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Tome of the Sun is a mobile action RPG created by NetEase Games. As a fast-paced action RPG with endless gameplay and cool rewards, Tome of the Sun sets a new standard for F2P mobile RPGs.


Real-time combat: Slash, smash & dodge to victory

Battle pets: Summon dozens of minions to equip & evolve

Story Mode: Survive quests across more than 150 dungeons

Online play: Enjoy real-time PvP, Clan Wars, Co-op, Chat & more.

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Game Videos

  • Tome of the Sun Gameplay Launch Trailer

    Netease presents a new chibi mobile MMORPG, Tome of the Sun, with real-time action combat and four powerful classes to choose from.

  • Tome of the Sun Launch Trailer

    Tome of the Sun is set to launch on mobile platforms on April 28th, bringing chibi MMO action from NetEase.

  • Tome of the Sun Gameplay Trailer

    Netease reveals another action packed real-time mobile game with Tome of the Sun.

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