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The Pimps - the online gangster game.

Here you will live the life of an Original Gangster and learn about life on the street in the school of hard knocks. Everybody is out to steal power from the others. In order to survive, you gotta earn respect as a gangsta - especially from your homies, 'cuz without 'em, you're a big nobody. Power is the word in this online gangster game, dude, 'cuz in The Pimps, you're gonna need dough - and lots of it.

Your trip begins on the street, the toughest scene there is. Only the baddest gangsters are tough enough to make it here. Prove that you've got the brains to run a racket and get your gang together. The Pimps says it all - pimp up everything you can: yourself, your ride, your gang - and become the number one gangsta in the ghetto. This online gangster game won't let you go.
Let your dealers and hookers work for you so you can buy all the status symbols like rides, revolvers and chicks. Leave your real life behind and make a name for yourself as a gangsta in the online gangster game, The Pimps, which you can play comfortably in your browser against thousands or other real gangstas, regardless of where you are. Who's the most powerful gangsta, who has the baddest revolver and the hottest chicks? Find out, play The Pimps - the online gangster game.

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