The Survivalists

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    2.5D/2D Fantasy, Other

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From the creators of the Escapists comes The Survivalists, a pixel art adventure survival game set in a procedurally generated world.

Business Model: Buy to Play (Retail)

Microtransactions: Unknown

Key Features:

An Ever-Changing Experience: With a procedurally generated world, each adventure will be unique.

Co-op Play: Share your expertise and rely on others with co-op experience, participating in joint adventures for up to four total players.

Mimic Monkeys: Tame the island's monkeys, which can be trained to help with tasks - an essential part of surviving.

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Game Videos

  • The Survivalists Launch Trailer

    The Survivalists is now available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Apple Arcade!

  • The Survivalists Official Reveal Trailer

    Check out the exclusive reveal trailer for The Survivalists, from Team 17. This Survivalists trailer introduces players to a new co-op sandbox game wher

  • The Survivalists Reveal Trailer

    Play alone, or in co-op with up to three friends in the new survival game set in the Escapists Universe: The Survivalists. Explore, build and craft your wa

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