Taichi Panda: Heroes

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    Snail Games

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    Fantasy, MOBA, Free To Play

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Taichi Panda 2 (also known as Taichi Panda: Heroes) is a free to play mobile ARPG being developed by Snail Games for iOS and Android. It is currently available in China and is accepting early registrations for its upcoming NA release. In Taichi Panda 2 players can explore the Legends of Avzar as they fight their way through different stages in the game, taking on deadly bosses along the way. Tachi Panda 2 will require much more strategy than its predecessor. No longer will you just be able to tank and attack your enemies face-to-face. You will need to strategize and watch boss movements carefully to evade attacks and take them down.


Band of Champions: Form your own band of champions to take on your foes, mixing and matching champions to create the perfect team.

Upgrades: Enhance your champions' powers with upgrades so that they can fight against larger foes for even better rewards.

Gorgeous Visuals: Impressive skills and graphics conveniently await you on your mobile device.

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