The Colonists

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    Sci-Fi, Sim, Strategy

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The Colonists, developed by one man studio Codebyfire, is a quaint colony survival simulation with influences from games such as the Anno series, as well as heavy influence from the Settlers franchise of games.

Business Model: Retail purchase

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Adorable Robots: Watch your robotic civilians create a society. Miner robots dress up like miners, and fisher robots dress up like fishers.

Colony Management: Want to beat the clock? It'll take keen colony management skills to make sure you've got the right amounts and types of buildings to reach the goals for each scenario. Can you get the gold?

Explore: Push your boarders back with guard towers, or sail the seas on ships to find new lands and new resources.

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Game Videos

  • The Colonists – Preview Trailer

    Released October 24th on Steam by developer Codebyfire, The Colonists is a colony survival sim akin to The Settlers and the Anno series.

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