The Lost Titans

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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    ZQ Game

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The Lost Titans is a broswer-based MMORPG that puts you in control of a hero seeking to find out what caused the disappearance of the titan of Aristos, Hyperion. You'll travel along fantastic lands, wrought from myths and legends, and engage fierce monsters. Along the way, you'll discover mysteries behind the titan's disappearance, and the sinister plot to destroy Aristos. Join up with others in an epic storyline, or fight against them in fast-paced PvP battles.


Fully 3D world: Playable right in your browser, The Lost Titans will amaze you with the depth of graphical power it can display.

Incredible storyline: Follow along a trail of intrigue, as you seek to find out what happened to Hyperion and his nemesis Ophion. Battle against a variety of foes on your path to the truth.

Skill-based gameplay: Fast paced action and critical use of your character's skills will see you go far in your quest. Develop your abilities and learn to use them effectively!

No subscriptions: Play for free wherever you want, whenever you want! The Lost Titans will be playable in any browser, so you can take the action with you!

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  • stunninglight

    OBT coming!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!! Looking forward to it!

  • zoimi

    I wanna gift packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alinono

    I talked to the GM and interacted with them on fb. I got feedback pretty fast and problems all got solved. I have to say I’ll give good review for their team, no matter for the in-game GM or customer service people. In terms of the in-game economy, they said they are working on that and i think we’ll see the difference in the obt.

  • downside

    They are giving out gift packs now!! according to their fb announcement!

  • anoo

    Love TLT!!! MORE POWER!!

  • 1339driven

    Oh yaa 5 star game!! You have my word!

  • appsour

    Cool game

  • odonwaterfall

    Tried it a few months ago and loved it. gonna try out the new server for obt

  • tipi

    I want to try this out! New pet and new mount sounds appealing!

  • anolee

    Is there any media gift packs that we can pick up? Anyone???

  • qoik

    beta key!!!!????????

  • dmocdstory

    So into this game!

  • giantking

    OMG they are counting down for the obt now! Gift packs giveaway campaigns going on now!!!!

  • Intrus18

    This is POS

  • ed

    The devs figure, that leveling should be a 6 month long journey. I can tell you one thing this game is fun till you realize thousands of hours are needed to lv. The pay to win options make u sick, and the exp grind rate makes u want to smash glass at your wrist area. Not fun at all but sweet graphics.

  • ed

    Devs do not listen to players at all. Move on.

  • ZonalCube

    How do you play?