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From Amazon Games comes a game based on a video from Amazon Prime Video. The Ground Tour Game! Available for PS4 and XBox One.

Business Model: Retail Purchase: 14.99 (as of release)

Microtransactions: Doesn't appear so.

Key Features:

Seamless Transitions: One moment you're watching the show. The next minute you're driving the car. Each episode of Season 3 will launch simultaneously with new content for the game.

Split Screen Multiplayer: Race against 3 of your best mates and razz them, just like the trio razzes each other on the show.

Quality Entertainment: The show's hosts offer voice over commentary for the game, as well, with all the hilarity that involves.


Every Episode (At least in season 3) is an expansion.

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  • The Grand Tour Release Trailer

    What's better than watching 3 middle aged men get behind the wheel of amazing cars and acting like loonies? Being behind the wheel with them. The Gra

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