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Create a tank and begin the greatest tank battle of your life! Tank Ace is a third person shooter game featuring realistic WWII battlefields and vehicle stats based on historical facts. With 10 years of experience in creating tank shooting games, BOB Studio proudly presents this great tank warfare game with historically accurate specifications, realistic recoil action and tank tactics. After selecting a historically accurate tank, players can customize their own tank by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias.
This game is all about tactics. Gather up your friends and create your own clan to plan your own winning battlefield strategies. Cowboys that charge headlong into the fray will be in for a rude awakening - don't be surprised if you get picked off by an enemy that you didn't even see. Using terrain features like hills and trees to wait in ambush, you can coordinate an assault with advanced pincer, flanking, and other historically accurate tactics.

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Game Videos

  • Tank Ace Open Beta Trailer

    Tank Ace will be entering open beta on September 1st and here is the latest trailer to get you pumped for some tank on tank action.

  • Tank Ace Game Trailer

    Return to the legendary battlefields of 1941 in the highly detailed RTS Tank Ace.

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