Torchlight III

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    Echtra Inc.

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Torchlight III is a 3D loot-driven adventure role-playing game featuring hack'n'slash action. The Ember Empire has lost its sheen and is under threat from invasion. Gear up and gather your crew to meet Netherim in battle at the frontier!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Answering the Call: Take on the heavy burden of protecting your home and navigate through the wilds either by yourself or with a few friends.

Ready for Anything: Amass all manner of gear and experience to build your character into a legendary powerhouse.

Rebuild: Unlock all kinds of goodies and outfit your personally renovated fort for all the world to see.

Battle your way through hordes of ferocious foes as a spellcasting Dusk Mage, explosively steam-powered Forged, big hammer-wielding Railmaster, or a ranged weapon expert Sharpshooter.

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Game Videos

  • Torchlight III – Spring Update Now Available

    Perfect World Entertainment and Echtra Games are excited to announce that a brand new update for Torchlight III has pulled into port. The hack’n’slash

  • Torchlight III Winter Update Launch Trailer

    Find fame, glory, and holiday cheer in Torchlight III's 'Snow & Steam' update, live now! The Forged class has been re-worked, frosty new pet variants a

  • Torchlight III – Welcome to the Frontier (Launch Trailer)

    In Torchlight III, it’s been a century since the events of Torchlight II, where the great heroes of old defeated The Dark Alchemist and sealed the Nether

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