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    2D Fantasy

Sword of Phantasia is a mobile game with a playerbase numbering in the millions worldwide. Players fight their way through a slew of monsters while collecting legendary weapons and armor. They learn new skills to upgrade their character and customize its appearance along the way. Players can join forces with friends in epic boss battles that allow up to twenty individuals.


International Playerbase: Sword of Phantasia has a huge, stable playerbase that spans the globe and appeals to many different types of people. It's a traditional RPG experience that can attract everyone from casual gamers to more hardcore traditionalists.

Large Boss Battles: Unusually for a mobile game, Sword of Phantasia hosts enormous raids and boss battles that allow many players to come together and coordinate to take on tough challenges, and reap the best rewards. Teamwork and communication are key in these encounters, but the effort pays off with the best gear in the game.

Cute Art Style: Sword of Phantasia has a cute, two-dimensional art style reminiscent of Japanese anime and similar cartoons. This style lends itself well to performance and responsiveness, which makes the game an even smoother, more enjoyable playing experience.

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