Town of Salem

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    BlankMediaGames LLC

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Town of Salem is a free-to-play, browser-based "party" game, inspired by games like Werewolf and Mafia. Players take roles in a small town, and then must continue to survive suspicion and prove (or convince others of) their innocence lest they be hanged.


29 Unique Roles: Players are randomly assigned one of 29 unique roles before each game starts, and must play their role accordingly in order to succeed.

Customizable Matches: The host of each game session can choose which roles will be present before starting, allowing players to customize challenging scenarios.

Four Phase Gameplay: Players take their turns during the night, using their unique abilities granted by their roles. During the day, town members discuss who they think may be evil, then put them on trial. In the Defense phase, that player has a chance to convince the town of their innocence - which will be decided by majority vote in the Judgement phase.

Achievements: Over 300 unique achievements are waiting to be earned.

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Game Videos

  • Town of Salem – The Coven Trailer

    A new faction threatens the town of Salem. The Coven comes to Town of Salem! But what does that mean? New witch roles, and more await!

  • Town of Salem Trailer

    A short trailer for the murder mystery social game, Town of Salem.

  • Town of Salem Update 0.8 Trailer

    Town of Salem introduces new UI improvements, the Teshtube character (free for all beta players), the new Dark Horse pet, and the ferocious Werewolf role!

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