Therian Saga

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  • Developer:
    Studio Virtys

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Therian Saga is an open world sandbox-style role playing game for the PC. Players can explore the rich and elaborate world of Myriaden, progress through a compelling storyline, all while navigating an entertaining and complex crafting system.


Become a legendary hero: Your heroes, with the help of their companions, progress in a world of endless possibilities:

Explore a mysterious continent: Exploring the vast areas of the continent enables your hero to discover a variety of special places, each with their own unique characteristics (wildlife, flora, minerals and others).

Experience intriguing adventures: Your journey will be interspersed with unknown places that can only be accessed once your hero has acquired the necessary skills.

Choose a place to live: Your hero will have to choose a place to live on a territory of his or her choice, and enjoy the benefits of the surrounding resources

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