Testament: The Order of High Human

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    Fairyship Games

  • Genres:
    3D Medieval, Fantasy

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Testament: The Order of High Human tells the story of brothers Aran and Arva.  Arva has betrayed his brother and the kingdom they built, and it's up to you in the role of Aran to bring stability back to the shattered land of Tessara. Face off against various foes using sword, spell, and bow alike, and craft yourself various consumables to give you that little bit more of an edge.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Skills to Slay the Bills: Engage yourself in first-person, skill-based combat. Wield your sword, shoot your bow, and cast your spells as you look through the eyes of Aran as he seeks to reclaim his world.

Puzzles and Puzzles and Puddle Jumping: The world of Tessara has several puzzles to conquer through your mental acuity and puzzle platforming skills alike.

A Metroidvania by Any Other Name: If you seem to be stuck, sometimes backwards is the only way forward! Use new powers and abilities to access previously inaccessible locations.

The Eyes Have Hills: Eyes of Darkness will do everything they can do impede your path.  Shoot them with your bow, or expose them to light and they will disappear for good.

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