The Forgotten City

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    Modern Storyteller

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Originally a mod for the game Skyrim, Modern Storyteller is bringing The Forgotten City to Steam as its own title in 2019.


Problem Solving: Bribery, violence, cunning, stealth, charm? Which of the myriad methods will you choose to overcome obstacles?

Hard Choices: Your choices matter. You could choose a path that leads to the death of an NPC that has a clue you'll need later on. Be careful what you do!

Gorgeous Setting: Rendered using the Unreal engine, and receiving an Unreal Underdog award, The Forgotten City is painstakingly crafted to give you a top notch gaming experience.

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    The Forgotten City by Modern Storyteller will be available on July 28th, 2021! Will you find who is about to break the Golden Rule in this authentic dep

  • The Forgotten City Official Trailer

    The Forgotten City is a brand new standalone narrative adventure game set in ancient Rome, based on the award-winning mod to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  • The Forgotten City Reveal Trailer

    The Forgotten City, an award-winning mod, receives its own standalone game.

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