Tome: Immortal Arena

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Tome is a MOBA-style multplayer game featuring an original cast of characters made in the style of gods, representing the various elements of creation. Players fight against defensive structures and enemy NPCs to battle for territory, utilizing an array of special abilities and enchanted items.


Classic MOBA Play: Tome features all the elements expected of a MOBA title, and more. Push against the enemy line by targeting enemy heroes, automated NPC enemies, and defensive structures. Or, defend your side by supporting other heroes and ambient units in battle.

Play as a God: In Tome, players take on the role of a god. Each god exists within an element - death, creation, fire, air, water, and earth. There are many choices within each, though players can mix their allegiances outside of elemental type.

Active Combat: The combat in Tome is more than just target-locking and moving into range - it features abilities that are ground-targeted and sometimes complex. Aiming and timing are important, so skilled players will always have the advantage thanks to their extra practice.

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