Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War

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Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is a real time strategy action role playing game for mobile devices. Choose a path: to hunt humans and feast on their flesh, or protect humanity from the ghouls, available for IOS and Android.

War is Hell: Go it alone in the single player campaign, or team up with your allies to take down the opposition in multiplayer.

Here Comes the General: Command a squad of ghouls or humans, each with superior abilities.

Team Player: Multiplayer is split into two modes: a standard death match arena, and a MOBA inspired 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5.

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  • Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Trailer

    Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, based on the Tokyo Ghoul franchise, features a single player story mode, MOBA style training mode, Arena PvP battles and more!

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