The Day Online

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  • Developer:
    Reloaded Studios

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    Free To Play, Sci-Fi

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The Day Online is a free-to-play sci-fi MOBA shooter developed by Reloaded Studios for PC and is available on Steam Early Access. In The Day Online players can experience fast-paced MOBA action centered around getting you right into the battle. With tons of race and class combinations to choose from and a unique gameplay feeling, The Day Online is ready to bring you an exciting sci-fi fighting experience!


Race/Class/Gender Combinations: Every Race has its own Classes that can be played. A Gender can also be selected for the Class you want to play, further specializing the roles you can take on.

Free Swap: You can swap Classes back at your base during matches, switching up your role to whatever your team needs most at the time.

Two Game Modes: Earn resources for your team with every action you take in Resource Battle, or head Downtown and fight against another team in a much more classic MOBA map with lanes, towers, and a Nexus to destroy in the enemy base.

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