The Misfits

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    Pig Dog Games

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The Misfits is a competitive multiplayer third-person-shooter featuring a stylized cel-shaded look.

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there's a wide variety of optional in-game purchases available including gear, skins, and emotes.

Key Features:

Queue'd and Ready: Establish dominance in the 10v10, 5v5v5v5, Smash & Grab, Turf War, and Cash Grab game modes.

Global Warfare: Fight to pay off your debts in proxy wars across the globe in locations like an outdoor mall, boggy swamp, city plaza, or a scorching desert.

Suit Up Soldier: Customize your character with fun cosmetics and deadly weapons ranging from rapid-firing assault rifles and SMGs, to pinpoint accurate snipers and pistols.

Take your pick from the heavy, medium, and light classes - each offers a unique set of weapons and gameplay tactics.

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