The Ultimatest Battle

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Free To Play, MOBA, Shooter

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The Ultimatest Battle is a free-to-play 2D platform arena shooter developed by Ediogames for PC and Mac that is available for download on Steam. In The Ultimatest Battle players can compete in battles of two opposing teams on levels with destructible environments, leading to some panic-induced plays. New and old platform arena gamers will find a plethora of options in this game. With great game modes to battle in, unique classes, and dynamic battlegrounds there are sure to be many hectic stories that will come out of this game. Fight alongside your allies and secure victory in The Ultimatest Battle!


Nubs: Become a Nub, a small character with a big personality that embodies a particular battle class. Each Nub class has it's own pros and cons for you to learn and master.

Dynamic Environments: With destructible objects and varying environmental factors every battleground is unique from the other. Learn what parts of the map you can take advantage of to gain the upper hand against your foes.

Different Gamemodes: Play classic gamemodes like Deathmatch and Control Point or mix things up in SaveThePrincess and Versus Boss gamemodes!

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