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Tiara Concerto takes place in an apocalyptic world. Due to the wasteful extravagance of humans, their original home world was lost in a cataclysmic event 800 years ago. Before all was lost, the Seven Wise Men managed to combine their knowledge of magic to unlock a new dimension in which humans could survive on floating islands above the wasteland and devastation.

As time passed, humans further pushed the limits of this breakthrough, developing “Tuning.” Through Tuning they were capable to resonate with hidden energies from the past. Now they have united with the mythical beast and elf races to attempt to use Tuning to reclaim their lost homeland.


3 Playable Races: Embark on your journey as a human, beast, or elf. Each offering specialization in stats to utilize various classes in new more powerful ways. Humans offer well rounded attributes, making them ideal for balancing the weaknesses of classes to cover more potential roles in a party. Beasts are speed and strength specialists but lose out on mental based abilities. Elves have access to the technology and equipment of the ancients and strong mental prowess, by lack the physical power of the two larger racial options.

3 Classes: Play as the powerful Warrior, Agile Ranger, or Intellectual Tuner.

Unique Combat System: By chaining your skills together in harmony with your allies, you can unlock the secrets of music and the most devastating magic available in the game. Experience a unique action oriented combat that rewards players for style and rhythm above all else.

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