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The Escapists 2 is an upcoming 2D RPG developed by Team17 that will be available for purchase on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. In the spirit of the original, The Escapists 2 puts players into upgraded multi-level prisons as they try to make a break for freedom. Grasp your fate in your own two hands, muster all of your strength, and escape! How will you do it, you ask? Well that is for you to decide!


Different Escape Paths: There are many different ways to escape prison in this version of The Escapists. Join a band, learn to paint, or pick up a new hobby that might open new escape routes for you.

Revamped Combat: The Escapists 2 has a new combat system that allows you to lock onto targets, block opponents' strikes, and execute both light and heavy attacks of your own.

Inmate Customization: Customize your inmate's gender and hairstyle so they look as hardened as you'd like. Whether you want a glorious ponytail or an intimidating shaved head you're covered!

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