The Defenders of Time

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  • Developer:
    Four Lights

  • Genres:
    Other, Sci-Fi

Defenders of Time is a tower-defense multiplayer game in which players defend the world from B-movie sci-fi beasts. Waves of monsters are held back by a wide variety of towers, each built by players using a limited pool of resources.


Classic Tower-Defense: Defenders of Time has a lean, focused approach to tower-defense - no frills or gimmicks. The game's entire purpose is to tackle the engineering challenge of tower synergies, proper placement, and judicious use of limited resources to make the most effective defense against enemy waves.

Multiplayer: Individual players can work together, with each deploying a different loadout or different strategies to compliment their teammates. Players can split up their attention to handle various points of attack on the map, or work together in a single area to create a kill zone.

Challenging Enemies: Enemy units utilize a series of unique buffs to give themselves advantages against the player, forcing individual players to adapt to changing offensives - no one tower or series of towers is best for all challenges. Enemies use buffs like stealth, armor, phasing, and more to undermine attempts at defense.

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