

      • Miracle

        Or instead of your character being deleted i was thinking why not be forced to return to level 1 with no items.. This way, you can keep the looks and name of your character. other wise you’ll have to go through the trouble of making a new account, also this way it makes a death like experience where it feels like you have died, but can continue to play the game 😛

      • Someone

        Why not just be “logged off” for a certain amount of time so you don’t lose anything but time playing?

    • alonerwolf90

      lol me and you both

    • SAO Future creator.

      No i’m planning this also.

      • Usagi

        You better… ._.

      • KiritoSan

        You Better ._. Bc i will donate… But better Give Me A Free Copie 😀

        Mail Me If Need Help 😉

        • Truth

          Anyone else cringe at when people like this one say “I will donate, but you better give me the game for free”? That is not donating, that is just lending. Wth the fact that at least most of you say that probably will donate nothing near enough to cover a full-game’s cost for it, so in the end you are just a big fat and ugly burden to creator(s). All you are doing is being selfish and arrogantly assuming you should get a free game because you tossed chump change in comparison to the amount of money needed to make this. The only thing you should get for being a single individual for donating money is some nice rare-ish item that is flashy and will be ultimately useless other than a money-spent trophy before even mid-game and/or some kinda thank you in the credits that no-one really reads nor will be that impressed. Donations aren’t for you to barely speed up the process and then get granted the ultimate reward of a full game. It should be for you to speed up the process so that you can hurry up and BUY the game. Donations are for the process, buying it is to thank the creators for the excellent game. Which is why you should only be awarded with something that will eventually be usless, because with donating you are already helping yourself, to get closer to incredible game. When you donate to charity, for example let’s sayyyyy cancer, you don’t have them keep a vial of the cure in case you develop it, you freaking helped mankind, that should be enough, right? Now I should aslo tell you to never post your own PRIVATE (so busniess emails obviously should not keep one of their means of communication private) email up on the internet to where anyone who was not meant to see it can see it. Forums, comment sections, anything of the such. Emails are probably your least-dangerous of your unique information you can give away, but is still bad to be seen by the wrong people. I could go ahead and snab your email adress and sell it to sleazy businesses for a quick buck, allowing them to target you and do whatever they aim to. But I won’t because that is stupid, and anyone who sells people’s private information are also stupid. I think I said everything I needed to.

          • Akaoni

            I believe that some of what you say is correct, unless they donate an absurd amount of money. those that donate either earlier or a noteable amount should be able to be a part of the beta test (dirty beaters lol)

          • JViper

            everyone should till have fair chance at being a beta tester and i was wondering if it will be a worldwide game or just in certein countries and in the game will we all be talking in the same language. i would also like to be a beta tester for the sao game i was thinking of being a game tester (im still in high school) as a career

          • Greg Leclerc

            it better be a world wide game

          • Kirito

            I would think other servers for other countries

          • Shakti Lord Kaiokage

            I agree as well. If someone donates a certain high amount, or if they actually make a contribution other than money that will support the production of either the game or the technology of the console (for example, beneficial research, a produced model, coding, help with game development) if they provide a contribution as valuable as one of these then they are allowed to beta test free

      • Ixozuxiz

        Im actully in a very dedicated and big team called The SAO-Project, as a 3D-modeller, the game is being created already.
        So if people is already working on a similar project, join us instead, he have proffessionals in our team.

        Pros = 10years + in game development.

        • DizzyPW

          Is that so? Researching it now.

        • Arkaue

          game and technology are completely different things you need to think about what the priorities are for these people who are creating it tech first then game or have two completely different teams. and you cant make a game based off or nonexistent tech. tech must be created first

    • NikkiK15

      thank you! good luck creating it. i have been wondering if they’re ever gonna make the game for us fans, i got hooked into it. SUCH A GREAT SERIES (so far)!

    • ryangoh

      I’ll play it even if it cost me my life

      • max davis


    • ohdatpro

      Kirito i would very much like to work with you on this. i watched the series in 2 days and lived it. I think that this would be an excelente thing for the history of gaming.
      Please email me at conner.roth@gmail.com thanks!

    • Muhammad Rizwan

      Will it become true Fast ?
      which date will it be realeased?
      i really wanna know plz tell me
      i will be waiting for the reply …………………

      • ThatOneGirl

        The date should be at least around 2022… AT LEAST.
        (im not actually making it or doing anything about the device i just WANT it to be made around that time)

    • RomanianFOBjr

      If you do make the game I have 2 requests and a question for you:
      Request: Please keep your promises about no death IRL.
      Request: Please make the game before 2022 like in the show.
      Question: What will happen if you do die? Will you respawn in the floor’s town w/o your items or what?

      • Gatreh

        Permadeath, Aka you’d have to start all over.
        Would make it feel like the true Sword Art Online.

    • Annonymous

      Actually….this is a real game. Its on the PSP but its only japanese only.

    • L

      u missed spelled it SAO and if u cn make it that would b fcking sweet i would def buy

    • Blackswordsmen

      If the sword art virual game ever comes out I’m never leaving it this world sucks an I’ve fallen in love with the anime so it’ll be a dream come true.

      • Tyson Henry

        Anime is great I loved sword art online! But you people are trying to create something out of a show that was great but had no real life things to it like how he dies right before he kills heathcliff aka Kayaba or something been a while since I watched it but what I have read is that u can stop breathing possibilities that u won’t wake up but if u figure all that out I might volunteer to be a beta tester and another thing if you die u should only loose half a level on all your skills and levels not all you cor, gold or whatever you want to call it, or loose your house your prizes for beating bosses or just bought things oh and u should add item rarity levels like the s class meat asuna turned into a stew oh and add bars were u and your friends could get a drink half of u have it figured out how to make the nearve gear just the possibilities of brain damage, stop breathing part I love the Idea that you guys are creating it. Good luck 🙂

    • Black Rock shooter

      FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME xD Its really hard to find a game like you can meet other peeps in SAO world *Q* its like living in the anime world but… PFFFT THERE ISN’T ANY GAME LIKE THAT MOST OF THEM ARE ONLY RPG @_@ trust me i have searched alot and still no use i can’t find that kind of game i’m talking about

    • Kalel Lee

      lol yes

    • Theocules3

      thanks bro but also i have the software necessary to make such a game like this ive been working on it for about 2 months now and am so close to the reporduction of the programs if you would like to talk about this i would happy to help ill have an assistant of mine talk to you. I hope your worth it.

    • dj30147

      if you die in the game it should erase ur game….so its at least somewhat realistic

      • Akaoni

        Nah, a death penalty should be enforced. Like you lose your items you’re carrying, have to wait a certain amount of time, and have some sort of skills deduction. If it were that you had to make a new character there should be some sort of revival object that is medium in rarity so that when u die its not a suicide mission for your friend, but u owe them BIG TIME!

      • Technician_X

        and begin at the town of beginnings with only a sword/dagger/rapier/whatever

      • Shakti Lord Kaiokage

        Heck no! nobody wants that! what if some poor idiot gets locked into a dungeon that is too dangerous for them to handle?!! Then the game developers start getting complaints and bad ratings

    • mel

      if that dream of yours will come true can i myself get it free?

    • inuyasha18

      and is that a promise?

    • Aruka

      Make it more than 10000 copies (Yep!)

      Release WorldWide

    • Sharts

      I Would marry you if you made this I LOVE SOA

    • original kirito

      if u made SAO come tru well without the death it would be amzing

    • Mr. Puffy Poopins

      Did SAO already got in Malaysia?? I want to play it so badly!!

      • Yuuki Asuna

        SAO is already being released?:0 really?!?

      • SAO lover

        I am also want to play it
        Malaysian who watched this anime must fall in love with this anime
        because i am malaysian
        Hope the price not to expensive when it released

    • Scarlet Rose

      haha u mean SAO XD hope something similar comes out soon except jus dont want a helmet that traps us online till we clear 100 floors!

    • Ur fellow soa fan

      YAY cant wait

    • quentin464

      im with u man!

    • Technician_X

      send me a beta tester request or request for donation whenever the creation of the game is actually a reality also you might want to team up with a bunch of mad scientist who know their way around bio engineering and neural science…then again you know if this works out the military is gonna want to get their hands on this for training or in your favor they will fund you for this development.

      • Mr. Apex

        the military would probably want this not only for training but to have remote controlled robots doing all the work while all the real people are at some super secret underground base somewhere so that they can not be killed irl while they are in the game, or in the robots body in this case.

    • Yui

      Im looking forward to it. ^^
      but pls. put a log out button
      Not just like that idiot KAYABA did

    • Maša Joksimović

      WOW I can’t believe I actually believe in this…

    • stanley

      you know it man

    • Agil


    • Knightmare

      if u can make the software and the system where u wear a helmet and it turns into a simulator dude…. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

    • Gatlyn King

      If you make the game I will make the virtual reality helmet.

      • XXzMadBeastzXX

        how will u make this?

    • qmqz
    • asuchan

      Will it be with a console like nerve gear?

    • Shadoweye

      loving your answer and would love to test it.

    • kirito

      may be in the future this virtual world will really come to true.

    • kiriko12

      you make this come true and u shall be a god 😛

    • slasher

      thanks for trying to make it come true I will be by your side when you try to make it happen

    • Johnnie Sams

      ill do anything to make that happen!!!!

    • Kojiro Amurashi

      It’s not dumb even if you die in the game you die IRL I would still play it just cause it would be so much fun…

    • Giovanie

      im pretty good when it comes to making video games… I am currently working on increasing my skills in that field but i would be more than happy to join you in this quest.

    • Nick Blass

      Its Sao bro lol

    • KiritoSAO

      Thanks so much I cant wait to play it

      • KiritoSAO

        hurry up and make the game peeps I am DIEING here

    • DragonFyre

      I love you

    • Brandon Hughes

      If you do this and make that a reality, I will call for help from my fellow game designers and we will come to your aid. I want this game to be made…… but all of the head board members I have talked to say that no one would play this . I tell you they are wrong! We shall play this game and love it!!!!!!!!!

    • kirito

      hell i don’t care if you if is just like the anime or not, just as long as it real

    • NovusRaven

      what?!! are u serious? wooo!!! that will be so!! coool!!! sugoii!!!! i cant wait that to truly excist!!

    • Kirigaya Kazuto

      i will help u to make it happen

    • SAOFanBoy

      No please let us die in your world and never log out xD

    • TheBlackSwordsman

      Your our savior!!!

    • Guest

      wow you fd up SAO

    • Mark Kavas Wakeling

      hurry up and make it

    • black swordsman

      please pick me as a beta player if you make it. SAO rulesss and and may the vitual reality games be real by fews years from now!!!

    • Pancakes123

      thanks a lot but if i dont ee thi in the future i will be really sad anyways dont be like sugou either kay dont mess with our brains

    • Alistair

      It was because it was a VRMMORPG, meaning that you had to have the headgear for it. And since it was connected to your brain, it could easily shut your brain off.

    • Kazuto Kirigaya

      Are you serious? you’ll be an idol. Can we message eachother?

    • Kirito Kazuto

      he’s just to excited,thats all

    • Shirubataiga

      Do not fear. We are making the game right now.
      It is currently pre-Alpha and we are thinking of integrating the Oculus Rift.

    • matsuo yumi

      – :’)

    • Kenjiabarai

      well I got ricked rolled when i wanted to play…….. please theres no more other mmo that i want to play than this one please release it

    • XxmetalXxXmuseXx

      I’d love you if you accomplished this (before 20017) :3

      • Theraven

        That’s a looong time… Hehe ^•^

    • therob

      i totally agree and we want are brains to move are cheater or something with out a controller and not to pricey and bulid

      in headset and mic

    • phycopathicpaul

      SAO!!! SAO!!! SAO!!! SAO!!!

    • Tomoheta

      I’m making a game just like Sao I have been developing it for a year now and it will b in production by 2015

    • AniRave

      I was working on research for a good design and program but I hit a snag when I came across REM state in the human body. So far, all I’ve come across is activating it medically and last I checked no one wants to take pills to play a game. Basically what I’m saying is that using REM state a person can play the game without having to physically move. Laugh if you want but its a start.

    • Mo

      Make a real nerve gear where your actually in the game 😮 that wud be soon awesome

    • Andriy

      I really hope so

    • Kirito’n’Asuna <3

      Someone please make this game. Whoever makes it should make it a great quality game since the anime is top notch. SOMEONE MAKE IT. IM THE BIGGEST SAO FAN.

    • IsHa9597


    • Penelope is my conshions

      hay if you ever mack this man i will not only love you for making it but i will send some cash to help maby

    • jonathan

      Bull shitter your not making a game one you couldn’t make a head set thats lets you be in the game and you would need to know about neuroscience to be able to connect it to the 5 sences and are technology isnt good enough yet go kill your self please.

    • SlapperFish


    • XXzMadBeastzXX

      Dude it would be great if u could do this do u plan on making the nervegear to? and if u were how long do u think it will take

    • Classified

      I wish people with do that with the anime .hack//

    • Randy

      Theres also a SAO indie game in production

    • Niño Angelo Lacuesta

      i want to play this game. if there’s a chance..

    • Audito

      You are my hero. :,( please god do this!! I believe in you.

    • Puteri Ais

      i can’t play the game !! but i want to play the game..

    • kasey mcwhirter

      Thanks kirito halo ive been waiting on the real sao to come out i hope you have it done soon i cant wit to play

    • Kasuto Kitigaya

      I WANT THIS TO BE REAL BRO!!! Also, can your company be called ARGUS? Get it? ^_^

    • Tako

      dude, hear me out. make it as close to the anime and manga as possible. make it as difficult! I expect everything mentioned in the anime to end up greatly explorable. skill trees should be large and varied, and make all the rare skills just as rare, (dual wielding should be one of the rarest). and on to my main point, make it just like the anime and manga, if you die your avatar dies and you start over.

      • Tako

        death is permanent in SAO, that can’t change.

    • ME

      And my company will make the Nerve Gear!

    • Malthe Schnack

      hope better be true

    • Nick Schlottman

      BE MY HERO!

    • Kai

      I look forward to it, GOOD LUCK!

    • komotori otoko

      have you formed your company yet? And if you have i would like to be a part of the programming group that could take something like the oculous rift and mod it with sensory pads that allow the nural pathways to such an extent that the outer body looks paralyzed. please contact me back on this site and maybe we can team up and work together to complete your intregeing project.

    • Wrysi

      If you dont make it before MY company is formed, i will make this game

    • Wrysi

      I need to play this game, or else my life wont be completed 🙁

    • Sword ART oNLine

      can you tell me how to play this game

    • dick

      uh hell no

    • eve

      hurry up and do it

    • PeppleArtSonza


    • kitkat

      DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Carnage

      No, it’s a troll and terrible.

    • Kyousuke

      It’s SAO ! I hope this game will exist for real .. NerveGear also !!

    • S.A.Oblivious

      Yehhhhs… Pls do so. Im a big fan of sao!

    • LycanXNoble

      “You shouldn’t die irl if you die in game” ? That’s the feature that makes me love SAO *_* Kayaba is a genius but we should find a way to keep our body alive for a long time IRL.
      On true fight with nothing more than a TRUE FEAR of losing your life and your friends.

    • Jaden_Reeler

      Dude, I am soooo counting on you and if you can, i want to be a beta tester ^-^ I support you all the way bro. SAO!!!!!!

    • Rosash

      Also Kayaba had a reason for making the game’s death realistic you idiot. And I doubt you would be able to recreate SAO with just your intellect. Virtual Reality hasn’t even been perfected as well as SAO has. Come back down to reality before you give someone a headache.

    • Keegan

      PLEASE make this i believe you can do it and so many are depending on you and your company when its formed can you please work on this first YOU WOULD BE A HERO

      • Keegan

        oh yeah and if u do i would be pleased to beta test it

    • jack gomez

      I hope so

    • Guest Commenter

      Yes i Would Love a Virtual MMORPG Like Soa But.. The Tech is Just Too High For Now.. he Tech They Used inThe Show Was Around 2020-2024… Thats a Long Way From Now….

    • Sarah

      Just make it so you can’t take the helmet off and if you die in the game you go back to real life.

    • dinoman

      after that i will make alfiem with all the features in the anime

    • caleb

      I’m with u man

    • xLekross

      i gonna help ya

    • eleena

      there is probably all ready is a company trying making a server system like nerve gear so yeah your to late to start an original company and you would be sued plus like Wolf_Fang97 said it’s Sao

    • coocoo9936

      Yes I am rooting for you
      Good luck


      SAO *

    • kirito and asuna

      First it’s SAO second if you can that would be great third thanks

    • Call0fminerim

      To late, a team is already making a game http://age-of-aincrad.com

    • Luiz Ramos

      I can help! I and my team code alot! WE just need someone who knows how to work the brain…

    • GreatAssassinKirito

      Well hurry up! We need this game!!!

    • Kirito

      dude I really hope you make this I want that nerve gear!

    • Akahigo

      I actually intend to help them make the nerve gear actually, the people who are making it right now though are hard to reach, but I’ll find a way to contact them

    • Cody Murphy

      I think it would be better If u can jus make ur own character and do ur own quest and beat the game with ur over powered person instead of being Kirito.

    • Zack

      I hope so man… I hope soo….

    • Donutz

      If it helps i thought of a way nerve gear may have/ may will work, because i have the same idea as you

    • Zero

      um…… i kinda liked Kayaba’s idea 😛 so yea…..

    • Yay for SAO

    • madison

      if you make this game i will love you lololo

    • invisibilityboy

      DO IT BRO 😀

    • JakeConnFTW

      You my sir, are my hero.

    • alan

      its been a year…still waiting

    • Me,Myself

      Its SAO, idiot.

    • oneshirt

      umm SAO is sword art online but SOA is sons of archery

    • xion anderson

      is this out yet???

    • yudaapril

      yes sword art online game where ya. find where yes

    • Ryoku

      Freaking finally please do it soon

    • Reaper

      im not saying its not possible (cause i hope VR gaming is created before i die even tho im 13) but you have to think of how your brain reacts to death in the game cause if your brain actually thinks it died then it’s gonna die but really i do hope you or some other engineer/scientist/really smart person does create VR gaming like sao !!!

    • Klein

      Dude, i have the same dream and i will no matter what be your partner in making this happen no matter what.


      I wish they could make the game SAO but with out the story behind it I want it to be like the adventure they had like I wanna live there

    • 3DboyZ

      idc i will die for that game *-*

    • Guy.that.wants.nerve.in.life


    • Nova

      its SaO not SOA, and if you can actually make this, good luck and i will be playing

    • Ryan Olvera

      Hey when u do make the game and u will cause u the BOSS can I beta test the game I’m a real big fan :). Ps : U CAN DO IT ALL NIGHT LONG

    • Zuric Dixon

      Why not let the fans take the risk of dying in real life cause honestly I think that would be the best part of the game and to feel the rush of fighting for your life would be amazing.

    • Liulfer

      hey id still be happy dying in aincrad, its an amazing game, as long as my death is justified and i die fighting the most badass monster in the game i couldnt give two shits XD

    • Karu

      Hows making the game coming along

    • Raven Marie Ashwood

      u are amazing <3


      if you manage to do that i would love you 4 life xD cause my dream is to play something like SAO in virtual reality

    • kevon1

      i don’t think this is a game

    • Hank Fullerton

      Well turn the hurt down pls

    • SAOFAN


    • some one

      hey if you need any help with anything to make it happen please let me know @ juangelh_6410@yahoo.com please and thank you

    • Zeref


    • Shiroe

      Can You Really Make A Virtual World?

    • Yuki

      make this game please and when you make it, be sure to create more than 10,000 copies, because i most likely wont be able to be first in line…

    • Guest

      sounds awsome

    • Techman98


    • Raiden Rigby

      pls make this a realiaty

    • thegamere


    • jeremiah

      what soa u not a fan every fan knows its sao

    • Media

      If you die in the game you cant log in until someone else in the game helps you!

    • kirito

      THIS MUST EXZIST lol but seriously make it happen

    • kirito

      Hey its me as a spartan lol


      If you can do that then you are better than Kayaba so please do this

    • kazuto_13

      PLZ make this game im going crazy here

    • J-dog

      i would like to be the first to apply for this job
      but we need to get a good amount of money…
      I know, Lets go to kickstarter!

    • Joey22

      YAY! when u create ur company, hire me! im good with creating games

    • lanceg13

      if you do, make it so that you are reset or banned or something when you die. “A game where you can die in is too easy”
      -kazuto kirigaya

    • wolfing

      I will join you when i will be able to, I will do the coding 😀

    • Zoobin Gamerz

      then it will be who can do it first….

    • Akimoto Heikichi

      They made a game now tho :3
      But it’s not mmo :c

    • wiseguy

      trust me mate I’ve looked into it first you’d have to tap into the motor neurones in the spine and redirect them without causing damage. then you would have to find a way to tap into other nerves directly in the skull …… only problem is with todays technology the only way to acquire those links is through surgical implants. and as no one knows how much data it takes to host a human brain its anyway in-between 1 to 100 terabytes so its not easy trust me im looking into it

    • I’m sure in the future there will be a game like this but it’s not like your gonna die because of it … maybe we don’t have enough technologies right now but everything upgrades , everything levels up and i’m pretty sure this game will truly exist one day 😀 😀 😀 More Season’s for SAO to come 😀 😀 😀

    • kirito kiyaba

      you get rick roled

    • Selena

      :'( I tried to play to sign up , but I kept getting Rich rolled ! this is not funny I really wanna play. To have a game just like that I would LOVE it. ive always wanted to play in a vitural world like that !

    • Ultimate watcher

      SOA!!!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT

    • Wartune

      lol a SOA in dutch is a disease you get by having sex, things like aids… I’m not a SOA fan no xD but a game like SAO would be amazing, even if you’d die irl, than just make sure you don’t… 😉

    • Kirigaya Kirito

      yes it will T^T

    • conscript

      i dont see what the big deal is that you die in the game you die irl, you die real life you die so its your choice to fight mosters, live in the game it is practicaly an enhanced life i would play it

    • Emma

      Can I play 2?????

    • gabbysofabby

      great comment

    • Gabe

      Can i be one of the thousand beta testers

    • fiekie88SA

      we shall hensforth call you master, and fight 100 floors for your joyment

    • Me

      More interesting if you could die :/

    • Kirigaya

      im actually entering mechatronics like kirito, i really want create a virtual reality. so please if you ever plan to go through with this then please count me in this

    • Krazy Kayaba @_@

      You could die in that game.That game(SAO) uses full dive.It connects to your brain nerve system.That’s why they don’t move when they play.If you play using Oculus, you will move.And by the way, it’s not idiot gamers who create cool gadgets and stuff.Guys who learn science do that stuff.And 1 more thing, there is no logic in most anime.

    • bladehound0

      i’ll jion the party. the names bladehound0 but my freinds call me bladehound.


      but that would be SOOOO COOL, die in real life if you die in game, PEOPLE WOULD TRY SOOOOO MUCH HARDER

    • make that come true

    • nathan

      you do know the game dose exist it’s for psp and psp vita

    • Nathan

      good luck 🙂  有賀 contact me if you need any help 🙂

      {if you can find me that is}
      which isn’t hard

    • lord marvel

      Well the right to make Sao will go to the first company to make a real vr device not a crappy oculus rift clone I I will make sure that company is mine the ultra powerful company

    • PurpleAnimeFan

      soa means std in my country hahaha its sao

    • LoLKingSygnus

      “Arigato, Sayonara” -I’m sure you know who.

    • warning50560

      just make it with nerve gear and make it with anime in the virtual world illl be waiting for it ok so ya 😉

    • Abe091

      As right as you may be Kirito Halo, dont you dare insult
      Akahiko Kayaba!! He was awesome and the only mistake he made
      was removing the logout button!!….and making you die in real life blah blah blah. Don’t insult awesome Kayaba.

    • cole

      Their soul and life force is linked to their in game character.

    • Asuna Yuuki


    • Kevin


    • Nero

      Make it a death game it would be awesome

    • Agents of Secret Stuff(ASS)

      can you just do it already??? I WANNA LIVE IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD IM SO DONE WITH THIS WORLD

    • Tootinyman

      You should know that if you make this game, you’ll have a lawsuit the size of Massachusetts.

    • lol you suck

      kids will grow up with the tech all adults will die before this comes out so ha

    • SaraAnime


    • Wolf Hite

      At least make the game permadeath to make it similar to SAO and challenging. i dont want just another MMORPG dammit, if i die in the game, make my character stay dead! you can make new characters, but make the game so if a character dies, it can’t come back.

    • Boomface16

      please do make it cuz im so tired of posers letting us down and just laughing at our failed attempts to find a game somewhat close to the anime

    • Heyy…

      OMG YES!!!!!!!

    • sao fan

      our saivor

    • zamdave

      hello im the fan of SWD and in the creator of the movie
      i got a new game theres a nerve gear the helm you can
      got by 100$ you can buy it in Japan Thiland and Phill.
      You can ply it inda pc.

    • Kayaba

      why not i thought the idea of dying in game and irl was amazing

    • Joseph Gharis

      I am also going to form my own conpany when I am older, yes I am still in school, I widh you the best of luck, we probably won’t realize it, but we could potentially meet in a business deal someday! Good luck!

    • deunefeun

      age of aincrad is being devolped so there wil be aincrad but not specific the sao storyline

    • nick

      plzzzzzz XD

    • tksdeciple

      im a up-incomeing game designer and developer and i plan on making the full game. ive already have a game for the new hololens thats coming out so by 2020 there will be vuirtual reality

    • Dustin Loftus

      if you can make this happen i will help with anything i can , i know mostly everything about soa , the only thing is floor 50 has never been confirmed
      , but if your company needs any help with the creation of the game beacuse iknow that it would be like 5 years before it will be released to the us , 3 for japan , most likey. please let me know , oh and the vrmo gear is alive in full but japan has been holdin out

    • Bri


    • Syntledeus

      I am totally there if you do

    • TheRealKirito

      this is all i want in life i am studying to be a software designer/engineer so we can team up a conquor this

    • Yuuki Asuna

      I hope there will be…

    • Amirul Mion

      Are you going to make Sword Art Online Games using NerveGear soon? Can tell me?

    • Hey lts Tay

      I swear if you do this for me I will love you forever bro.

    • Kazuto Kirito Kirigaya

      um i think the game would be more thrilling if we did die irl if we died ingame

  • MythBeta

    I got rick rolled.

  • Shadow

    too bad there was an advertisement lmao

  • Asuna yuuki

    i Love SAO <3

  • The guy who will murder you

    Overused joke alert. Walk away.

  • Kurisu-Mikael

    I Pray and hope for the day of Real Life Nerve Gear. If SOA actually happened, Like being trapped in the game and all, I’d probably still put on that gear and jump in the game 😛
    I actually had an idea similar to Nerve gear in 7th-8th grade which was quite some time ago. Worked pretty much the same way.
    -crosses fingers- Nerve Gear, Sword art online game, please don’t disappoint!







  • Kayaba

    Instead of dying in real life, why not just delete the character once you died in the game? You can only have one character per world or one character per IP address. That way it will be more much fun and thrilling like in SAO.

  • CGags1789

    Um…….. Why have a website and play now button if its not there? Freaking stupid idiotic game poster!


    XD I’LL MAKE SURE TO TELL EVERYONE HERE (Creators of POKEMON GENERATIONS) to make this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Yuritsu

    …. then suddenly Rick Astley came out

  • Ziriex

    wer can i play?

  • derrick

    i would help anyway i can to make this a true life game.

  • alonerwolf90

    this better not me a prank i swear to god

  • rifky

    kirito you soo so cool ^-^

  • rifky

    and you asuna ^-^

  • Espada Lelouch

    sign me up as a beta tester

  • Demonhunter

    I hope it comes out quick

  • QQQQ

    @#$%! the person who messed with me cause I want to play a sword art game!

  • Sara Gamal

    i was so happy and exited ………. but then i got rick rolled ……….T^T why??

  • Richard Umali

    awesome game

  • NinjaDog1111

    Does anyone know how to freaking download this,i tried but it wont let me!

  • Zakinato

    did i just get rick rolled? ……… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

  • hondacrew86

    when is the sword art online mmo game coming out?

  • Fridley

    anyone else get rick rolled

  • Tommy

    if anyone makes this game I will say thank you because I have been seeing the series and love it and I don’t really think I should be in this world I think I should be in a online game I feel as if that’s were I belong I have been sucked into these tv shows on satrdays like I feel in love with eureka 7 and eureka 7 Ao I don’t know what to think about life anymore whats true and whats not
    From , Tommy Reed OH

  • Asuna-X-Kirito90

    can someone tell me when they game will actually be created….. me and my boyfriend are real fans and we really want to experience the game…. Without dieing in real of course…. because that is just scary…

  • kirito101

    why cant i play the game

  • Logan

    I hope they make a game like this one day its gone be EPIC

  • Last testimet

    This was it, I’ve finally been pushed beyond my breaking point, I leave my estate and all my belonging to no one I instead request that they all be burn, and should my wife and children protest this It must be certain that understand that I wish to learn them the greatest lesson in life, that it in its essence is too curl to bare, and as they squat in the gutter trash of this despair penny less and broken and curse my very name let it be known that it is justified and that it spit upon just that I didst to god, it should be known to them that I have provided them the poisons so that they may follow me through the gates of hell for there I shall wait for there we shall all find salvation.
    From your loving Father and Husband
    Curse be upon Aeria Games And upon God
    And so I will ponder My Salvation For 100 days and 100 Nights before in acting my salvation as I should as I have died for this has killed and thus am a sprit

    • 5s


  • Pissed off Gamer

    This is BS i was really wanting to play this NOT LISTEN TO FUCKING RICK!!!

  • RandomGamerz

    wtf is this shit, i clicked on play now and it fucking took me to Rick astley

  • ToastySpeakers

    Rick Astley didn’t explain well enough. How do I install this?

  • Realitysmoke

    this is coming out for xbox 720 and ps5…..in other words, in the generation after ps4 and xbox one

  • Ayako himatsubushi

    I wish it becomes real Fast 😀

  • RaiN

    i wish there are online game like dis but only on the computer…

  • Arkaue

    to be able to create a device such as the nerve gear you would have to have knowledge on neural science, bio engineering, and a mass amount of funds to start the creation of a thing that could stop all signals from the brain to the rest off the body without harming the person then being able to successfully transmit those same signals to a virtual body on a massive server created and hosted on a advanced computer. And how exactly almost all the body would be shut down and the mind still fully active and nothing harmed in this entire process.

  • Koneko

    Someone please make this game & some type of full dive gear! There are websites what you can go on to ask for funding! i would totally support anyone who was trying to make it! If we can make robot arms for humans that link to your brain to move them Im sure we could do this!!!!

  • Sol Santos

    is there SAO today? that we can play? please reply ASAP., 😀

  • Goodwin Deryl

    DUDE Kirito Halo i hope u r serious man it would be a dream come true not just for gamers but for anime fans alike if u did somehow or form create somethin like this and i personally will help fund this mission no matter what.

  • Jayden Ortiz

    how DO I play SWORD ART ONLINE his what u said it is not out

  • Jayden Ortiz


  • I Hate Trolls


  • Ayako himatsubushi

    there is another place where they are creating sao game


  • Jim Clement

    There is no game. i try to play it, i get taken to Youtube listening to Never Gonna Give You Up. I want to play this game

  • LinkTheHeroOfTime

    I almost cried when I was Rick Rolled because I was really hoping to be able to play SAO.

  • Kirito-Kun

    Where i can get that helm ?

  • Maoyuuookami

    make it look like the real world though

    • Ayako himatsubushi

      i would prefer it to be like animy style 😀

  • iiPhysch

    Neuroscience is a very difficult subject. To have an object to disable your body functions… You would probably become paralyzed or just even die. You would need test subjects. You could kill someone. If you want to take the risk and the punishment… Just don’t even try. Our technology is far too mediocre. There are items such as the Oculus Rift that you could use. But it doesn’t use your body functions. It’s just a really good image. So, please. Get a degree for neuroscience and engineering before you even attempt. And don’t do anything that would harm another.

    • Celestial

      Not necessarily u just have to somehow get your brain to go into REM sleep or something like that

  • sao gameplayer dreamer

    you must make an sao game in english I AM DYING TO PLAY IT

  • Kendy Frozen Throne

    I know that 1 day the never gear will be created..do you all believe it?

  • Kendy Frozen Throne

    Hey guys..i hope i can find you all in the virtual game.. ^ ^ i cant wait..

  • Guest

    why the heck are most of the links going to some youtube video?

  • Jeremy Charm

    Lol, I know im late and all, I dont know much about technology, But i can tell from the comments on this feed that you guys strongly believe that a Nervgear will actually be invented one day, Well I do also. I would mind being a test subject for it..lol… As long as i get a free Nervgear and some extra bonus cash and items when i log into the game for the First launch :D.. I love SAO.. and the reality we live in just doenst cut it some times… I believe there is more that meets the eye when it comes to our technology… 😀

  • KiritoKazuto0823

    Please make this game for pc cause I want to play it right now!! or after!

  • KiritoKazuto0823

    We need to play the Game!! Sword Art Online! Come On!!!!!!!

  • Gamer

    In our days i think its possible to create something as this game, because we already have google glasses and a lot of great computers and systems that can make this possible. If only a company who created google glasses would combine the amazing graphis and these days technology i think its possible. But of course it would cost a lot of money to make this kind of game.

  • Mike

    OMG. enough said. Please. Give me. Developers start up a kickstarter campaign. I guarantee you will get easily $700k + to start this game.

  • Kirito

    I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO PLAY THIS GAME.But I don’t want to play it with a death penalty.THIS THING CAN GET ADDICTIVE YOU KNOW!And have you guys heard the Nerve Gear system is 70% done.But i know they are hiding something. some thing they don’t want us to know. I think this has to do with Area 51. I JUST KNOW IT! If you put the pieces together you will understand.We don’t have High Tech equipment,it’s been 1 year since the show came out, and why would they make a game like this all I know i a toddler might somehow login to the game and end up in there!

  • soloplyrJP


  • soloplyrJP



  • Pieman64

    And I thought it was real… I need anger manegment classes.

  • dddd


  • kirigaya kirito

    please someone i WANNA PLAY THIS GAME

  • Reality

    Lol create SAO? create a new OS first for 40+ years then create a mapping system which requires a huge amount of data. how can you create a full dive system? (Oculus rift isnt even Close? sense of touch, smell and everything is needed. Everything you see around your room should be identical in the VR world. and the system uses the “nerve in the “brain”” which should be really problematic since it could be fatal.

    (Truthfully I think all people in this generation will die without experiencing the world of virtual reality) at least someone makes it before i am 18.

  • venom stinger

    i will definitely play esp. bcoz i can be forever with the person i truly love ..

  • alonerwolf90

    i hope this is real

  • unknow

    you get rick rolled if you play .-.

  • absufar c mendez


  • Ryan Supan

    um bro’s how do i play this if i click play game it will turn to youtube

  • Linda

    I just hope they make a game like SAO before I get to old… I’m already 15 years old, and now is the time to play games, before I begin to work, or something like that.

    • kirito+kurama=)

      im 15 to make sao for all of mankind XD 😛 😀 i was extremely pissed when that link came up

  • madddddddd

    wtf every time i click on the link to a fucking rick astly song i hate rick astly

  • andy luu

    how do we play it?

  • andy luu

    dont tell me u rick rolled me

  • EpicDerpCat

    how can i play this

  • goblog

    isu anjing

  • GHEN


  • Crystalia

    Uh, when I clicked “PLAY NOW!” There’s this awkward youtube video that comes up….

  • Sly Cooper


  • logan

    i love sao so bad

  • Thorn NightHunter

    how to play it??

  • Gawd Dammeeeet

    You rick rolled me….You bastards >_<

  • cj976

    i clicked on play now and it went to youtube-never gonna give you up XD like wtf

  • siakiba sakoya

    they tricked us all kill them and let’s make the game real our selves

  • shadowmaster239

    YOU JERK! i thought you were serious! the heck man!?

  • dfadf

    i was soooooo excited like oh yay really a sword art online pc game for free and i clicked play now…. dammit aeria games

  • Matthew Crockett

    What sort of ultra-jerk creates what Looks like an official game profile but with the Play and Official Site links set to point to some video on YouTube?!



  • mohamed

    when can we play

  • Ducker

    Fug, i got rickrolled.

  • Drago_BloodMoon

    Rick Rolled :/

  • Sissel

    worst rick roll ever..

  • Dark-Master

    Hey I think it’s just a joke and it’s not cool

  • Soulless

    Any one knows how to play that game ?!

  • skorpiongaming

    WHEN WILL WE BE ABLE TO PLAY THE FREAKING GAME???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/////

  • kirito

    what is this?!
    a link to youtube?

  • skyler

    never gonna give you up

  • CutieAngel

    I would play this whether in 100 years old or if I get stuck in it or not! i bet you that it would be great to have it stuck on for a while, that way no ones contently bugging you to do otherwise. Yah, i dont want to die but whether it in the game or in RL, you can die. therefore, someone hurry up and make this! Ill support you! Hell, ill be the first to sign up as a beta tester

    • James Millsaps

      You just wanna be a Beater, don’t you? 😉

      • CutieAngel

        hell yah! if it keeps me alive and gets me a copy of the system for free 😉

  • koby

    i can only prey for sword art online’s creation 🙂

  • Nakasuki Juzaku

    :u dont worry sooner or later we wont need a computer to play this we will be using google glass for everything XD

  • Maitrix

    Thanks =)

  • sao112

    i want to be in SAO ao bad its so cool

  • JustanotherSwordArtOnlinefan

    uh has anyone watched season two? they make it so you cant die in the game and die in real life. I was just looking through the comments and it seems like everyone one is revolving around season one. I just wanted to point that out, that in the second season kirito returns but in a new world and this time he can log out and he doesn’t die irl if he dies in the game, and why are there so many different companies/people trying to make this? why don’t you all work together to try and make it work. just don’t become power hungry like Suguro/Oberon and try to change a persons mind. I’m not sying im not a fan, I really do like this anime,but everyone one is saying im gonna do this or donate and we”ll make this, why not work together and make it. i really do hope that you all can work together to make this, it would change the world for better or worse. I’m sorry if i might have offended anybody but I’m just speaking the truth. Instead of going off of season one, I suggest to go off season two because they don’t die in real life, although there is a setting for pain, and i think that is much better then dieing in real life, but if this is made what are the possibilities of it being marketed? Some army or government might take it for training simulation if this was to become reality, and what is the possibility that this has already been made but the army is using it for training. I know that reality sucks but there is always consequence with action and these are the consequences of making this kind of game, it would be used far more than just a game for other people. I am sorry if i hurt anyone from my comment or maybe ruined their hopes and dreams, i really am and so if you have any thing you want to say to me email me. I do wish for this Virtual Reality to become reality but we just can’t make it happen all at once, there is, and always be consequence. I believe their was a reason why they made the year 2022, i hope that you all can see why too.

    • JViper

      i agree with you plus idont really see this Virtual reality thing working no time soon but ill be waiting . make game based off ALO plus this type of game needs that virtual reality gear to really be like SAO that would be nice using that gear for other good games to even some of our current day online mmo games

  • Alex Major

    Don’t click on the SAO official site it will rickroll you

  • BoZoiD

    that’s mean making a link to the gayest song ever. You hurt us sao fans with the promise of being able to play our favorite anime. I forever hate the creators of this site

  • jonesy974

    rick rolled hard

  • mewhoelse

    wtf it sent me 2 youtube april fools my damn ass

  • Yui

    this is a cruel joke.

  • Kobaruto

    We got ricke rolled didn’t we…… KUSO!!

  • nightwolf_1

    will this be a on any console or just pc ??

  • rodney

    Every time I click play now it takes me to youtube never gonna give you up

  • silverbain

    so do we get to make oc basicly charicter in our own imige *_*

  • alex

    i want to get the nerve gear if I got it would any one play with me ? and I mean the real
    virsion were u die in game u die in life any one up to it?

  • kirito the boss

    wow, whoever made this is a faggot i love the sao series it makes e cry somtimes because its a feely show

  • Irwan

    bagaimana cara biar bisa play game sao ??

  • Tekito

    Hey guys.. Is there a real game for this Anime ? ^^

  • Aaron Ilusorio

    I click PLAY then this appear always -__- why ?
    Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

  • Link Start

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! The second to last episode was werid he was licking her

  • anon

    fucking rick astley

  • inuyasha18


  • inuyasha18

    kidding i do like asuna though.

  • klein

    why if i click official site or play game its opening youtube and playing old song 🙁

  • Leafer Jack

    I just want to play the game not listening the music

  • Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath

    Been RickRolled… –‘

  • phenoix

    does this game work yet

  • kerby

    ganda talaga ng sowrd art

  • korra


  • korra

    I LOVE KITTYTOE!!!!!!!!

  • soulbladeryu

    good luck and more power to you.the only draw backs are six things (sorry have family in medical aeras) the first problem is due to the fact that proteteic that no feeling. once you are able to bridge that you will have the power and money to hold all dreams. though medical tech is about 15 years away from it due to the funding but A.I has been limited to the stand alone complex.

  • hadia

    there are actual things similar to this that they use on war vets and stuff so theoreticly if those went into mass production and you got sao to go along with it you could make this happen within the next few years.

  • caleb5635


  • caleb5635

    hope it comes true befor i get grown

  • caleb5635


  • christopher

    why dont they make real nerv gear but wear it doesnt kill if you die

  • Kirito-Kun

    Nerves Gear and Sword art online are very close !!! Even if you die in real life I don’t care Ill play it !! xD

  • Black Swordman

    guys take a look at this this is already been invented http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20130328-news-2050-digital-eye-unveiled

  • Mr. Puffy Poopins

    No SAO in Malaysia?? I want to play it!!

  • Mr. Puffy Poopins

    Did SAO already in Malaysia?? I want to play it so badly!!

  • Kirito


  • Kirito

    damn kayaba

  • Kirito

    He was ryte 2 SCUICIDE in the ANIME

  • Kirito

    IF IT BECOMES THAT THERE IS NO LOGOUT OPTION THEN FEAR NOT DEAR ASUNA I WILL BEAT THAT GAME EVEN IF IT TAKES MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lori Konosuna >.<

    Yay! This is gonna be so FUN!

  • Kirito Halo Sis

    Go Kirito! I love it! I love warrior games and its weird cuz i am a girl $)

  • Mambo latiff

    lets make a group in facebook
    such as SAO project club
    Give me the link if the group have been made

    who know link to download PSP game SAO infinite moment and english patch
    I just want the easy download
    cause i use IDM

  • The Black Swordsman

    I would donate money for this, as long as I get to beta test it.

  • Nightngail

    Dose anyone know when they will release the beta for this?

  • Daniel McLean

    That was evil. Very very very evil…
    If only these people understood how much we actually want an SAO (that you can log out of)

  • brian

    ive played SAO

  • brian

    it was aosome

  • brian

    it was the beta ive played

  • Swag

    you should be able to die it makes it most interesting

  • MonkeyD.Kazuto

    How to Play This Game

  • gothictoxic13

    why does it bring me to a youtube song when i click play now?

  • Yui

    I am hoping that you would make VRMMORPG possible 🙂

  • Ichiro Sato

    very good idea for an rpg game i hope this kicks off as one of the future MMORPG

  • Yuuki Asuna

    If, and only if, this game does success in reality, please contact me at lneiculescu@gmail.com. I would absolutely LOVE to be a beta tester.

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  • callako

    you got me good with that rick roll XD

  • Kirito

    want to play SAO

  • Reigne04

    its not true

  • Temari2

    Have the MMO come out? Because when I click om play game I came on Youtube…

  • blazeburnner

    dude best idea ever I wish there was a game like sao and log horizon

  • Karen

    Lmao!! Everyone’s name is either Kirito or Asuna.. hehe mines Karen nice to meet ya

  • ishigawa

    how do i play the gaame?

  • jasonDcos

    I want to play but I can t how can I go to the game

  • kirito

    take down the stupid link that takes you to a you tube video

  • samhamspam

    i got rick-rolled…

  • Asuna Yuki

    I hope they make a version USING the nerve gear! That would be AWESOME!! 😀

  • pfleidz

    hehe sorry to interupt but i wonder who made this website you’re a genius even though the game doesn’t work no offense! you gathered everybody and start
    exchanging ideas!!!

  • pfleidz

    actually ideas are good but without the funds still it cannot be tested.

  • pfleidz

    there’s another problem guys if you’re working on a prototype there’s gotta be a volunteer!!!

  • Natsu Dragneel

    why ican’t download it?

  • tai

    kontol memek gimana ngunduhnya bego dasar cacad gk ada otak lu tai babi monyet

  • tai

    cacat permainan gk ada mutunya anjing babi muka lu udah kayak bool sapi,tai lu dasar daki onta,gk bisa di unduh tod ngentod anjing lu babi

  • tai


  • tai


  • tai

    (___)(___)========================D—— <<<<<<<<<<< Gambar apa ini ?

  • me

    I click sword art online and were does it lead me ,Rick Astley never gonna give you up ! Were is the true game:(

  • Agil

    I absolutely love the idea that you can actually have a real life! I mean I would so devastated when Kirito beat the game

  • Klein Is Friggin Hot

    I want them to make an Alfheim Online game 😀

  • bigfan1

    i love this show so much when i miss a show it drives me insane!!!

  • Asuna_

    hehehe then hurry up makin it xD

  • JustWow

    I just did both and Fake..

  • CostasDJas

    I cannot play the game when I clik on ”play” I go to youtube. WHY????????????

    • TJChan01

      Its a joke from April Fools day

  • Asuna01

    They should make this game compatible with the Oculus Rift. That would be cool.. (: But if someone does make the NerveGear then I would rather use it, as long as it didn’t hurt me 😛

  • Kugrey Mon


  • porterninja

    me and a couple of my friend are trying to making it

  • Shadoweye

    NO JOKE FOLKS, if you need me to test, throw ideas off of, or just fan, i will be there, if someone makes this game real i would cry from the amount of happiness it would bring me. if you need me you can reach me at shadoweye52@gmail.com

  • Josh

    Wait is not actually a game because it redirects me to a song on Youtube?

  • kirito1

    can you get the game enway b cuz i want to play 🙁 !

  • Sisi

    FU I just got rickrolled D:

  • winmart

    how can i play this game??

  • PablitoVela

    Not being able to logout and the possibility of actually dying are what made SAO real. It was thanks to these factors that the game was what it was and in all honesty I would still play it.

  • Wolfgang

    ikr this is the shits I thought bleach was the shit for the longest but sao came out and im soooo addicted to it haven’t missed 1 ep yet -_-

  • Kotpluffy


  • Robert Austin Gray DeLeon

    if you click the sword art online official site link you’ll know that this is all just a joke

  • Anarchy

    I’m wondering why they don’t just set up SAO on a computer already where people use the keyboard and mouse then later on put in the nerve gear when they’re finished main it.

  • Anarchy

    Main it was supposed to be making it

  • GoogleMon

    Looks good but why try make it like the anime series not everyone wants to be Kirito, so i assume might be some. But personally i would prefer to make my own character in the world of Sword Art Online



  • Kirito

    I hope I can play SAO in my last days, when I will become old

  • SAO_fan14245

    the links are lies shrouded in hope 🙁

  • Fecchan

    Help? when I click the official site or play now it doesn’t work.. it keeps on playing some weird videos from youtube..

  • Weltysaucer

    I don’t like this sight. They brought my hopes up and smashed them back down!

  • RAGEgage94

    Do you have a rough guess of when you think you can get in going? I would really like to know because I love to watch sword art and its been my dream for a long time to make it real. But, I am only 14 and can’t at my age. If you could email me how you could make that real that would be really cool. I would do anything to help you out. Let me know if you get this at garrettdostall@rocketmail.com

  • SAO Fan

    First off, one word Copyright or Trademarked, you guys cant make an SAO game without the expressed permission of the owner

  • kirito


  • jx.thedarkone

    This would be an extremely difficult concept if you were to try and do it the way it is in the anime, but I wouldn’t say its impossible. One reason I loved the anime was because it had some element of realism. Although it would be a lot easier to design it as a basic concel game for PC, Xbox, or PS4. As a concel game, it actually be a simple design, but I would love to see it executed as a VRMMORPG even more.

  • AquaLotus

    I just got rick-rolled… XD

  • jap

    heeheh yes >_< heppy goodddddd

  • Bartikus321

    Lol theres a Ester Egg … under platform it says this PC, Nervegear, PsP 😀

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    i cant play every time i click play now some dude starts singing

  • FrozenLight

    so when will this game be released?

  • dre

    i cant wait till they start selling nerve gear

  • Kirito6913

    This is my favorite ever 🙂

  • Kirito6913

    Can someone send me the link to play sao pls

  • Lloyd Flynn

    i can’t figure out how to make a character

  • harrison ford

    ;.; y u troll so hard…;.;

  • Derp

    That is for psp by the way

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    Oooooooo I love SAO Im gona give it a try!
    “congrats you’ve just been rick rolled!”

  • TheNameOfNames

    Aura Kingdom is like sword art online its in beta and founders beta

  • Kurumi Tokisaki


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    TROLLED! -_____- PLEASE MAKE THIS GAME!!! just make it with an exit button tho…

  • Josh Brett

    i can’t play it takes me to this lame video

  • Jane Duliguez

    Can you really play this game Cuz It redirect to youtube When I clicked the official site ..

  • Kito Yui

    how to play this ?


    Ahem, not a good troll… Wasn’t really funny.

  • kirito108

    wait is this really gonna happen! if it is im gonna buy it!!! i love this anime and being able to play the game would be soooo cool!.

  • Syon

    Actually this is an april’s fool… but did you guys read the features? Some stuff in there could be possible to realize and would be actually pretty darn cool in my opinion. Some big company should actually try to buy the rights for this, they’d make a shitton of money if done right. (I can already see the thousands of microtransactions just to get kirito’s suit… and that is just one item they can implement in a cash shop =P)

  • Hidake Kaito

    Can someone tell me how to play the game?
    It redirects to youtube

  • suuuguuhaaa

    ….really…what was the point of this? the button just took me to some crappy youtube video… -.-

  • krito

    click on officiaal site for more info on the game

  • KernelPad

    REAL SWORD ART ONLINE MMORPG HERE! http://www.saoproject.org

  • Nilphinity

    ugh seriously any here ever heard of TED? Im pertty sure others already have this idea in progress. It would be a waste here

  • Amanda Stauffer

    when i try to play takes me to youtube how do i play??

  • Martin Mesidor

    To all the fools saying you’d need to be in a paralysis state is wrong you could be just asleep and have the nerve gear actually interfere with the brain signals thus stopping movement while in game and it should read the signal like lets say you brain send a signal to the nerves in your arm to move the nerve gear will get it signal before those nerves and move the signal to the game so you move in there.Now this could work with adding chips in your spine and it really depends how fast the nerve gear is to catch those brain signals and transfer them in the game so in the next ten years it would be possible. Reply to me if you think other wise

  • Kuira Honshu

    Hi everyone i love the show i cant wait for the game to be in the us . I love it

  • Kuira Honshu

    I hope the head gear comes true… it would be awesome to actually be in a virtual world

  • dangerousdays

    can we not. this anime made me cry… a lot… im still not over sachi….

  • dalifregoso

    why we cant play the game

  • Killer191083690

    dam this link I hate it so much

  • Kirito_kun

    when u click play now at the top of the page u just got trolled that stupid song -_-

  • Kirito_kun

    how do u actually play

  • Taka

    Actually,that Kayaba not an idiot..he ady tell what happen to him on that time…so,what he do now to bring new NMORPG the new one wiht kirito help.. 😉

  • Feri

    Well go get fucked by rick

  • ♠That_one_Person♠

    Why when I click the “Play now” link it takes me to a youtube page with some guy singing a song called “Never gonna give you up?”

  • Nakui Angel

    I honestly thought Kayaba had an amazing idea, although he sorta forced it on people. Games like that should have a hardcore setting that you can activate but never take off that makes it so that if you die you die in real life and you can’t log off unless you’re at full health. XD

  • Rafvek

    porem devia ter a opção de linguague para poder ter portugues porem nao ser permitido hackers pq se nao perde a graça pra quando sera o lançamento ??

    • Mr. Apex

      English please

  • Rafvek

    se o jogo sair desse jeito q apresenta vai fazer muito sucesso e muitos otakus irar joga-lo

  • Rafvek

    e os ser totalmente com os movimento do jeito que nois quizermos sairia melhor

  • someguy

    these guys ARE actually making the game right?
    if they are, i hope they make a system like the one in the anime because i dont really gat how you’re supposed to play with the oculus rift. look at the video if u dont know what i mean

  • someguy

    this also better come in english

  • pros

    If you do that bro you will be the coolest person alive that’s my dream pleas make it come true

  • wow thats sad

    this is fake no real game 🙁

  • Pluue

    I am reading all of these awesome comments about the technology needed and only just noticed after reading for like 3 mins that Rick Astley is still playing in the background -_-

  • hi dere

    so the game isnt out yet?



  • ffafaf

    how to download this games?

  • Uchi

    How can I play SAO??
    every time i click play now, it redirect to youtube..

  • Elucidator




  • Speaker of Truth


  • kirito123

    i fucking hate this website i go exited thinking i could play a sword art game and that never gonna give u up comes on

    • nova135

      aye sir

  • dcccastro

    why am i being redirected to a youtube video?

  • anime888

    when will it be made god dam it

  • anime888

    it would be an honor to beta test it

    • nova135

      aye sir

  • dyith

    it takes me to youtude when i try to play

    • Akira373

      When it originally posted, it was an April Fools Day thing. But the game does exist…as a PSP game in JAPAN. There is still no word on it going overseas

      • Astin

        There is also an official unofficial project at age-of-aincrad.com/forum/

        Well, they plan to buy the license and make it official, but first they need to have a demo for the proposal.

  • eric

    actually nobody died for real..

  • Rafael Vega

    Cant wait to play this game id help out however I can .I would love to beta test it. Email me rafaelvega1992@gmail.com

  • fireork12

    Here’s the comment I posted on youtube

    got this after clicking on a SAO game link which is my favorite thing in the world so..
    3… 2… 1….

    • fireork12

      The 3 2 1 thing was supposed to be spead out a little more

  • shadow dragon

    godamn it all you whining about if you create sword art irl dont take out the die if you die thing cause thats what gave people drive and made it iteresting if you so set on no death make it so the helmet will put you into a coma till the games beats if you die

  • kirito09

    hello guys how to play sword art online

  • black swordsman

    how can you play this game?

  • Asunas

    The NerveGear is a helmet with a smooth, deep blue color. At the back, it has a wire of the same color stretched out of a long pad. It also has a battery and internal memory to store data from the games, which is how Kirito stored Yui in it. 30% of the NerveGear’s weight is from its internal battery. The NerveGear’s high density microwave transceivers can determine what the user’s face looks like. The transceivers not only block every transmission from the brain to the body, but also from the body to the brain; while using it, the player is completely insensate to the physical world. Unknown to anyone except for Kayaba prior to the opening of Sword Art Online, the NerveGear’s transceivers possess enough power to fry the player’s brain with a burst of microwaves, using the power from its internal battery, and SAO’s operating system has been programmed to do so if the player’s hit points are reduced to zero.

  • Asunas

    Logically, It would be possible to create the nerve gear if you had the right materials (and the brain) but there are just a few problems to overcome…

  • Shadowking58

    Jokes on you I love that song

  • Blade

    I clicked PLAY NOW I cant believe I feel for tat

  • izaykiller

    ok kirito halo if u do make this mmorpg I think it would be cool if a game company or the government made the same tech called nevgear it would be a whole lot better the playing on a computer server so if u do ever do that I will support u all the way man

  • Erixen

    These are just screens of the psp game -.-

  • Captain Obvious

    I think we were rick rolled.

  • zulaikha erma

    i want join this game.. but i don’t know how to download? can u help me?

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    when will this game be made i stole my sister computer

    to play this game!!!!!!!!!!! and i will NOT rest until i play this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest


  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    Can somebody comment back??? Please! I’m dying to talk to those people that are actually starting a project to produce such technology. I’d like to ask questions.

  • Jay

    I LOVE THIS ANIME SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kirito1343

    can someone teach me how o play this game pls!!!!!!

  • pakeke

    how to download Sao online games ??

  • Ayrton Obrohta

    i wonder what the oculus rift will be able to work on…i think they said everything but im not enirely sure…

  • Anonymous Sao fan


  • tade

    my god when is it gonna come out >.>

  • orang gila sedunia

    tai sapi kirito

  • Anonymous246

    Not really anticipating its released even though I’m a SAO fan. Just saw the teaser trailer and kinda lost all the hype I had.

  • Enderboy

    not fucking cool you don’t take a game from an awsome anime and change it to you tube when i found this i was so goddamn happy that i could play the game from the anime and it brought me to a youtube link i was pissed not cool at all if this is some kind of joke im not laughing

  • Tyrese Ampora Austin

    Can someone please tell me wwhen this game comes out please. I wwant to know if it is still avvaible at gamestop.

    • Mr. Apex

      ok Eridan

  • Tyrese Ampora Austin

    Also can someone tell me if its still possible to get, wwhere to get it and wwhat game systems it comes on.Thanks guys.

  • Enderboy

    i sure as hell hope somone makes this soon and not rename it some cheap copy like blades of assention BOA

  • Enderboy

    and when they do make it they better fix that link or set a seperate one

  • Enderboy

    i dont know how much longer i can wait

  • Enderboy


  • Fernando Sutanto


  • alfan

    how to play this game

    • Astin

      age-of-aincrad.com/forum/ .

  • fdgdf

    Why does it keep on putting me to some youtube song when i want to play it

  • Angel

    Please make game better im sorry to say but tales of xillia is so much better in design as well as fighting. I am a hugh fan of SOA.

  • Kirito

    I got rickrolled XD

  • Jackall

    The Game isn’t out yet i just found out that… Those links are trolls… There isn’t a official site even up yet… and SAO the game is still in production

    • Astin

      SAO the game is being made at age-of-aincrad.com/forum/

      no rick rolls there

  • XxmetalXxXmuseXx

    Omg can’t wait then but the thought of being traped in a game like Sao would be amazing you would really be yourself since the thing what’s his face did when he told the players to look at the mirro. In ep.1 just the not dyein part would not do but every thing else would I mean it would be freaking amazing to join a real guild!!! :3 please hav the game developed by 2017 I will be 16 by then!!!!

    • XxmetalXxXmuseXx

      Noooo I MEANT YOU CAN’T DIE!!!!!!!! Damn typo!!!

  • XxmetalXxXmuseXx

    I clicked play an I went to YouTube for some reason……-.-

  • chazthespaz78

    all these great ideas on just a troll website for an anime… if you want an IRL sao then you should go to big company’s that might accept the idea of “mind controlled gaming”

  • Yacob Shawrzt

    Roses are red, my name is dave. This make no sense, mircrowave

  • Joshua Raynor

    it can be done w’ve got the tec we just need some one to put 1+1 together but every one is afraid of a .hack/ ghost in a shell brain hack scenario.

  • Red Fire

    1 thing NPC design for a game of infinite resource files would amount to an estimated (500Kx500K M Map data + bossrooms and traps) 2000 TB of storage for just the map

  • Random Guy


  • michal34

    give me play

  • Kirito

    How do I play

  • Brittany

    I’ve dreamt of living in SAO but if they do make it real like in the show then I share the same fear of never getting to log out…even if it might be cool I’m more scared of actual death then a virtual death…

  • damniiiiiiit

    MOTHER FUCKERS. stupid trolls lol

  • prettyboydre

    how do I play the game

  • prettyboydre1

    tell me how do I play the game because it puts me in youtube

  • Nobunaga Oda

    Is this real ?

  • austinlong11

    it just takes me to youtube! where’s the game?!

  • Kirito/bestguy5

    When VR comes out: NerveGear please make an SAO MMO damnit without dying and a log out button

  • Edward

    Damn this other people they are not telling us how to play it soo they trying to hide it and the other’s can’t play the game!

  • Hasoku

    Yeah i hope they do actually finish making it if they dont then it would be a waste of my time getting excited…

  • Hasoku

    Oh and kirito halo, your the sorta guy i like xD always dreaming awesome stuff for the future actually setting a goal and something big i like that.

  • Arifiel

    a game where you can die is to easy

  • king anon

    thank you

  • Derp,Rickroll much?

    This is a Rickroll..

  • Derp,Rickroll much?

    If you hit “Play now” It opens up Rick Astley:Never gonna give you up.

  • Derp,Rickroll much?


  • Derp,Rickroll much?

    As a matter of fact.
    If you hit “Main site” You will also be taken to The rick astley Song.

  • Derp,Rickroll much?

    So..Where is my Massive dislike button?

  • Blue_LightingX

    *sigh* if only that was possible…:(

  • lol_03


  • AniRave

    If everyone wants to settle for a simpler design. I know a way to create a working system right off the bat. It’s just that its a more active system and people will be disappointed that you cant just put the helmet on and lay down to play… Its not my original design but it’s a current tech possible design. Anyone out here remember when we were kids and Walmart started selling virtual reality games where you fought ninjas and such. Very similar. You have the helmet, air pads, a system similar to AromaRama, a flat top-rounded bottom treadmill base, and obviously the position sensors (like what the wii and such have). I mean its not high tech fancy but it would bring some of the scare factor back in Resident Evil.

  • myster

    i just saw the last episode in season 1 and it was sad

  • myster

    thank you

  • Ginja

    Why is it that the website sends you to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up?

  • WonderlandNice

    Where is the game, RICK & ROLL ?!?!?!

  • kiritos blade

    this game does not exist it just sends you to a youtube video don’t click it

  • kiritos blade

    AND THIS LITTLE PRANK IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!

  • sao fan

    why woud you make this joke 🙁

  • sao fan

    I really wanted to play this game

  • anonim

    never gonna give you up
    never gonna let you down
    never gonna…

  • andriy

    when is this game going to caome out?

  • :(

    Dont you dare rick roll us about an anime again….

  • Otacon

    Then do me a favor and make it compatable with the oculus rift, you hear me Kirito Halo?

  • newbie T.T

    Hello. I’m new here.Any one can help me ?? T.T *i didn’t know how to start


    i will try 2 make the system 4 sao later in life I LOVE SAO! IT RULES!

  • just anouther sword art fan.

    Can you confirm that possibility? because I’m convinced…sadly 🙁 …that all anyone who makes the game (sword art online) will be able to do is.. just put it on a console and make it a 3rd person or first person….but not the real thing if you know what I`m saying? Virtual reality is definitely not impossible to reach but it will take beyond years to achieve. the entire body’s systems being intercepted and incorporated in a game? It would crash before even being started up. Not to mention the possibility of hurting some ones brain in real life where there isn’t another chance. Well I should say maybe since this is just a thought. Either way don’t think of what I just said as a negative comment. Don’t think about it as a put down either. Think of it as a chance to prove me wrong whom ever is actually trying to create such an amassing possibility of living. Well playing in a virtual world. I wish who ever is trying to make something similar to the nerve gear tons of luck and look forward to the day when virtual reality gaming will exist! all this from a 14 year old…who knew right? jk 😛

  • AniRave

    Hope everyone has fun! =^-^= http://www.virtuix.com/

  • zzoIKENIozz

    Nice movie. A game for psp is good, but a game in a pc is much better. Creating a real life game like this needs time or impossible lol. I think we need many more centuries for it to work in our world lol.. But despite for the limitation to create this game pls consider to try to create.

  • Faris Choice

    hi everyone
    i want to know how to play s.a.o
    please tell me

  • Faris Choice

    one day past i see how to enter the game and i not understand the languange.

  • adit992

    can i play this game ?

  • holocheese

    just wait until the smart goggles come out some time this year if you don’t know what they are look it up…..pretty amazing

  • frank

    how can i play the game.. its always directing to youtube

  • Andrew Mutz

    I kinda expected some one to cash in on the soa fan market.. I mean as nuts as it is, I think I would pay for a game like this… as nuts as it it is I would even be ok with the perma death.. hope to see something more .. after .hack log horison and all the other similar game based anime it’s always a shame that there was never any cross over of games like ffxi and games second life.. oh well 😀 some one should come out with a SAO Second life “zone” for true hard core fans… ‘-.-‘

  • Chee Vue

    isnt this just from the ps vita sword art online in which i find .hack games still far more superior.

  • Guest

    There is a game, but for those who are really cheap you have to wait but you can buy Sword art Online: infinity moment Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment | Buy Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment (Japan Version) for Sony PSP (PSP) here, hope you enjoy

  • Mistodee

    I will take this fast, this site is a troll, there are a new SAO but it’s under beta-testing and there is Sword art Online: Infinity moment with is a continued play up to level 100 and not 75 a in the series, so don’t leave new comments so this bluff can be avoided

  • John Lauren Salcedo

    how can i download dis game

  • Wesley Benenot Costa


  • Dark Assasin


  • Dark Assasin


  • JegoLego

    AHHH! i got Rick Rolled!! *sigh* so much for that haha

  • Evan_Nogle

    -Evan Nogle

  • Brenden


  • BeibyZ

    gimana cara download nya nih ?

  • Seth Wise

    plz hurry

  • Gaz

    The video is from an aprill fools joke on youtube. The only up coming release for SOA is for the Vita and the only release i’ve found isn’t an MMO either. The official website link takes you to a crap youtube song lol

  • sablah

    how long until u make it mr. halo. i have waited too long…..

  • Random098

    I wonder if they’ll let you create your own character to play alongside the main characters, if not I’ll be happy just playing the game.

  • Stoerm

    I was rickrolled. HOW DARE YOU DASH MY HOPES!

  • Nicholas Skala

    its aeria, therefore its ruined. not worth playing.

  • Vladimir Petrov

    how to play it

  • Tertrussel

    can we actually play it right now on computers

  • Amos

    Are you have patch english for SAO IM psp?

  • johnfrey

    aw, so it means this game is for only in PSP and vita ? and it is not allowed in PC ? tsk !

  • Space Ghost

    Aeria only publishes games they are NOT a game developer. So yes this is a very bad April Fools joke. They already have a SAO game for PS Vita though other platforms are probable, but you need to speak Japanese.

  • Halo kirito

    Wtf does rick astley got to do with SAO

  • johnfrey

    I want SAO for PC please!

  • johnfrey


  • johnfrey


  • johnfrey


  • johnfrey


  • johnfrey


  • Flameangel

    why is that when i go to press play it ironically sends me to youtube to a song
    Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
    Im starting to get really mad i love this show so it is very disapointing that it keeps teasing me like this



  • tang qin yi

    I like this game ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >-<

  • fadi almakroudi

    how can you play

  • fadi almakroudi

    i need to know

  • kai


  • Kat

    wow, is this a joke… Ricky Astley? Really.

  • boyboy13

    WTF?????? when u press play, it just pop out some youtube video!!!!! pls fix!!!!

  • Kirito

    I will clear the stages

  • Kirito


  • Kirito

    cant you wait for the new one to come out?

  • giaglia

    Look at this… they’re doing a game.

  • SlowGirl

    How to play this game?

  • Potato

    Rick Rolled ._.

  • Josh Childress

    i want play sao

  • Matthew

    this is stupid

  • Matthew

    theres no game

  • Dawn

    i cried ;-; i wanna plaay someone make this a thing i neeeeddd itttt

  • Matthew


  • Matthew

    sao is the best

  • SoulThief

    even if they make the game real, it wont be right unless you get to dive into it with the nerve gear.

  • gisellee

    how to downlaod this games? please i want to play..

  • fadi almakroudi

    when comes gun gale online i saw on this year but when i doesn’t now

  • kazuma

    give me website sword art online…..

  • CalgamingsRS or in SAO: Saji

    Hope they make it true cause im a real life double sword weilder but too bad i cant match kirito.
    Ill be the opposite instead.
    kirito is the Black swordsman
    Im the Ghost Knight

  • Akira

    This game does exist…in Japan and only in PSP and Android form. They have yet to decide on overseas development…those stingy bastards lol

  • Kirito Kiritaro

    this is sucksss game

  • Chance

    I want this game to happen more then anything!!

  • Soma Silverfang

    I want this to happen.

  • Lizzy Phantomhive

    this page is a frickin’ troll



  • sumretardedpeoplehere

    All these people saying that they are working on something, right … Especially since some of you can’t even use the right brain terms, keep on dreaming because that is all it is. Look at the octulus rift, that thing barely works, and that is as close as it gets, for now.
    Most of you sound like a couple of teenagers trying to brag, especially the dude with the MS friends. Having friends at MS means shit at this point, until the science part of all this has been figured out. For all I know they could be working at the cleaning crew, …
    Pretty sure that even if MS, or any other company for that matter, would work on something like this, they wouldn’t even post it on a forum like this. They wouldn’t want the competition to know how far they got so far.
    And seriously, trying to recruit people on a site like this? Cmon, if you were any less full of shit, you’d be using descent project sites to recruit, not some unknown game forum.

  • YuukiAsuna.

    Whenever i click Play now it takes me to a old video on Youtube :C

  • willow

    This entire page has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen on the internet so far.
    And that’s saying a lot :l
    To those of you who are apparently thick enough to believe that this is an actual game, its not. The person who typed all this is a troll, who likes to get attention by bringing people’s hopes up and then crushing them. That’s pretty sad. I hope you learned that some people are just… stupid, I guess, and this has really put an emphasis on that for me. So, in conclusion, this is the best example of how not to be. ^^
    I hope you all have a better experience on the internet and don’t act like this doofus. ~

  • LALA

    why do i keep going to youtube whenever i click play?

  • kiritokazuto4lyfe

    when i click play now, everything was different. it sent me to rick roll ‘never gonna five you up’ WTF MAN!!

  • Xx kirito xX


  • Ozy Izzudin


  • Asuna-san

    DF the official site is a video of someone sing wdf is that

  • ReaperMaster

    How To Start This Awesome Game?

  • Carter Collier

    We probably all love your offer but by the time that tech comes out I’ll probably be 22 based on the anime and plz ignore the puppy in my profile pic thats my dog

  • Jason Longoria


  • Demon

    i clicked play and it was rick roll but screw them i love the rick roll song

  • Asura

    who can tell me where can download sao for pc?

  • Kirigaya

    You rick rolled me D: I TRUSTED YOU SOA!

  • akatsukiclan

    every time i try to play it brings me to the never gonna give you up youtube video

  • sao player kirito


  • Bargo1399

    Try clicking the play now button…it’s a rick roll video. There are games out there for the psp, however they aren’t really all too great. But this is fake, and it is truely a shame

  • just info

    can u have a gay romance on the game?

  • Psyphr

    Honestly I think if there going to do this then make it just like the anime, where you can do as you please with out the main characters in the anime. Basically what i mean is do it where you make your own avatar and play the game at your own discretion!

  • Kayaba Akihiko

    I am already creating it.

  • Abdel-Aziz U Phoenix

    when the releasing of game????

  • MRwhitefluff


  • Kirito Hafiz


  • Kirito Elto

    im mad at you mmohunts everybody does

  • Kairu

    Hey guys, there is a possible way you lot can play a SAO. There is a team 30+ developers who have been working on a SAO mmo for about a year now here is the link to their Facebook fan page give it a like and support them because their dream is our dream! I’ll also link their youtube account they have a couple live streams on there that you can watch and forward your views onto it. They do listen to us and want to make it exactly to our standards its going to have almost everything that the anime has! It’s an amazing project and its worth backing up please show your support and stick with them until the end! I promise it’ll be worth it! 😀

    Facebook Fan Page:


    YouTube Channel:


  • kirigaya kazuto

    there is one game in smart phone it is sao online it can make your phone a aincrad

  • onyx_dragon_99

    how to play?

  • animeskills1

    HUGE fan, need to play

  • Yuri-Kun


  • max

    so what is this game about I am watching the show right now but I do not under stand it

  • max

    and were is the ply button so I can ply it?

  • eraser808

    how can i dowloade the game

  • Bu775

    Rick Roll’d

  • sam

    ive started working on a game like it already

  • Spideroh Gaming

    NOOOOOO i was rick rolled 🙁 stuipid fake i wish this was real!

  • wereout

    Never gonna give you up…

  • nikosnabr

    when this game will come to greece??? i saw all the episodes and it is awsome

  • Kasuto Kitigaya

    THANK YOU!!!! I want this to be true, DO IT BRO!!!

  • razz

    guy’s no offence or fence 😛 this is a troll okay first you it brings you to a youtube video wich I seen to be a troll.

  • mickeyObey

    ah, so funyy.

  • Genisis177

    Someone invent nerve gear.

  • Lyra

    the link dont work

  • mephesto

    The best part of this is due to new technology nerv gear may soon be possible via direct nerv manipulation

  • MU bAaja


    • MU bAaja

      lol i ran out of names
      and smashed buttons

  • Marne Gimena

    how to play this game??????
    pls. help me

  • hi hi


  • riy

    this is —-!!!! it runs into youtube!!!!

  • Faizul Azhar


  • IttyBittyKitty

    We meet again Rick Astley. Good thing I love this song :3

  • spiderman

    where do you download the game at?

  • Krystal23

    i just got rick rolled

  • Jarrod

    thisis my most favourite tv show hopdully soon they make the game like god it would be awsome

  • kiritosama

    Fear not SAO fans for a new tech is comming out soon! in 2016 a virtual reality system is comming into the world!!!

  • max

    so kirito halo will u be able to be kerto and asuna? huh I am waiting for a answer?

  • heathcliph

    that’s true it will com true

  • abisael


  • abisael

    ( i am so sad now

  • Shadow

    The people that make these april fool jokes need to look up how popular the subject is. You never know if someone that has been searching for months to find a SAO game.

  • zapper of doom

    I cick Play and it went to a youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

  • Erin

    The game is only in beta testing in America right now… don’t try to play it, you’ll get RickRolled…

  • Mike Althouse

    is this game even out yet? i play games on aeria games & its not on there game lists.

  • Malthe Schnack

    i want to play this game even if i die

  • Dziwisz

    is it really a MMO game? like other games such as FLYFF, TANTRA etc.???

  • Dziwisz

    is it really a MMORPG? like other games such as FLYFF, TANTRA etc.???

  • kirito the black swordsman

    this is a scam i want to play it but it brings me to this stupid rick astley video.

  • kirigaya kazuto

    isnt that the psp trailer


    HOW TO PLAY !!!

  • Ash Ketchum

    don’t press play now you’ll get rick roll’d

    • Jo Lea

      lol I just got rick rolled XD

  • Jo Lea

    Every time I click on the play now button or the sao official website it opens a new tab into a video of Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up” song XD o-O

  • Kitito

    will there be VR helmets

  • disqus_IIM09Euy1j

    Wtf RICK ASsHOLE!!!

  • disqus_IIM09Euy1j

    let us play the game

  • Zukro

    Dude why cant i play the game??????

  • Zukro


  • Star

    is this even playable?

  • derp

    got rick roll’d

  • KiMiZuo

    how to play this if i play youtube is on not SAO

  • Zacque Emmanuel P. Bustamante

    gwapo ko

  • Gyndil

    Sad that OnRPG would pull a stunt like this considering their supposively reliable information….A sad day when they toy with the people who make practically pay them then they turn around saying something most rpgers are waiting for since the anime came out. Then peckersmack them when they try to get information on it. I wont be using OnRPG.com ever again lol way to ruin what people are really looking for and what you can not reproduce you half-assed website.

  • Your hero

    I would love to beta so sign me up for it

  • Yui Uzumaki

    Shit why I can’t play this? Nani bakka -.-

  • Alicat94

    Really want to play, but it won;t allow me on my Laptop. Is there or will there be a version for pc’s?

  • Pabolo

    Rickrolled again

  • anthony

    i want to play the game so bad when is it going to be release !!

  • nikku

    how do you play?

  • Captain_Yesterday

    Well played sir…well played

  • Kirito

    Sword Art Online!!!!!! We Don’t Need The Game First We Need The VR Tech First, Work to Develop THAT!!!!!

  • shadowboy311@roblox.com


  • Ryan

    what the crap! Why is it bringing me to a song from some old dude?

  • asuna94

    ohh cmon I NEED TO PLAY IT….. ITS TO MUCH ahhhhh?!!!1

  • asuna94

    do anyone ? nows graal?

  • asuna94

    im a otaku lover and anime lover i like this sao im a fan of it i like asuna and kirito

  • asuna94

    by the way how to ply tis game?

  • tintinjones

    yes but i think u should make it s you can die because one you can live it like asuna and kirtito and two it will give it that edgy danger

  • Hinata Hyuuga

    Omaeee?! Nani kudo gomi -.- WHY DID YOU MADE A PAGE WITH THIS GAME IF WE CAN’T PLAY IT BAKKA?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asuna Meep


  • Asuna Meep

    then I tried going to the website….. -.- FUUUUUUUUUUUU x2

  • Nick

    If this game is made, I will be forever happy and distracted. Ill even test this thing for them. Please somebody make it. And try to make it where you dont pay monthly like WOW, cause thats what holds MMO’s back nowadays.

  • Hisoka sword

    I wanted to ply the game ;(

  • 結城明日i Asuna

    I will make the game and the nerf gear there will be a log out button but soon they will not be there

  • 結城明日i Asuna

    just kidding im a nice person but I am a girl im japan and English

    • Mgolden38

      ok,ok,ok,ill stop raging if I can meet u on Minecraft.

  • kirrito

    this is stupid i just keep getting sent to rick atesly never gonna give you up

  • kirrito

    actuly i wanna be like kyaba

  • noz

    anime sucked and game would suck too

  • Mary

    why is the SAO is not available on android? fone beta only T___T

  • DeathBelow

    Should this work with oculus Rift? the like vision stuff we got ingame. or is it just gonna be like how we watched the show?

    • I think it should be playable on the Rift:)

      And aside from that, I hope its the US that’ll be producing this.
      I hate waiting for US servers to be made for mmos. . . .it always takes sooooo long @n@

  • Otakuperson


  • Mgolden38

    I don’t think we can play SAO.Because whenever I click “play now” it’s brings me to see youtube video!>:( very disappointed!

  • Mgolden38


  • Mgolden38

    “You have failed me for the last time,admiral.” -Darth Vader

  • Mgolden38


  • Core

    When will sao become real? i need it more than you ccould ever know.

  • Core

    In all honesty i dont think its just a game so even if we would die irl i would still play cause it would only make it that much more real plus i know i wouldnt die

  • Sean Heyward

    I don’t want the SAO game to be another 3rd person view game “based off of the story” I want it to be an accual RPG first person semi-free play game. Where you can design and meet your own characters, not the story’s characters. Where your character can beat the 100 levels your own way, the accual SAO game, not one based off the storyline.

  • Mgolden38


  • kirito

    i want to make the game !

  • Sao

    The official site is a bunch of crap.the world needs this game

  • lolololol

    Alright well I NEED this game to come out or I will go crazy.

  • Kirito

    can’t you play the game on your laptop or computer? If so, how.

  • Symon

    YOU GOT RICK ROLLED ! XD God damn ! ^^

  • Mgolden38

    I hope so,or else you will suffer the consequences of not keeping your word.

  • Mgolden38

    Why must we be “Rick Rolled”??

  • Mgolden38

    akahito I went to SAO Official Website and there is no button that says “PLAY NOW”

  • jamesball

    yeah man you should make the game for America and keep the price in the 100 dollars range

  • duelweildwizard

    this is fake

  • lisa

    rick rolled… thanks

  • Guy faux

    Kickass.to has the game and some soundtracts

  • agil klein

    I am so mad i have been trolled here ohhhh I want to kill someone

  • agil klein

    but then i would be a red player

  • kirito sao

    is this game?

  • Asuna

    So can we play it or they’re just making plans to do it and it’s not out yet

  • Kayaba Akihiko

    My company is designing the NerveGearm set to release on april 22, 2019. SAO is the first game i’ll make, with the castle Aincrad in the sky.

    • Mgolden38

      Thank you so much,so when I’m 17 ill be able to play it?if not I will rage so hard I will brake the earth in half.

      • Mgolden38

        Also,if it takes you more than 5 years to make SAO a reality,I will rage so hard I will break 9.9 BILLION keyboards over my knee

  • Kirito SAO

    i wish the would make more seasons

  • Sierra Hamlin

    WHY. Why did you have to Rick-Roll me ;^; Luckily I like the song xD

  • Harrison Theodor Johnson

    Ha, little did you know, I actually like rick astley

  • SAO Stratos


  • minus

    kayaba had a reason for doing it

  • Eric.P

    a game without magic, bold! 😛

  • Eroda

    Its only when you dream, you push your limits. Someone send me a message, when you make the game!! 🙂 (nice trollsite btw.xD)

  • Sword ART oNLine

    guyz can you help me how to play the game

  • Addrick

    Funny moment after you click on [PLAY] button and [OFFICIAL SITE] yeah, got rolled…

  • K. Phantomhive


  • Vreik

    Mm .. need help to thisgame ! i want to play this

  • eve

    if its gonna happen hurry up and do it dont wast time online

  • hello where is link to download sao online game…….do you now ????

    • Mgolden38

      Please make SAO a real game pls pls pls pls plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz,AND IF YOU EVEN THINK OF TROLLING US AGIAN,(Creators,olny this is pointed at the creators)I SWEAR I WILL GET EVERY SINGLE SAO FAN TO STAND UP AGAINST YOU CREATORS.

  • memek


  • alex

    LOL rick rolled assholes -_-

  • TheRagingOtaku Kasumaru

    This SERIOUSLY needs to be a game. I want a game where there is a focus and a goal for the game, where the focus of abilities and skills completely depend on the sword. I dont think there hs been any games like that so far…but if there are please let me know 🙂

  • vriek

    how to dload this game ? help me ! i want to play this game !

  • kitkat

    Whenever I click “go to official site” I get sent to some music video on youtube…??

  • Nebtix

    Why isn’t there a download button (T^T)

  • dickenslicker29864857

    This is dick licking madness. you can lick some buttholes until u make the game b$%^&



    I’m so upsetti.
    brb need spaghetti.


    i got rickrolled……wow….

  • Kyousuke

    Its SAO ! Mendokuse-na .. I wonder if this game exist for real .. sure fun ! NerveGear too !

  • SAO Linn

    They have to come whit a game like this… IM FUCKING WAITING!

  • Mgolden38

    It is a PRANK.Very,very,very, very,very,very, not funny.

  • Mgolden38

    I am very,very,very disappointed.now my dreams are crushed.

  • Mgolden38


  • Mgolden38

    I’m waiting for the game*foot tapping on floor*

  • Taylor Conley

    go to hell you fake ass pieces of shit this is a fucking BULLSHIT joke

  • gaurjolt

    i love sao i really want it to be a reality….please don’t let me down i look up to you so make everyone proud.

  • Kazuto is Kirito

    When do they make season 2 of SAO and Elfheim online because I heard it was something like gun something but I also heard he is going to be a girl but im not to sure so tell me when ok guys

  • Kapiroko shita

    why play? i would rather watch 100 seasons istead of plaiying it 😀

  • iraku

    *clicks play button gets rick rolled* FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • why did it have to be a rick roll

  • lols what?

    lols so rick rolled? really? haha

  • Bdc09

    from were i can downloAD it?

  • Kirito530

    lol that’ll be the day

  • shejan

    if i click ‘ play now’ then a video of you tube starts playing……can anybody help ???

  • SwiftCrit

    gad dammers

  • dagnir777

    we need an exact replica of the anime and instead of vr we could just use keyboards and oculas rifts until they really make some vr gear

  • makenzey

    will we play the game

  • Kinda’s

    this game is so nope laa

  • im so confused

    for some odd reason everytime i try to go to the site it takes me to youtube.. -_-

  • meirin.chan

    is Nervegear is really in reality?

  • ejen001

    zzz is tis a game??? y i click play now, its bring me go to youtube?????

  • mom

    where the real game

  • satan

    the reason you’re taken to youtube: YOU’VE ALL BEEN RICKROLLED

  • Cobra

    For now, if you wanna play… check out age of aincrad or Blades of Ascension. Both are still pre-alpha but its kinda cool to see the maps theyre makng on the servers. ^^ This isnt completely fake, same idea just that we havent gotten that far. All sao games are focusing on graphics for now.

  • Cat


  • piyawat

    kirgaya kirto

  • Slayer0318

    It was genius making the play now buttion go to a rick roll

  • Enrickey Costa

    just imagine if its exactly equal to sword art online and if you die in the game you die in real life

  • jack gomez

    im mad because so many sites say this but its not true >:L

  • Fluttershy

    This is my first time being rickrolled. It’s so mean to do that to people outside hell.

  • Fluttershy

    This rickrolling thing is so mean.

  • Fluttershy

    Rickrolling is so mean.

  • drj

    god damn it you lying bastards! You crushed me!!!!!

  • Bá Chủ Madara

    this site tricked all of you and u dont know about this game.how u can be SAO fan it is not mmo not online game it just offline game here is the game name Sword Art Online Infinity moment and here some images http://www.gamefaqs.com/psp/675323-sword-art-online-infinity-moment/images

  • Colton White


  • sadness


  • ghost

    yea but the question for me is when will nerve gear and SOA is real

  • Ayame

    How do I join the game and play it as well! When I click the official link it redirects to Youtube! I really want to join!

  • JT

    what your really need to do is to make it where the nervegear can sustain life so you can be in the games for longer amounts of time

  • kirito

    but how do u make a acount for sao

  • Kirito The Boss


  • Ashley

    I was sad that we can’t get the game 🙁

  • bluecow22

    uh god really rick rolled should have seen that one coming |_|

  • yosirugata

    its SAO Sword art online not SOA

  • Yui Kazuto

    Rick why do you have to ruin everything? -_-

  • WnGaming

    I Longly Antisipate The Relese Of This Game… And Kirito Halo.. Nice Idea.. You May Be Able To Replace The Charater Kayaba And Make a Company To Produce a Possible {Nerve Gear} System.. Then Make SOA…. You Have Quite a Dream..

  • Link

    I think that instead of actually dying in the game, the character that you created should be forever gone. So you don’t die but your character does and you can’t get them back.

  • TEO

    does anyone know how to play this game on pc i can’t find it i want to play to waste my time untill the new season come out pls tell me and make this season faster pls

  • nj

    how can i download this game in PC

  • CaptinSammy

    when will the game be coming out because i just came across this and you dont understand something… I WANT THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

  • Jordan Lamb

    I”m in school to make videos games, i will make this game if i ever get the chance.

  • MellowFlower602

    Hey Kirito Halo, nice speech you have there. :p

    • Kirito Halo




  • Person Of Best Interests

    this is real crap. this game is on the website but its not even fully created yet. i bet these people are just getting our hearts up just to find out that its just another piece of junk in your life. this game probably isn’t as good as the anime.

  • James

    is there a non-mmo version of this game or something?

  • SlyCooper

    The links are just sending me to YouTube

  • RinxShikai

    It really would be nice if some one actually created this game, and properly.. Must be compatible with the Oculous Rift headset and maybe the Pereguin(SP) gaming glove. =D That would be neeeeeeat! Though I did read something in Otaku Magazine a while back, stating that production was in the works for an American release of an SAO MMO… So… who knows?

  • LordLoss123

    Much Rick. Such Roll. On the “play now” and “official site” buttons xD

  • Ayami Ooruri


  • SAOfan

    this is so heart breaking

  • Syntisirkus

    Imagine how cool it would be if they’d make this for oculus…

    By the way, is this a mean joke or why can’t i find any information about this on Aeria Games’ website?

  • AAlphAAx


  • Teereee

    What’s with the youtube link at the bottom right?

  • SAOtaku

    Damnit I got rickrolled D:

  • andros

    um… it’s SAO

  • relaxedgamer15

    when i go to play the game, it opens as a music video. Can ny1 help me?

  • annonymous

    this is the most cruel joke in all my life

  • anmiefan

    is this game in dvelpment or something??

  • Sam

    whoever the hell invented this rick roll…… 1) I hate you with a passion 2) You also deserve an award

  • SAO Obssesser (Asuna) <3

    If this game doesn’t come out soon I think I’m going to explode……literally.

  • あかや

    I WOULD take the risk to die just for playing SAO with a nervegear. JUST DONT CARE IF I DIE!! ITS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!

    • kirito and asuna

      same here write me back if they do im partering up with u

  • Crimson Wolf

    Hey kirito halo it may be to late for you I’ve got a prototype in development right now. Just doing some adjustments and it should be public in about a year.

  • Kaira

    Is this a trap?

  • Kirito

    is there an x-box360 sword art online? dose anybody know?

  • Kirito

    this is the story for people who dont know it.

    Sword Art Online (SAO) is a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG), released in 2022. With the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds.

    On November 6, 2022, the players log into SAO for the first time, and later discover that they are unable to log out. They are then informed by Akihiko Kayaba, SAO’s creator, that if they wish to be free, they must reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower and defeat the final boss. However, if their avatars die in-game, their bodies will also die in the real world. One of these players is Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, who was chosen as one of the 1,000 beta testers in the closed beta. Since he had previous experience and knowledge of the game, he felt that he could beat the game easily. As a result, he set out to beat the game on his own. As the game progresses for two years, Kirito eventually befriends a female player named Asuna with whom he ultimately falls in love. After the duo discover the identity of Kayaba’s avatar in SAO, they confront and destroy him, freeing themselves and the other players from the game.

    Upon being sent back to the real world, Kirito learns that Asuna and 300 other SAO players have still not awakened yet. Following a clue about Asuna’s whereabouts in another VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online (ALO), Kirito also enters the ALO’s mainframe. Helped by his sister Suguha Kirigaya, known as Leafa in the game, he learns that the trapped players in ALO are part of a plan conceived by Nobuyuki Sugō to perform illegal experiments on their minds to put them under his control, including Asuna, whom he intends to marry in the real world in order to take over her family’s company. After Kirito foils Nobuyuki’s plans, he finally reunites with Asuna back in the real world.

    Soon after, Kirito plays another game called Gun Gale Online (GGO) to investigate the mysterious connection between it and deaths occurring in the real world. Assisted by a female player he meets in the game called Sinon, he identifies and exposes the culprits, who include some former members of a murderous guild he had previously encountered in SAO.

    Kirito is later recruited to assist in testing a state-of-the-art FullDive machine, Soul Translator (STL), which has an interface that is far more realistic and complex than the previous machine he had played. He tests the STL by entering a Virtual Reality world created with The Seed package, named UnderWorld (UW). In the UW mainframe, the flow of time proceeds a thousand times faster than in the real world, and Kirito’s memories of what happens inside are restricted. However, he ends up falling into a trap set by one of the murderers from GGO and wakes up inside UnderWorld without any recollection of how he ended up there, unable to log out, with his real self left in a comatose state.

  • big fan

    little late here just started watching watched it all in one night can’t stop I normally play xbox all day but I can’t stop watching this show it’s insane I would like to participate in your company’s research lol I stay up all night watching all 25 episodes every night

    • Potato

      You’re like 1 year late :p

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    this is now a game? OMG

  • danang afif

    it just video or game online ?

  • Asuna


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    whenever i click the play now it just brings it to youtube where they try to rick roll me……

  • Kryptonite700

    what do you guys think about this as a way to move around the world http://www.dvice.com/2013-6-5/omni-virtual-reality-movement-system-decimates-crowdfunding-goal …. from what i can tell, this would be a great way to move around in a virtual world, but we’d still need a way to actually feel, taste, and smell the virtual world

  • rr

    i know i want to play so badly

  • Syahab

    How to playing it?

  • keola235

    everytime i press play now it keeps taking me to youtube and putting me on a song never gonna give you up

  • Kirito

    is this the real game or just a thing anyway I think the nerve gear is pretty cool (as long as if you die in the game your brain doesn’t get cooked) -_-

  • Kirito

    mmo games are one of the most famous catergory’s for games I mean you don’t have a mane quest to do you get to explore the world and you can level up and get new weapons oh and also I think someone is gona make the nerve gear if they do DO NOT IMPLANT MICROWAVES IN THE HELMET thank you XD

  • Sword art Online fan

    whenever kirito kisses asuna he hesitates to hold her 😛

  • Kirito_SOA

    I clich the button ‘play now’ and i send me to a youtube song?xD

  • levi

    I think it would be cool for the game to be real and be traced inside and if you die then you die in real life to me it would be a trill and fun

  • kiato

    love it

  • valerie

    I really like how in the game, it really stands out, like for example: the graphics are high quality.

  • Xasuna2x

    they are trying to make this game into a real game that why when u click on the play now they have not got it to work yet so when u click on play now they bring u too youtube i think they are going to make this a game soon for pc so comment back what u think i think its not a joke they just dont get it working yet

  • hater is a thing right

    this suck u can’t play it

  • Nivisan1234

    No one can play the game ! ;(

  • just do what i say and no 1 wi

    this is so mean y u guys trolling

  • KiroiKenshi

    If someone take this video and maybe there is an nearly gameplay video SWORD ART ONLINE is coming :))

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    guys stop blabbering about doing it while we sleep or any of that similar nonsense. that is not a possible way of doing it think of something else please

  • Arkaue

    oh and stay active in this topic unlike me tell people about this show people Sao make the demand for something like the Nerve gear rise no matter how many people already know about it tell more spread it out to people maby along the way it will catch the ear of someone great enough to actually truly do this and not waste time faking it

  • Asuna Yuuki

    i want this to be a game

  • Leon

    ha im gonna make the best SAO GAME and theres nothing u can do about it.

  • Leon

    and itll be just like SAO

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    ehy! when i click on the “Play Now” button.. it directs me to YouTube.. on Rick Astley’s song.. :/

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    Never gonna give you up! (8) n.n

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    I want to actually play. STOP TEASING ME! >;O

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    grr if this is fake

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    how can we play this game??? or does it still has to be made?? -_-

  • Taiyon Davis

    I will be the one to make it, SO DONT GET MY WAY!

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    i just want to play a browser based version of sao

  • Lord Death’s Little Girl

    long live SOA!

  • Dien Crow

    this game is in progress so anyone who click officail cite or play now it sends you to rick

  • Dien Crow

    god cant belive like they did thet really rick roll me or others in any time

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    I Cried when I clicked it…

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    I would love to play that!!!

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    uuh everytime i try downloading it takes me to youtube…:(

  • The Dark Swordsman

    Kirito if u do have a company u wouldn’t act childish and do a face = 😛 The day will come eventually for all sao fans but it might not be today but we can all dream

  • The Dark Swordsman

    although if u say is true u have my full support

  • kaven

    is this just a troll

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  • shido123

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    plz make the f-ing SAO game plz plz plz plz

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    that’s messed up. -.- i was all excited about this game… i. hate. everybody. right. now. 😛

  • skullkid_majora

    Seriously? I was so excited about it… So much for that. Thanks for freaking rick rolling thousands of SAO fans. I was insulted.

  • Godot41

    you do know this is all ripped from the psp game right?

  • JakeConnFTW

    k, if you click *Play Now* it brings you to youtube on a music video…..seems legit

  • OrangeNoble

    I don’t mind the death I mean it will be like real life but with monsters that would be freiking amazing

  • OrangeNoble

    But then again you would have a high chance of death….. Oh well

  • sdog

    i want the game now

  • Sw0rdArt0nline

    I have been waiting for this to become an actual game so I was so excited!! So i clicked the link ._. I started cussing at my computer….

  • anonymous

    is it possible yo play the game

  • Dammit, Rickroll’D. ;-;

  • Kirito

    I LOVE SAO! Thank god my brother wants to be a video game disiner so he can make SAO for real with NO fried brains

  • Kirito

    Its a good thing that my bro wants to be a video game disiner, I think, any way he can make SAO real, with no fried brains, and I can make the NerveGear

  • Zoe

    I clicked the button and it sent me into a music video! I seriously waited 2 years to play this.

  • Zoe

    This site is totally fake. Just get it off PSP. They have it.

  • kirito456

    is there such thing as nerve gear

  • grunyar

    these guys are c*nts

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    how to download this game??

  • SAO

    Holy shit this game is awesome!

  • spike

    hate pokemon love sao

  • Toshirima

    sao online would be cool if its like the show except if u die in game u no die in rl I wish that someone would make one like it and id be really happy it make a great b-day present for me and my sister

  • AwesomeGamerZ


  • conner

    its aswome

  • shuzuki

    it wont even let me play sword art online I watched the episodes but I cant even play it man this sucks for me

  • shuzuki

    hey does anyone here press play and keep ending up on youtube? because It does that for me

  • Vincent Natsu Julskov


  • Danny

    Well uhm I have plans to make the game already I have computer classes so I can design a game like it 😀

  • Kean03_KK

    Hey how to play this gme? cant wait to use kirito haha

  • memo

    This game better function the way I imagine it to be if not Im a be pissed. At least how the anime is but without the head gear and shit but on a console.

  • jorja venaskie

    i love there shows

  • kirito

    how im downloading this?

  • GOD


  • Sayomi Hakurei

    I got rick-roled by the link to the Sword Art Online Official Site…

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  • Akio

    My biggest problem is that it looks like you play as Kirito I want him to be a NPC that maybe you interact with id rather my character be me and who i want it to be. Not Kirito being who i want him to be

  • cy83r514y3r

    lol, Id play even if you could die.

  • mason

    ok how much will the think cost at your company

  • Nasagoumi

    and on what console my good friend maybe the oculus rift

  • Trần Phú Kiện

    how to play this game???? please tell me!!!

  • Ayaka

    Why is everyone so stupid the minute I clicked on this site I knew it was a joke sword art online is just a fake game I’ve played wizardry before it’s the only game closest to sao.

  • C2ER

    there is some way to actually play SAO and not go to youtube?

  • sinon

    you cannot play this fuck’in game!!! dafuq!!!

  • dat guy

    Beautiful RICK ROLLED 😛

  • Shad0phe0nix

    No logging out, just back in. If you die you get forcibly logged out, with, like, a 10 minute log-in penalty. If you wanna go nuts, that is my suggestion to go without law breaking.

  • natalieleon


  • natalieleon


  • melon master

    please get it done soon I need to play it

  • Maria Haydee Lamera

    i dont understant

  • kirito

    can u play the game because it looks so awesome

  • lastmaster1212

    If I click on `Play Now` , there opens a youtube page with a song of Rick Astley (Never Gonna give you up)! Help, please !

  • Klein

    These convos about makin huge severs remind me of that scientist off of scientific rail gun same principle I believe

  • edna rizo

    cute character

  • CC4L112

    why does it keep sending me to the music video for “never gonna give up” when I click play now?

  • bob
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    where can download sao online game in pc..??

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    how to play this game?
    send the link to me

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    what the hell i want to play it dam it

  • Vallex Koten

    The game is only for PSP. The creators of the game have already said that it will not be available for PC, nor will it be translated to English.

  • lexi

    how do i play sao tell me now

  • grey wolf

    When i click on official site it takes me to YouTube and plays never goanna give you up.

  • Kevin Suresh Francis

    Is this game on nervegear? Where can i Get nervegear? Sao

  • Kevin Suresh Francis

    Is this game on nervegear? Where can i Get nervegear? Sao ?

  • Kevin Suresh Francis

    You need a harddriver to Play sao and nervgear

  • unknown

    you know you guys are going to sued by someone eventually if you keep faking this game

  • Khalil


  • Alex Ard

    I just gat done watching every episode… And that was the best show I have ever seen…Someone need’s to make nerve gear real and make this great mmo game real…I would but I don’t have the money to so I can’t… I’m young but that doesn’t matter because if I believe I can do it then I can do it… When I get the money to I will 🙂

  • evanbear101

    it will not let me play it just goes to youtube

  • Astrid Kirigaya

    Can anyone tell me how to play the game? Cuz it is just showing me the youtube video

  • M.i.j jeager

    I want to make That game I am going to leert everything about mind consult

  • Kirito_

    ugh we got rick-rolled -_-
    i hate him but come on are they actually gonna make it or are they just mocking us?!

  • hi


  • hi

    -_- theyre not cool

  • SAO Fan

    y is this not working i click offical website and play now and all it does is take me 2 a stupid yt vid

  • WhiteNeos

    I would create this game exactly like kayaba did just to experience what it was like, and if anyone who couldn’t handle a death game got trapped in it well they will just have to hide away in the first town and not do anything that would get themselves killed lol xD

  • asuna_ayumi

    someone needs to make the game real.but not like Kayaba.I need to experience SAO.

  • asuna_ayumi

    OMG!If no one will make the game I will!And it won’t be Kayaba’s way.Only for SAO fans!

    • Efren D. Estrella

      It just released in the US for PS Vita. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

  • It looks so amazing tho hahahhahahahahhahaha

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuu

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i got rick rolled

  • fuuuuuuuuuuuu

    and can i join ur company

  • Dianne Radel V. Magallon

    When I click PLAY NOW, it lead me to a youtube video of… IDK the name… It just lead me to a youtube video -__-

    • Efren D. Estrella

      Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment for the PS Vita – Release date: 08/19/014

      • Dianne Radel V. Magallon


  • Lucas Ross

    Pleeease make this game bro and when you do message me at superjharrs20@gmail.com

    • Efren D. Estrella

      If you have a PS Vita, it just released. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

  • Excalibur45

    How can i play this game?

    • Efren D. Estrella

      This was an April Fools joke from last year I think. But if you have a PS Vita, look for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

  • Xx MK xX

    When ever I click one of the buttons or links on the page, it sends me to YouTube playing the song Never Gonna Give You Up o_e Is this just my stupid computer or are they seriously screwing with us that we can’t play this yet?

    • Efren D. Estrella

      This was an April Fools joke from last year I believe. But if you have a PS Vita, look for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

  • MrHade

    Hello, i am a developper in a new little company (We are not a professional company) and we are working on a MMORPG that is inspired by SAO so if you think you have the skills to help us you can send me a little mail : mrhade@hotmail.fr. Or you can add me on skype(mrhade7). (We accept english and french people.). We are looking for c++ programmer, level disgner, web disgner, game disgner, 3D artist, …. (This is not a job we make it for fun ! But if we make money out of the game you will be paid !). If you have any questions or you want new’s about this project add me on skype or email me ! Thanks to have read 😀

  • Efren D. Estrella

    I am actually still surprised people are still falling for this April Fool’s prank.

    But fear not people! There REALLY is a game! Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. Though only for the PS Vita. Released in Japan 04/14 and recently released in the US as of 08/19/14. So if you have a PS Vita…

  • meh

    you all got trolled xD

  • sao fan
  • Riusu001

    kirito halo ill be waiting youll see me in the game

  • ceejay

    no game fo SAO? wew


    +Kirito halo if you manage to do that i would love the hell out of you xD’


    but there kinda something like the nerve gear but not as good. its called oculous rift


    but you cant move and show your reactions or play multiplayer or talk or move like in real life(Notjing like nerve gear) xD’

  • Kwani

    what going on I am clicking play now it send me to YouTube.
    I don’t want YouTube I want to play now!

  • Tovah

    This has to happen. For real. Who should I call?

  • darwin

    i want to play the game

  • AnimeLover171

    god, I;m really annoyed….Is it wrong i fI wanna murder the person who Rick rolled me? I just wanna play the freaking game! I’m really surprised the troll who made this site hasn’t been murdered yet. I mean, look at how many people wanted to play it! DO NOT MESS WITH SWORD ART ONLINE FANS! WE ARE A POWERFUL FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!!

  • saoplayer123

    theres a game outs and its sword art online its looks like and it and u can play it

  • HexaFlame

    I am determined to make this game a reality, where people can enjoy and have fun. Thank you SAO for inspiring me to do so!

  • Phoenix

    I think it’s dumb. Clicked on ‘Play Now’ and got RickRoll.

  • Adam

    It’s a trap!!!

  • if this game is f**King real why hasnt ariea gave us a link for beta and anounced it on the official website!!!

    • Janelle Pagulayan

      It really exists…on the PS Vita.

  • Ben

    Dammit OnRPG! How dare you rick roll!

  • lenalee

    love s.a.o.

  • shinon

    how can i play this thing?

    • Janelle Pagulayan

      Buy a PS Vita…unless you already have one.

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  • LOL

    Got rick rolled 🙁

  • kevon1

    it say april fools damn

  • Dark Shadow

    Wait so is fake if it is that not cool

  • leon6er

    take this fucking page down
    you people who said there going to make this game are rick rolling fucks

    • Janelle Pagulayan

      It came out for PS Vita 08/19/14

  • SwordArtMaster


  • Chris Cozart

    Its like this I knew it was a trick and I knew it was going to go to this link on Youtube. But I had to, my impulse said press play and I did and now I hear this catchy song again… oh well

  • L-kirito

    Why don’t a company make a online game like the swords art online only only computer

  • Ben

    Hi sword art online rules

  • red gun

    awesome game thanks pro
    now I’am lvl 40
    but why I am only one in the server ??

  • Bangau Tarengganu

    teadh me..want to play this game

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    wtf rick rolled-.-

  • Kirito-kan

    I have a crush on asuna

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    why when i click play it goes to youtube? I just want to play SAO!

  • Aiko

    hahahahaha clever XD

  • yeah but ariea said on pc not the ps vita or psp

  • i’m geting the ps vita version but it says nothing realated to ariea

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  • kirito

    kirito halo u r dum

  • kirito

    hi man talk

  • kirito

    r u online

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  • Rick rolled..

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    how to play the game ?

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    this is why league of angels suck

  • Hassan Ameno

    hello I am new here I just want to know is this game is good ?

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    Yaaaaaaas!!! But they must make alfheim online too

  • niziro

    how to play

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  • kirito zero

    I want that game so bad now i



  • Joaz Arjhan Calara

    how did you guys play sao

  • mikatchu

    If i would make this game i would make this an permadeath but not for real life you die you have to create new charracter

  • L.a. Winsley

    They should add the SAO skill system (where you can hold it and move and do combos and stuff)

  • kitito

    im a kid im 8 years old i like sao sword art online

  • Kaycee

    The only April fools is that darn play now button on the sword art online picture

  • ProfesserFancyPants

    When I press ‘play game’ it leads me to Youtube and plays Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give Up. Am I doing something wrong like seriously, I just wanna play this game.

  • tanisw

    sao is great sao 2 aka gun gale is also good but the origanl is way better

  • Renton Thurston
  • tristian weese

    I’m sorry for all the Sao fans but this is the best April fools joke ever played. XD

  • Hitter Striker

    Damn… why i can’t enter in this game??? >.<'

  • KiritoAsuna

    Jokes on you! I love this song!

  • MegaGravity

    Oh hell no! You do not Rick troll me! I AM A HUGE FAN OF SAO GOT IT! Do not do that >:P

  • Asuna Yukki

    Thnakyou Kirito Halo!

  • Al T

    I’m am both enraged and hysterical nice rick-roll.

  • Shart Fart Onlimes

    Will this mean that only one person can play with dual wield, and a single character will be able to solo bosses all other players would need a party for?

  • yolobro10023

    I have to play the game im dieing!! -_-

  • Kirito

    I want the game now

  • Kirito


  • theanimedoctor

    great job with the rick roll guys clap clap

  • David Harutunyan

    God Damnit!

  • Kayaba

    Who are you calling an idiot?

  • s

    well ican see the prospect of the death game as it would turn make the game more realistic

  • Kyoko Sakura

    This game leads to a stupid video on Youtube!!

  • Draco2023

    What a sick, sick joke. Now I have that stupid song stuck in my head.

  • emperorseijuroakashi

    hello onrpg we cant play sword art online why is it that when you click play now it goes to youtube?

  • Sarah Yeahwhatever

    UGH i wanna play! This april fool joke is a bit to far gone tbh JUST WANNA PLAY UGH

  • Elijah Reynolds

    I would make the game where if you got hit you would feel the sensation of pain although no physical damage would be done almost like the concept of a zap pen

  • backinblack1001

    The game is made on PS VITA

  • Commando955

    why does it take me to youtube when clicking play now

  • Ryan Walrus



    t-_-t bitchessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Noob


  • Noob


  • Yuuki Asuna

    i cannot play !!!!! how !!

  • bman


  • bman

    any one know how to play

  • BlueOrb28

    You should make it so it`s EXACTLY like SAO, well….as far as the NerveGear goes anyways. and probably all of the other stuff too. Like, use the Oculus Rift and, instead of using a controller to walk, attack and do other actions, use sensor gloves or something. Or, just a helmet, like the Oculus Rift, that connects to your brain somehow. Ok, think of the Mind Flex game, you use your mind to move the ball, well, the fan….but still, you have to think about the ball going up or down for it to move. Take the thought sensors of the Mind Flex headband, you may need to upgrade them in some scientific way, (I wouldn`t know how to do any of this stuff) the Oculus Rift headset, a mic, like an Xbox One mic or PS3 mic, put them all together, and you have the NerveGear headset from Sword Art Online.

  • Jeff Cox

    Don’t TEASE me Bro!!

  • kayaba001

    sao game should be like the show it would be interesting and fun and a good rule playing game to others if i was to make it i think i would make it just like kayaba did to were you die in the game you die in real life

  • Aevon

    why when i try to go to the official site does it take me to rick astleys damn youtube page

  • that guy

    whoever put the rickroll in for the site is a douche and needs their fingers cut off. that shit died and should stay dead.

  • nom67

    When appears the game? (sry my english isnt very well, so google translater ftw^^)

  • Tsuyoi Senshi

    Lol the classic rickroll!

  • link0510


  • epicxrewindsx

    aww shame thats what made it more hardcore and fun

  • sinigami

    welcome SAO

  • sinigami

    the game’s verry verry cool

  • Kirito kun

    Is there a Sao rpg not some YouTube video of a song

  • Asuna boy

    fake site…no games on it

  • Realizinq_on_ROBLOX

    I just got Rick Rolled…


  • Jazzmuse1


  • zeckplayssao

    try sao eternal world or sao infinity moment

  • (Kirito)

    i cant play it

  • Daniel Raby

    awww man… i cant play this game its my favorite anime

  • amirul


  • דניאל מנדל

    what a heartless joke

  • Fabienne Beltran

    wow!, go sword art

  • Kirito-kun

    when i press play now it comes up with rick astley never gonna give u up

  • sexyman900

    WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT IM not getting stuck in a F***ing video game

  • Anonymous

    If this was a LEGIT/REAL Game And not a Troll/Rick Roll, The Creator/Owner Of This Website Would Of Probably Made Millions Or Even Billions,But Nope He was like “Lets Make The 2 Million+ Fans Of SAO (Sword Art Online) And Not Make Millions! We Could Make a Fortune But Lets Just Troll The Fans! HAHAHA!”
    So Owner of this Website You Fucked up You Dumb ass,You Had 2 Options
    The Good Option and The Bad Option
    The Good Option Was To Do a Charity Livestream And Use The Charity Money To Hire A Team Of Experts To Help Make The Game And Become Rich And Probably Dominate the Charts Of The Most Popular MMORPGs But You Didn’t
    The Bad Choice Was To Create A Website Saying You Were Creating a SAO (Sword Art Online) Game And Troll Everyone So You Fucked Up.


  • poiuyf

    this whole fucking page is a troll

  • Kazuto.K

    i click play now and i takes me to some vevo music video. Dafuq is up with this???

  • Kazuto.K

    Is this page for Knights Fable or SAO? Its messed up and im just confused

  • KiritoLover


  • eteumla jarden

    all of you should find me in that game. its true that someone should make a game like this a virtual game or a vrmmorpg because on the year 2020 it has an advance technology you could si my name as jarden…,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,

  • You guys will never reach the real life feeling of the real Sword Art Online. Not to be mean but come on you got no chance.

  • XaXa

    Kirito Will You Please…

  • kirito ( kirigaya suguha)

    please send me the link to play sword art online

  • Kirito_otiriK


  • What

    when ever click play now is takes me to never gonna give you up on youtube

  • puki


  • puki

    pegi mati la pukimak

  • kirito and asuna fan

    yes I want to lie in a virtual reality gae pl make one

    • kirito and asuna fan

      ment live

      • kirito and asuna fan

        also ment game and plz lol

  • kirito and asuna fan

    how comes when u press play game it goes to rick song never gonna give u up lol

  • lawrence liang

    where is the game its been like two years

  • Maria Theresa Gensoli

    how can i play the game?

  • -kirito-

    We shall play this game
    i am the black swordsman -.-

  • soloflash

    aw man how can i download sao plz tell me

  • RevengingHero

    if you (I mean the website) will not make this whatever discussion you tell me to play
    I won’t play your suggestions and I am a gaming pro

  • maty


  • maty

    how can we play this game

  • MegaBkillerB

    Son of a beeach that was unexpected, pissed me off that itt was fake more then the fact that i got RR cause i actually love dat song

  • Kirito

    when i click play now it brings me to a youtube video whats up with that

    • Kirito+Asuna=4Eva!!

      mee too. have u worked out how to fix it?? can u tell me??

  • -kirito-

  • Sayuri

    iam a bit lost…it said “Unique character build”…but in the trailer is Kirito and co to seen… will there really be our very own characters or not??? O_ò

  • wahyu

    how to start a sword art online how ?? Kirito ??

  • Derk

    LOL this guy thinks he can make the game BS

  • Chex

    xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD trolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Kirito+Asuna=4Eva!!

    I cant get to the game it just takes me to a stupid youtube link of a song I don’t even know!! plz help!!!

  • Zoren Junio

    how to play this game.!!!! plsssss tell me :/

  • steven

    Ye ha dude I’m been waiting to try out sword art online I like to get a wack at it I hear it’s a must to see game I’m in ya ho

  • airyonskyking

    die or dount ill still play

  • kahfi


  • Wmp

    Omg… i’ve been Rick Rolled ! Shaaaaammmmeeeee ! q_q

  • Saya


  • NatsumiTheMint

    Best Game EVER!

  • Waffle man

    Someone Sould make SAO real I think it’s a good game/Anime it will be awesome if we could make it It’s just like minecraft Hardcore if u die u don’t respawn

  • Avery McCargo

    Is this a joke!?!? Every time I push play now it takes me to youtube to a song called never gonna give up

  • Kirito-kun

    i wanna play this game >.<

  • kirito

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy SAO

  • Guest

    how do you think is sexier asuna or rosalia

  • Guest


  • kirito

    why does every one name there names kirito

  • kirito

    going to go watch sao now

  • kirito

    im back

  • DJ-Pon3

    i cant play that game 🙁

  • Edwin

    they better make a real one if i get rick rolled one more time i i i am going to kill somone

  • potato

    did i just get rick rolled…

  • Evan Maywald

    Man really r u serious?
    I saw rickroll and didnt even see like 1 second of the video and closed out xD

  • aura salsabila

    wtf ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kirito kiyaba

    they rick rolled me

  • neil_89

    me too

  • neil_89

    i need to play this game

  • kiritokayagur

    i need to play the game it would be nice if u guys mad the game as kirito and sword art is my favorite anime

  • kiritokayagur

    i need to play the game it would be nice if u guys mad the game as kirito and sword art is my favorite anime

  • Kirito


  • Kirito

    Kirito Halo U ARE AWESOME

  • Nightmare-Rex

    it be cool if VR invented, im sure the government would stop it, after all once a VR is created you can be poor but live in a mansion, have any drugs you want, and most importently have realistic games for training that will make you a better fighter in rl

  • yazjaz

    omg I love sword art online lol 🙂

  • yazjaz


  • Yang Yang

    I can’t play -Ọ – Ọ-

  • kirio9

    shit no play sao

  • Epic_Bro_360

    I just want a game inspitred by Sao like mainly swordplay with very little magic… I don’t really care if it’s 3D but I’d rather see it in first person, like there’s not many MMOs in fist person so I think that’d be interesting, but idk I guess there’s a reason MMOs aren’t in first person. like a game where you work together to get to the end weather or not you in a team, so people can do things like be a weapons smith and still feel like your helping

  • Nate

    go Kirito Halo

  • dan1

    I don’t mind death like that. I would just have my real body all healthy so then I can play forever and If I need to leave, my body is good.

  • Man i pay A LOT (about $100) for the game SAO Even if i knew it would be a death game i’d still get it cause i’m dat big of a fan 😀 I understand as well why he mad it a death game, or at least why i would. :3

  • TheEndless

    Just go play Age of Wushu, that’s a great game and has swords, duel swords, and multiple other things, also it’s free.

  • Kirito

    I really wanna live in this world… someone put me in sword art online!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kirito

    aword art online is the best anime ever, still a better romance story than twighlight, and I would die for a life like that. the first person who figures out how to put me in sword art online wins $20,000,000 (yen, japan money..)

  • Kirito

    my little sister told me about this… and now im addicted…… thank you Dixie…….. I loves you…….

  • SplayPrisom

    I just got Rick Rolled in 2014…. dammit

  • kirito623

    if someone doesent make this game soon I will go incredibly mad cos I constenly wach sao so I will go crazy if someone doesent make it

  • Lord Cyphus

    ;-; why…?
    why would you do this to us…?

  • jmsantos

    HOw Play the Game

  • Amos Smith

    i cant get to play this game , i click play now but it takes me to a next page on a lame video , i kinda need help

  • bRUH


  • lawrence liang

    Make now itt been a year

  • caio

    I want to play

  • lawrence liang

    dont we all

  • Kirigaya Kirito

    i wish the nevergear was real i hope they make it soon that would be amazing plus i want to be like kirito in the game and meet lots of nice ppl soon i hope ,y life long dream comes true!!!!!!!!!!

  • tim

    is there a game like this that I could play

  • zang001

    lol I love this song


  • lawrence liang

    plz make game

  • Oddie


  • plsno


  • BaileyBalls

    My life is ruin cant believe i actually fell for it…

  • kaito

    can some teach me how to ply this pls.

  • EMMA

    i wanna play the game

  • lawrence liang

    Don’t we all

  • gabbysofabby

    this is not fuuny at all

  • gerona


    • gerona


  • kirito

    my friend i wll be the disign amusphere and the virtual reality

  • mike

    ‘kay how u dwnload game ><

  • Annasteza

    where do u go and play the game?

  • Fu


  • Guillaume Meneghetti

    sao the first anime for me 😀

  • lawrence liang

    need game

  • Kirigaya

    yeah, actually im also planning to create this full dive mmorpg..

  • Jc Bradley

    i cant get on it takes my to youtube

  • mia

    why cant i play a presed play an it toch me to a music vid

  • Tanake Asuna

    So…when can we start playing SAO? I am actually looking forward to linving in the virtual world.

  • veryloudduck

    I am new here

  • ahmed montaseb

    some one tell me how play game?

  • lawrence liang

    you cant

  • I Love Sword art online <3

  • yui the wonderfull

    I don’t think its a real game for laptops or them times of computers its just to get u to click it

  • OhYeahAnime!123


  • kirito

    do you guys not notice that were so close. we already have the occulus rift. heh

  • Angekirito

    I need play Sao! 🙁

  • Hufpul

    its been a damn year now, WHERES THE GAME!?!?!?

  • Nyuio

    I wanna play this GAME, but don’t show me this ridiculous Rick Arley or I don’t now what!!!

  • yui 13

    i need this in my life

  • MR.Derpsom

    akahito is right it brings you to youtube and you get rick rolled LOL

  • Scar

    Rick rolled…



  • Wow

    I like that song, but seriously I just wanted to play the game..

  • anime_4ever

    i love sao and if I do not get to play it soon I am going to loose my mind ;-; please some one make the game and game gear!!! sao<3

  • kirito pawcio

    how do u play sao cause when i click on play now it leads me to a youtube video

  • Ijcurry

    I… got rickrolled

  • Inglen

    Can I play sword art online 2

  • blufishy

    this is total bs it just takes you to some stupid youtube video like wth

  • Kirito12


  • Kirito12

    How do I get in the game?

  • Kirito12

    As I enter the game please help me!!!!

  • Hypixel

    How do i Play This

  • Hypixel

    well there is Nothing in this Website

  • Rilex

    me like

  • Rilex

    this is the best anime ever

  • Oneofmanyfans

    just so you know this stuff above the comments is fake and i have proof

    the one of asuna is a screan shot of the sao event on mabinogi and the video is from the play station vita game called sword art online hallow fragment.

    a link to a small review like vid containing gameplay of sao hf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxDHIQFqIIQ

    the first item is obvious as they even state it.

    as for an actual mmo of sao there is none open to the public as of yet. however there is an mmo in production in Korea i believe and it contains a huge portion of the gaming theory of sao. while it does not actually use anything like virtual reality seeing as there is no such known tech available there is none for running the game however they will be adding a fully functional system for the oculous rift. i got abit ahead of my self seeing as i didnt even say its name and i regret to admit that im actualy unsure of the name as things are. but as for the mmo it is in production under closed beta and it will be based on the later in the show alfheim online. i will not go into that as to not spoil it for you fans out there. as for sao games there are multipul betwene the psp and psv although hallow fragment supports multiplayer it as far as i know none of the games have actual mmo features. anyway i hope this clears a few things up for you sao fans and to you haters out there before you open ur mouths ima say screw you first ^_^. peace i’m out!

  • Doge-kun


  • asunas sad

    this is stupid I really wanted to play waaaaaaaa

  • kirito11

    Sao will be coming out for the ps3 in april 2015 but is English subbed

  • quan

    make more episodes to sword art online

  • quan

    its really good I watched all of them

  • sao

    is this a god damn rick roll?

  • kiritochii

    the new player have ARRIVED !!!!

  • my name is ajaya gurung

  • dsg

    this is a troll

  • ReDRuM

    Really what the hell, .-. *sniffle sniffle* this is cruel, Damn you rick, playing with my feelings like this

  • SAO

    They need to make a game online elderly not that you can play SAO I have reached every resorts I can for an hour and nothing!!!

  • Suki

    i adore this anime. lol this way funny.. but seriously. i would be very excited if a real version came out.. of course. without the whole get killed in the game you die in RL..

  • What Do You Think?

    If they did a MMORPG console/computer game and based it off the ideas of the show, that would be awesome. Almost like a (GOOD) online skyrim type of game.

  • Justin1235

    how i can play this game

  • KiritoBR22

    n consigo jogar ‘-‘…clico em jogar agora e vai pra uma musica no youtube -.-

  • jose

    Great information about the game before I buy it.

  • yhanz

    How can i can a sao game psp

  • Rhys Lewis

    why do you have to tease us with false hope I really thought this was real
    but my dreams are crushed one of the closest things to my heart I now have to push further away for I do not wish to be teased for loving this anime

  • tristan

    i got so furious when I saw it was a troll, the first though my mind had was, “they all must die.”

  • Mrrags

    Hey guys this ant a prank it’s just in development

  • Kekona

    I will help u
    first I gotta learn to code though -_-

  • kirito 203

    when is this game gonna come out i want it so much and how are you a real sao fan if u can’t even spell sao right man

  • Link2142

    this game is allready out with english patches for the computer version and a pretty good patch for the psp newer version or something like that it is called Sword Art Online : Hollow Fragment check it out its a great game and dont be a dick about it.

  • Ragna Iori

    Well Rick Rolled Users Club, is open. LOL

  • destiny_player/lover

    OMG!!! I wish Sao was a real game. I’d spend as much money as I could on the game. I’d play it non stop. I’d sell my xbox just to play. If Sao became I real game, I’d probably cry.

  • Thinker


  • Xman

    Dammit got flicking rick rolled

  • faggot

    You fucking wot m8

  • Evan thebaus

    i just got rickrolled

  • Evan thebaus

    praise this sight

  • Ecurc Railliv Aragrev

    they have a nervegear

  • KiritoxAsuna

    LOL I just got RickRolled

  • Milleno Cerda

    how to play sword art online please

  • “God” Usopp

    God dang it.

  • Darkus

    You had to troll us with the trolliest video … dick. I NEED TO PLAY THE GAME

  • K Le Blanc

    Not going to happen chances of aeria creating and publishing this game are the same chances that the Lions will win the next super bowl

  • Sterben

    They are screenshots of Hollow fragment? wow dat Troll

  • Rogan SilverBlood

    i hope this comes out soon, i am hoping to conquer and get friends

  • koko_187


  • anvil191

    I WANNA PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • diuyanp@yahoo.com

    hahahaha EDI WOW

  • diuyanp@yahoo.com

    do u no if i can play the game

  • george

    when i want to start i get transfert to outube and it starts to play an eighties song…
    i thunk this site is a fake

  • Meiko Tokora

    its SAO not SOA sorry don’t mean to be rude

  • sadsdsadsadsa

    you shit

  • aaron


  • Yuki

    I’ve wondered if making a nerve gear complicated . What technology is needed to create one ?

  • Adamai

    But if they make a game I hope they don’t use Kirito as a character… Only the classes that they were..

    • Adamai

      Okey they are using them… That’s boring. Woul you rather play as your self in that game or as Kirito?

  • f.u.trools

    …gg trolls, gg

  • Kenneth Crader

    that is suck bull… leads to youtube

    • Kenneth Crader


  • kirito

    Romurs of companys looking in to the full dive system ment to be around in 15years at moment

  • karl

    we need to play the game plsss

  • Imad

    What got me to realise is it say platform nerve gear

  • Kitsuna

    how can i play this?

  • sad123

    i want to play this game!!!

  • Shido Itsuka

    You Bastard This is Rick role

    • dragon_13

      okay and this is dragon_13 and your so mean why do you do this to people.:(

  • Rovan Gem Maturan

    How to play this game? Please, Tell me. Anyone can teach how to play this game please. I need to play this game. This game is the only one that I like. SO please. tell me how to play this game. This dumb Rick Astley is appearing my screen. When I hit the Play Now button.

    • dragon_13

      we all haven’t know to play this game but some due and it might cost a lot so I’m going to get it and it might have a book to teach you so good luck and not a bad way.

  • dragon_13

    I wish I want to go to the virtual world I want to be one of them I want to fight and to become a hero so they should hurry up to make this game form.:(

  • dragon_13

    if this game is in real life ,it will be beautiful and you would not worry about the life outside in the real world.:)

  • koala bear

    if any one is reading this tell me when the game is envented tell me so I wont miss out and don’t worry it might come some day.#cool

  • Eve

    i wanna play this SWORD ART ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dragon_13

    I really want to play this game and would die to get it.

  • ethan


  • KiritoYoshi

    I do I play

  • KiritoYoshi

    plz tell in the commets

  • Tirnock

    it wont let me play it takes me to youtube

  • Vinzar


  • rtyui

    why… T_T

  • XxxlaxsusxxX

    guys teach me how to download the game wanna play now 😀

  • Jyen

    oh.I’like sao is so good game

  • Kazuto

    i cant access the game, when i click play now it bring me to youtube

  • Kirito-san

    So does anyone khow if there is a website that plays this game or a SAO game online patch? I can download the SAO game to my pc using other websites but I don’t khow if it can be played online or not. If anyone has an online patch, please post it asap. I’d like to play it with my friends soon. I just can’t wait XD . Thanks 😛

  • sss


  • SoundlessDeath

    Wow you even spelled SAO wrong and I’ve already started development and planning so fear not SAO fans I will try my very hardest to make all our dreams come true my friends. Kayaba was a fool and should have had his mental stability checked before the making and or release of the game. Oh and I already have a book full of Ideas for the game, different races, AND history of the game so be prepared for the most epic VR game EVER and I’ve already thought of two other games to make for the system so chio ^_^ imma get back to studying.

  • SoundlessDeath

    Not knocking anyone I promise I’m sure you didn’t mean to spell it wrong.

  • SoundlessDeath

    Message me at DevilsLightSoldiers@Yahoo.com and tell me whether you’d like to see a VR game like this in anime or realistic graphcs

  • Guest

    I am already in the process of making a VR game like this and would like to know. I have books full of ideas like the history of the game, new races, even languages for the races I have looked over every detail and fasit<SP? of this game from weapons to Maps and even different enemies now I need a different persons opinion would it be better in anime graphics or realistic as possible graphics?

  • SoundlessDeath

    I am already in the process of making a game like this I have books full of ideas from the history of the game to every last bit of the maps and cities. I would like another persons opinion on whether or not it should be realistic or like Anime.

  • Haru

    ;A; I wish this was real! I’d play the hell out of it. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers that I’ll be able to get my fingers on a PSVita and Hollow Fragment.

  • xXAsunaXx

    Seriously!! I wanted to play this game! Argghhh why sword art online is not in list game.. i wanted to play sao game.. plz


    You know there is already a SAO game.

  • zamdave


    • zamdave

      hello freinds im the fan of SWO and im the creator of the SWO
      i got a new game theres a nave gear the halmet
      you cam buy the full set of the
      game for 100$ and you can buy in PHIL THILAND AND JAPAN thas only for

      • zamdave

        you can play in tha pc

  • bob

    HA HA jokes on you i like Never Gonna Give You Up

  • TheDoctor


  • Yui ^^

    Eu preciso jogar isso AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAO, mesmo que eu morra dentro do SAO em 2022, eu vou morrer feliz, e muito XD

  • animewatcher24/7

    when will this officially happen, i wanna do this like on the show

  • averyozzy

    HOLY CRAP GUYS SOMEONE IS ACTUALLY GONNA MAKE ONE!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/872648386/1806869765?token=65fe5eb9

  • Booknasty

    I hate everything you choose to be…

  • bob

    its a rickroll

  • dragonking

    if so make it possible for different classes

  • Kazuto

    I have a tip on how to download that game

  • César Félix

    Damn, i get rickrolled. :/

  • Regret

    I want to enter the real SAO

  • Regret

    please create the game before someone else program it

  • michael

    how can i download this?

  • Prince JM

    hi i am jm

  • kirito

    how to play sword art online???….im a big fan of sword art online

  • pls make the world fast i wanna kill….

  • nick

    plz do XD

  • Foxy XD

    ? .?

  • Foxy XD

    Hey T_T

  • Foxy XD

    I’m listening to gloria Estefan

  • kirito

    how this game play

  • Vanjo Cenidoza


  • Mirigiry

    Fix the “PLAY NOW” link, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ToT

  • Kirito


  • no_significance

    when the game is made it’ll be amazing but i cant wait for the oculus rift sword art online to be finished.

  • dominichi

    hell yea but if im dead when this gets made and all then i would really be pissed i mean i dont want miss out on it i better be alive and i dont want be too old either it better not come out in like 20-30 years or something

  • KiritoisGodly

    Darn ricktroll 🙁

  • serenity

    when its made i so wanna beta test

  • ghostreaped


  • pitchblack893

    i was so happy to play sao an it does this man

  • Kirito

    Was anyone able to play or what

  • iloveSAOthebestanime

    I click play now and it sends me to a YouTube video by Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!

  • smith0616a

    I WANT TO PLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smith0616a

    YouTube link leads to music video not even related ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yuuki Asuna

    How to play???

  • Jeni Son

    how do i download it?

  • KingKiritoWolf101

    F*cking Rickie!!!! I just want to play sao!!!! LOL..

  • kyle

    what happen is it brings me to song never gonna let you go

  • Asana

    I would defently play SAO. So….. SOMEONE INVENT IT!!!!!!!!

  • Jobi

    Love it when people try to sound smart. I can look things up on the internet too and sound like an expert. I know you guys are full of crap. You’re posting your theories here. Half of you have no command of the English language. Most of you have no earthly idea what you’re talking about. It just sounds nice because you’ve done some internet research. If it could be done in this day and age, it would be done. Kudos to the guys who can’t even spell simple words correctly, but say you have mastered techniques to making this work that just need tweaking. These discussions just make me laugh. Instead of posting ideas here. Try this. Go to school. Get a degree that has something to do with this area of thought. Try to figure it out. I’ve read these type of things going way back to the late 90s. Apparently people were on the cutting edge of getting SOMETHING done. Funny thing is. It’s still just a bunch of talk in some random discussion somewhere to this day.

  • asuna404

    why do i need to watch that?

  • Naruto Uzumaki


  • haruhi_fujioka

    how to play thi when i click the play now its went in youtube ang play a music of never gonna give you up!!!! how to play it?

  • oldschoolmangarules

    ha, well played.
    top Google search page, and i just wanted to know if someone would actually go and do this.

  • Dark Edges9o8


  • kirito

    im kirito
    nice to meet you all

  • kirito

    hi im kirito
    nice to meet
    you all

  • kirito

    pano nalalaro ung sword art online

  • kirito

    pano po pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  • kirito


  • Wolves_Enchanted

    Lol Rick Astley x3 If you click it, it brings you to Rick Astley Never gonna give you up :p

  • did that just freatin happen

    omg did they just rick roll me

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  • Sinon1992

    No download?

  • Kira

    You ass. I can’t believe I just got rick rolled.

  • kirito

    im kirito
    nice to meet
    you all

  • Hey lts Tay

    Alright, one problem. I hate how all these games want us to play AS kirito, can’t we hold our own avatar? I mean seriously, Kirito can be a friend in our game, but I don’t want to play as him! Sure it’d be extremely cool to be him.. Always getting the ladies and dissing chances to make out with people.. ANYWAY! I just want to express my own character in my very own way.

  • swordartonline

    i hope it will be released
    someday i want to play sao sooner!!

  • Asuna

    The video included is from Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, not for this. It’s just a trick…… -_- I thought I had finally found a SAO game.


    ilove sao forever this is obssesion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.By the way im AMAZING LEAFA


    Ineed to play this please teach me how to play PLEASE

  • Mrs. Crysalot

    Does anyone have a Nervegear?

  • Kuroko

    how do we play this game… like when u click play here it takes you to this youtube vid

  • Unknown

    i don’t think its real

    • creedtech

      oh, it’s real. there’s different SAO games (I’ve seen one advertised on crunchyroll a really long time ago, but haven’t been able to find it) but yeah. pretty sure this one was released in Japan a while back but is still getting made into english


    Please folow me on amazing leafa Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    is this real? If so, someone tell me where to actually get it. I have been really wanting to play a game based on all this sense the action in the show wows so amazing.

  • dynomite63

    these guys need the freaking seed.

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    Is this real or not I dont believe it is