Tiger Knight: Empire War

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    NetDragon Websoft

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    3D Historical, Strategy

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Tiger Knight: Empire War is a free-to-play strategy MMO developed by by NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited for PC and is available for download on Steam Early Access. The biggest empires of 200 A.D. are at war, and you are the only one who can give lead them to victory. Players will get the chance to become a general and lead their respective empire to victory. With content true to the Middle Ages period and large-scale battles Tiger Knight: Empire War will bring you back to the time of brutal melee wars!


Four Major Empires: Become a general in one of four different empires: the Han Dynasty, the Roman Empire, the Kushan Empire and the Parthian Empire and lead your soldiers to victory!

Accurate Content: Every weapons and piece of armor found in the game has been faithfully restored by observing actual antiques from the time period.

Game Modes: Enjoy different kinds of games modes that will let you command armies against your opponents, fight general versus general, and battle alongside other players in simulations of famous battles from the Three Kingdoms Period.

Emphasis Upon Strategy: Strategy and tactics are the core of Tiger Knight. A diverse range of weapons, formations, and battle tactics are offered to the player. The player has absolute freedom in allocating these resources, in their quest for victory.

Maximum Combat Customization: Tiger Knight: Empire War also offers a whole range of battle options, not just large-scaled fraction wars. Players can choose from the basic combat of one-to-one, to up to 64-to-64, all controlled by players. The player fights however he sees fit!

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