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TLBB Europe(the worldwide title is Dragon Oath) is a Chinese martial arts MMORPG adapted from the popular Chinese novel Tian Long Ba Bu which was written by famous martial arts Wuxia writer Jin Yong. Developed by Sohu-ChangYou, TLBB attracts such a vast amount of players that it is currently ranked 3rd in the Chinese MMORPG market.
The scenario has been developed around the lives of ancient Chinese heroes such as Xiao Feng, Duan Yu and Xu Zhu. It gradually uncovers passion and grudge among nine classes. With the core concept of Buddhist errantry in the original work, TLBB offers a virtual world filled with good and evil, love and hatred.
The Nine classes contribute to the making of a rich story set in a traditional ancient environment. Royalty, Lotus Order, Beggars Alliance, Pyromancer, Shaolin, Assassin, Taoist, Minstrel, and Voodoo all have their own advantages and play different roles in the TLBB world. Nonetheless, each class has a connection to the spirit of ancient martial arts.

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