Techwars Online 2

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    Argus Games

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    Sci-Fi, MOBA

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Techwars Online 2 is a 3D mech MOBA developed by Argus Games for PC and is available for purchase on Steam. In Techwars Online 2 players can take direct control of their mech units from an isometric view as its pilot, battling it out with others in heated matches. The year is 2050 and now there are no laws, but only the ruling of those with the most advanced technologies. Huge robots are now being led by Russian and American factions, causing apocalyptic confrontations of corporations on a global scale. Make the choice of which faction you want to fight for, customize your mechs, and jump into battle today!


Faction Choice: Players will have to choose between the Russian "Dominion" and the American "Kato" factions. Different factions have different global technologies at their disposal, so choosing a faction does play an important role in the game.

Mech Classes: Mechs can come in different classes like the speedy Scouts, the powerful and tough Stormtroopers, the dangerous and long-range Destroyers, and the team-oriented Support mechs. Each class has its own unique set of abilities, so make sure to get a good mix of classes for a tactical advantage.

Robot Customizations: Robots can be customized with over 100 upgradeable weapons and items to fit any situation you need them to. You can even control multiple robots in battle at once so you'll be able to experiment with how synergistic different customized robots are.

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