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  • Developer:
    Unreal Vision

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    Free To Play, Racing, Shooter

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Toygeddon is a free-to-play 3D racing shooter developed by Unreal Vision for PC and is expected to release on Steam. In Toygeddon the toys of an old, dismissed shopping mall that will soon be demolished. Some of the toys have decided to go look for a new home. Some of the others disagree with that idea and want things to stay as they are. This means war! This means Toygeddon!


Different Game Modes: Fight in Capture the Battery, Exodus, or King of the Mall.

Toy Customization: Each toy has a unique look that can be customized how you'd like!

Vehicle Choice: Vehicles are divided into 3 different categories that have different speeds, health, and weapons capabilities. Choose the one that best fits your playstyle!

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Game Videos

  • Toygeddon Greenlight Trailer

    The official Steam Greenlight trailer for Toygeddon, an action racing game where players assume the role of car-driving toys!

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