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The Pride of Taern is a browser-based MMORPG. Set in the fantasy world of Taern, players must fight to survive by questing to gain money and items. Players will also build up their guild with various buildings, and then set out to conquer their opponents. Battles are turn based, and your enemies and your parties each use various skills, attacks, and tactics to try and overcome.


Unique characters: Pick from one of seven classes, and customize your character's looks. It's your choice to look like a fierce battle maiden, or a suave swashbuckler.


Party based combat: Engage in fierce battles with your party against a variety of foes. Battle vicious monsters, devious demons, and crafty human foes, and drive them away.

Guild system: Build your guild from modest beginnings to a world power. The buildings you construct shape how your guild will develop and grow.

Various PvP modes: Will you set out on a path to conquer the lands of Taern? Or perhaps your goal is to become a renowned gladiator? Both are possible within The Pride of Taern!

Cooperative gameplay: Explore and adventure with your friends. Communicate and conquer opponents together, using your combined strength and skills.

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