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Table Tennis Manager is a free-to-play sports simulation game developed by Wulfman that can be played in your Internet browser or on compatible Android devices. In Table Tennis Manager players can manage their own table tennis players and a team, engage in tournaments, and carefully handle finances that will help drive their team from the ground up. With a richness in detail and depth, Table Tennis Manager will have you making as many choices as possible for your players. Get out there, start your team, and lead them to victory with your great decision making skills!


Athletics and Finances: The most successful managers will have to manage their teams both athletically and financially. Hire staff and put your players through training to improve their performance, but don't break the bank in the process.

Competitions: Enter your team in competitions to improve their status and help them earn sponsors. Sponsors will help fund your team if they are performing well.

Youth Scouting: Keep an eye out for upcoming youth that look promising. Hire a youth scout to watch for any young players that could become great additions to your team.

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