Tank Ranger

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    Olive Games

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Tank Ranger puts you in the cockpit of cartoony looking versions of true life models used during various warfare in history. Customize your tank to your specs and then jump into battle across various game modes with easy to learn controls but plenty of advanced tactics to learn over time.


Game Modes: Test your metal in Team Death Match, Turret Mission, Survival Mission, and Escape Mission.

Turret System: Various maps contain turrets that can be captured and utilized as automatic armed deterrents against enemy movement.

Customization: Players can attach different armaments and other vehicle enhancements to customize the feel of their tank. Of course various decals, paint, and flags can add a visual touch to set yourself apart on the battlefield.

Two View Modes: Whether you prefer a more MMO style ‘over the turret’ view or a more traditional FPS scope view, Tank Ranger delivers.

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Game Videos

  • Tank Ranger Intro Trailer

    Tank Ranger combines real world tank models with cartoony graphics and plenty of customizable parts for players to experiment with.

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