Torchlight Frontiers

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    Echtra Games

  • Genres:
    2.5D/2D Fantasy, Fantasy

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One of the most beloved ARPGs returns with Max Schaefer at the helm to make sure the ship sails right! Torchlight Frontiers will take the adventure beyond the town of Torchlight and bring the franchise to a whole new level.


Familiar Setting: Still taking place in the same universe as Torchlight I & II, Torchlight Frontiers will go beyond the scope of the previous games to bring players a persistent yet dynamically generated world.

Shared Universe: We're not sure exactly what it means, yet, but it sure sounds exciting! Players will presumably be able to influence the game world of Torchlight Frontiers in ways that other players will notice.

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  • Torchlight Frontiers Announce Trailer

    Take the adventure beyond the city of Torchlight in the next exciting chapter of the Torchlight franchise, Torchlight Frontiers.

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