The Last Conflict

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    Darker Emerald

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    Free To Play

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The Last Conflict is a free-to-play zombie action MMO developed by Darker Emerald for PC and is available for download on Steam. Inspired by classic games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, The Last Conflict brings elements from these kinds of games together to create a fun zombie killing experience! Collect weapons, upgrade your character, and make friends to survive the apocalypse with. You never know who or what might come in handy in a pinch!


Play Your Way: Play by yourself, co-operatively, or online with up to 50 players per server in a world filled to the brim with zombies! Play through many different game modes from classic survival-based matches to scenario oriented games with objectives like conducting rescue missions and evacuating survivors.

Weapons and Upgrades: Throughout the game you'll be able to collect over 87 different weapons to use that will fit any zombie slaying situation. When you feel like you need even more of an edge consider upgrading yourself with perks.

Clans: Join a clan with other players so you can work together to survive the apocalypse. Friends are always welcome when there are zombies on the loose!

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