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Tales of Pirates II is the sequel to IGG’s classic Tales of Pirates, their hit anime style MMO that sets fun loving characters in a realistic 3D environment packed with entertaining action and adventure.

Tales of Pirate II created a world where technological advancement and magic mastery determine its superiority at sea. It is the task of every pirate to make the sea a source of great fortune, while spreading their names in the vast body of water. Team work will certainly be important, and no one wants to be handicapped with a short-staffed ship. Every player will have 4 four characters to choose from, along with 6 different profession that will make them a unique part of their team.


Mazes: Every pirate has a soft spot for shiny objects, most of all shiny golden things. In Tales of Pirate II treasure hunting will be emphasized much more than in the original, and will be something every pirate can look forward to, though it won't be easy. The infamous Mazes will be open at certain hours of the day, depending on their locations – waiting to lure players in with the promise of treasure and wealth. Once inside, players will hunt for treasure, while keeping an eye on the clock. The mazes are time-limited and there are a myriad of challenges and monsters awaiting pirates once they are deep inside.

PvP Arena:
PvP has long been one of the features of the players enjoyed the most in the first Tales of Pirates. The new arena takes this passion for PvP and gives it a place to grow and develop. This is a place for players to come alone and prove their skills mano a mano, or to bring their teammates for a full on royal rumble of epic proportions – not to mention the promise of enticing rewards. For those players who consider themselves more lover than fighter, they can watch from the stands and cheer on guild mates and friends.

Sea Battles: For pirate's, the sea is a cruel mistress – at once a place of exploration, and exciting possibilities, as well as a place of great danger and trepidation. The updated Sea Battle System will feature a new place where pirates can wage large scale battles – whether its over a territorial dispute or simply a contest of honor and courage.

Rear Fairies: Fairies are players’ constant companions, assisting them in battle and keeping them company on long journeys. The Tales of Pirates II will introduce a unique new pet, the Rear Fairy. Rear Fairies follow along behind their master just like other fairies, but they are able to directly grant users a certain amount of bonus attack or defense, or reduce their opponent's defense. It is the one pet that no players will want to miss out on.

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