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    R2 Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Thundercall is a free to play fantasy browser ARPG developed by R2 Games where players can battle endless hordes of demons and powerful bosses. As either a mage or warrior, players will get to explore a world full of western mythology and take on epic quests. With mounts, pets, guilds, and numerous types of battles to take part in Thundercall has a little something that everybody can enjoy.


Quest Rewards: Earn new types of exquisite armor and weaponry from the quests you undertake.

Upgradable Equipment: Upgrade the equipment you find on your quests in the forge so you can become even stronger!

Pets and Mounts: Collect pets and mounts that will not only make you look more fashionable, but also be of great use as you travel throughout the world.

Infinity Tower: If you're feeling exceptionally confident in your strength you can take on the enemies that reside in the Infinity Tower, but be warned, these enemies are some of the hardest that you will face.

Guilds: Guilds can be formed between players so that exclusive guild content can be accessed.

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