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The Continuum™, the online collectible RPG/wargame coming soon from Seven Lights, combines strategy with a deep and involving narrative to create an all-new kind of gaming experience. Part RPG, part turn-based strategy game, part collectible miniatures game, The Continuum takes familiar gameplay elements and weaves them together in a totally unique way.  Played entirely in a Flash-enabled browser, there is no download necessary, but the depth of the game is apparent from the first glance.  Collect and manage armies of characters, then send them into battle in small skirmish-sized confrontations or epic wars with hundreds and hundreds of characters.  The game scales to the way that players want to experience it. 

Each battle brings experience and development to each and every character involved in the conflict, and players can elect to develop their characters in an infinite number of ways.  Hundreds of special abilities, spells, and equipment are available to customize players’ armies.  Players of the game will follow the ongoing story of a universe unhinged in The Continuum comic series. As the narrative of the comics unfolds, new characters, abilities and equipment become available in the game and new events are rolled out for players to take part in.

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