The Banner Saga: Factions

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Factions is the free multiplayer release of The Banner Saga, a role-playing, turn-based strategy game putting you in control of a clan of battle-hardened Viking warriors. Build your customizable team of fighters from an ever-growing roster and battle online against friends and enemies across gorgeous landscapes in combat that feels like nothing you've played before.


Build Your Team: Name, upgrade, and train an entire clan of warriors to gain Renown, the uniform currency used to make all purchases within the game.

Unique Art Style: Inspired by Eyvind Earle, a prominent Disney animator in the 1950s, the cutscenes and gameplay look straight out of a fairy tale storybook. Except the fairy tale is about Vikings!

RNG-Free Tactical Combat: Don't expect luck to carry you through this one. Every decision you make has impact and does exactly what you think it will do. Victory means you planned and reacted accordingly at all times.

Expanded Storyline: Upcoming single player campaigns will continue to expand and build a living world.

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